38,000 Deaths! Big Pharma 'Mistakes' with Dr. Pierre Kory

We just received notice from a streaming channel, which shall not be named, that discussing past “mistakes” by Big Pharma violates the content policy…crazy. Apparently, informing the people who use that streaming service that pharmaceutical companies have manufactured drugs that killed people, instead of helping them. And apparently, the well-documented, often decades-old news is “harmful”. It is Bizarro world indeed.

So, in case you missed it, at least some streaming companies believe in free speech…here is the CENSORED Informed Consent interview with Dr. Pierre Kory, a founder of the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC).

Watch the video below.

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If There Is A Part 2 It Will Be One Hell Of A Thing…

Can’t hear enough of this guy
Dr Kory posted this recently and it’s good reading:


We discuss exactly that tonight…


Doctor’s Should Speak Out! Well…

Let me show the climate in the emergency medicine community about vaccine safety. This is from a facebook post made 24 hours ago.

Original post:
From a literature that most BAFERDs won’t be aware of…
15 patients with severe cardiomyopathy (EF 14%-36%) thought to be due to a COVID vaccine underwent endomyocardial biopsy. Tissues were investigated with immunohistochemical stains.
Findings: 1. Half of the patients expressed the spike protein on the surfaces of cardiomyocytes.
2. The inflammatory infiltrates were predominantly CD4+ and CD8+ lymphocytes indicating that this was an autoimmune reaction.
I was very surprised to learn how widely the LNP of the vaccine distributed. And now that at least one important tissue, the heart, is expressing the spike protein and triggering autoimmune reactions.
Link: https://www.mdpi.com/1422-0067/23/13/6940/htm

Responses from the Emergency medicine physicians

This is surprising how? Though rare, the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines have been associated with an elevated risk of myocarditis.
However, even among the highest risk group (teenage boys) the risk of cardiac conditions was higher after Covid infection than vaccination.

My response to the above:
The MECHANISM is what is notable here. Injected into the deltoid muscle and the spike protein is found being produced in cardiomyocytes and triggering autoimmunity. In the normal developmental process for a vaccine this kind of thing would have been clarified before widespread use. Now we discover it after the fact.
I thought they said there’s no way the spike protein can be made elsewhere in the body other than the local site of injection?? [This was the one positive response]

My response to this post:
Yes. This is the primary finding. The lipid nanoparticles used as the delivery vehicle for 2 of the vaccines are widely distributed. The spike protein is made and expressed in many tissues.
My response to this post: There is still a big push to vaccinate boys as a requirement for entry into college. The adverse effects on this cohort must be in the discussion.
Give it a rest. It is so exhausting to have you keep harping on this crap.
I am an admitted skeptic and feel like the benefits of the vaccine far outweigh its (possible) risks.
What is LNP?
Study limitations:
“no causality can be assumed or established due to the lack of a control group and the observational character of a case series. Although other causes of myocardial inflammation have been ruled out, there is no direct evidence of a vaccine-induced inflammatory response in the presented cases”
….and as I do some more research see that the original poster [Me] promoted ivermectin and antivax so I’ll move along.
Unlike in COVID when you don’t make any spike protein? I’m struggling to understand.
All this tells me is that if these patients get Covid, it’s quite likely their case of myocarditis will be much worse……
No ones changing camps. Let it go already…
What’s the rate of mortality and morbidity of COVID vs vaccinations? I think it has been accepted by medicine that any treatments have potential side effects but that the benefit of the treatment outweighs the risk. Isn’t that the basis of what we do everyday? Why is this rationale all of a sudden different because it’s COVID related?

My response to the above post:

My response to the above:
Yes. Definitely agree with the weighing of risk/benefits as the most important metric to attend too. This is where I look, also. In the college aged cohort, the risk of death is very very low. Looks like about 0.001%. (and this is from the time frame where death “with” COVID was not being distinquished from death “from” COVID) ------ And the newer information to include into this calculus is how little the vaccination reduces infection / transmission rates. In fact, after 4 months, booster efficacy turns negative–infection rates are INCREASED in the thrice vaccinated as compared to the never vaccinated. This demands some major reorganization of our thinking.
After reading the abstract, I will continue to not be aware of this literature.
A surprising finding is that the Pfizer 6 month follow-up paper showed that All-Cause mortality in the vaccinated and unvaccinated groups were the same. This data point is NOT reported in the main body of the paper. You have to look into the supplementary appendix (page 11) to find it. Link below
https://peakprosperity.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/Screen-Shot-2022-07-07-at-3.19.32-PM-1657228554.9436-800x352.png [Thanks DaveF]

Me; If one truly wanted to “follow the science” (what a great marketing slogan) one would have to conclude that the Pfizer vaccine actually showed no benefit over a 6 month period. So enough of the dismissive comments. There is real reason to attend to the broader effects of the vaccines. Original paper: https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/nejmoa2110345

No further comments have been added after my last one.


