2021 Year in Review: Crisis of Authority and the Age of Narratives

it is taken as fact that the world’s oldest profession is prostitution by many.
a biblical take might posit “tailor”. adam and eve used leaves to fashion clothes. but one might argue whether that was a profession. fair enough
but then we get to tool makers like flint knappers.
or perhaps maybe farmers?
after all to ply a profession one needs an exchange of some kind of consideration no?
maybe it is a question of who came first?


2022: The Year I spent reading Dave Collum’s 2021 Year In Review.


Having just spent 2 hours with the YIR, and being the beneficiary of Dave’s undoubtedly countless hours of research, compilation, and editing, I’m feeling a bit guilty. From the framework of brushhog’s post #5, I as well would ask Dave- “Are you OK?”. Thinking a couple weeks at Walden Pond may be in order…Thanks DC, wishing you the best for '22. Aloha, Steve


Something for the future use of stockpiles of ivermectin?
We just enjoyed the visitations of family, and 2 toddlers as house mates over the Christmas New Years break. As they flew in through multiple airports from omicron territory; the grandparents had prophylaxed with ivermectin. The toddlers came alive with projectile vomitting on the last leg to our house in the rental car, the husband went incommunicado within 6 hours with the great white telephone, for next 36 hours (fully vaxxed) and our daughter, was mobile for another 24 hours, then, staggered her next 36 hours with his. The Norwalk event had its way with them, Despite their medical training and expertise, hand washing etc.; the unclean, unvaxxed, but prophylaxed with ivermectin, grandparents suffered not. We had a great visit with the kids, as they were better in 12 hours, The whirlwind of visiting their friends put on hold (which meant we had a longer visit with the grandkids) and the parents were only evident for the final few days! I think for future Christmas family visits I will go for ivermectin prophylaxis route again, as someone always seems to get sick and pass it around (just an anecdote, I know).


The silver lining, more family time! Hope you had a great visit with the grandkids.


State of Rajasthan, Chief minister shown in the meeting strategizing how closing school for 15 days will scare parents and public, purpose is to spread fear mongering (they clearly say that in the meeting) so that scare spread will achieve mass Vaccination. One of the guy in the meeting clearly says he only wears mask in public to continue the coronavirus fear among public. Chief minister in close door minister is saying close school for 15 days, and then tell parents their kids cannot enter school without vaccination. The guy talking to chief minister giving suggestions of this strategies seems to be pharmaceutical representative. Indian supreme court and local government and its institute for Covid management, ICMR allows Indians to decide if they want to be vaccinated on their own, no vaccine mandates.

  1. https://youtu.be/lh05K53lTOs

I read part I yesterday and was so overwhelmed, did not have the energy to comment. I wish I had cut and pasted my favorite razor sharp quips causing me to laugh out loud - there were several. Cannot wait for parts II and III. I’m in the crowd that sits on pins and needles waiting for Collum’s Year in Review.
While we’re waiting, the link below is another deep dive with Dr. Malone on the Joe Rogan Show. I’m wondering if Dr. Malone is the mechanism to take down FFFauci.


So I’m listening to the link I posted above, but it won’t post in my link. Weird.


This is my last post of the morning. IceAge Farmer recently posted a report on new supply chain strains coming in the form of vaxx requirement for truckers crossing the US/Canada border. This new rule takes effect in January 2022 and will result fewer goods getting to the shelves.
Prepare accordingly.


Your link indicates that this phenomenon is world-wide, Hladini.
Who has the means to do that? (Hint: Not me.)
Bugs. Is the picture becoming clearer to you? Here, let me fill it in for you.

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Your recent posts have helped me to realize how much “real” life I’ve been missing. None of my online doom-scrolling makes me a better, happier, more loving, or more productive person. In fact, it does the exact opposite.
After weeks and weeks of knowing I ought to do it, but being unable to – I just deleted the Twitter app on my phone. It felt great. But there is lots more to do. Wish me well on this journey.


I am OK. Thanks. Ask me again after I finish Part 3.


Both parties answer to the same masters, so there isn’t much point in discussing them.


You mentioned:
I’m reading it as ‘Economic Sex Change.’ More or less accurate?

“Mark my words: Historians will destroy this administration for their draconian policies.”
Unlikely. Far more likely that historians will talk about how brilliant they were to destroy all the evil, thereby ushering in a new era of peace and prosperity that only required a bit of genocide. Otherwise instead of tenure they’d get a trip to the Happy Joy Dear Leader Biden Memorial Re-Education Camp.

There has been solid evidence that the stock market is fixed for some time now. Links in my pinned gab:

it is taken as fact that the world's oldest profession is prostitution by many. a biblical take might posit "tailor". adam and eve used leaves to fashion clothes.
Ah, but MM: Adam and Eve only needed to tailor because they had already fornicated with the serpent.

I got my EMT-B class last year at my local community college. I wanted to volunteer for Covid but all the volunteer positions got shut down. So I’ll work for search and rescue and axillary ambulance services at a rural county.
Signed up for an expensive but very informative tiny house class. I’d say your doing pretty well. Skill build!

I registered to comment on your post. Could not agree more! 100% on the money. I’m constantly getting sucked back into the mire & need to heed your sage advice

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