Those of us who are able need to speak up like this. We may not get them to “change camps” but we sure as hell can let them know the other camp exists, and that it’s composed of real, intelligent, compassionate people who care about the data.


A bit of informed dissent in public discussion offers encouragement to fellow travelers, discouragement to opponents, and knowledge of alternatives to others.


Excellent job, Sand_kitty. Fighting the good fight and letting them know that there is real science behind your position.
I do believe that there is a study out of Israel which says that the likelihood of getting myocarditis is higher in the vaccinated than it is in Covid recovered patients. I seem to recall seeing that but I could not find the study in a quick search.


It’s Called Confirmation Bias.

IV: Magic Juice status; Sex; Age; etc… but let us not forget PREGNANCY STATUS. Halloween 2021 was 1st cohort of infants born with mRNA in-utero!

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Video Where?

Trying to watch but where is the video?

Excellent. Great work, sand_kitty. Thanks for spending your valuable time on this. It must be frustrating, and at times exhausting, for you to interact with those folks.


Found It

Great discussion. Dr. Kory is the real deal. I agree that a lot of people are changing their minds. I am neither a republican nor a democrat but I wish that some of the dems would start to catch on and speak publicly. When the republicans take over next year they will have hearings and, unless some dems join in it will just be more red/blue. I think one of the most important things people can do right now, especially in blue states, is to try to get a bi-partisan debate going. To me it is the same magic thinking mentality that leads sensible people to support deforestation to build solar “farms.” It is really hard for average TV watching people to give up their cherished narratives. Public education is job one for all of us.


Summary Of Lack Of Vaccine Evidence Needed

I would SO APPRECIATE having a summary of evidence showing lack of vaccine effectiveness. The many posts of Alex Berenson, El Gato Malo, Steve Kirsch, Jessica Rose, Toby Rogers, FLCCC are to numerous, too voluminous and too diffuse. Can someone help with a summary!!
And, separately, a summary of scientific data on the vaccine dangers.
Something that is concise, and clear.
Something that someone who does NOT WANT to know can be pointed too.


Up until it was published, RFK jr’s book was that. Among other things.


Yeah. All cause mortality shuts them up. As it should. “I’ll take placebo, thanks. I’d like a higher chance of living.” Who wouldn’t?


Episode 15 Part 1

I cannot see a part 2. Can anyone assist? Thank you

Hi there, there is no part 2 tonight. You didnt miss it =)

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Alternative Healthcare Network?

I’d love to hear more about Dr. Cory’s mention of developing alternative clinics. I’ve been self-employed in private practice since I finished residency training. I have chosen to never seek board certification in my specialty because not only were the costs of the exams and specialty college membership fees excessive, but it would have also forced me to spend exorbitantly on continuing medical education exclusively in my specialty. As much as I love my specialty (osteopathy and neuromusculoskeletal medicine), spending all my CME time on that would never have allowed me to develop my education in integrative, functional and regenerative medicine. All these things are the “real” medicine that was completely omitted from my formal education - and I know that to be an effective physician I can’t do my job well without learning the diagnosis and treatment approaches that work well but have been marginalized and attacked just like Dr. Cory explained. It’s a brutal hard path to take as a physician, even unreasonable and crazy in the face of the amount of student debt I graduated with in 2010. Because of this choice I can’t teach at an osteopathic school, work for an institution or even practice in some states. But I’m following my conscience. Anyway, the point I’d like to make is more info on this from Dr. Cory please if you can speak with him again, hopefully with an emphasis on supporting and networking between independent physicians who are working from this model already. The alternative practices are happening on a small scale already, my practice being an example, but it can be isolating and brutally taxing undertaking. With gratitude to Dr. Frank Shallenberger founder of the American Academy of Ozone Therapy, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, and Seeds Scientific Research and Performance institute for much of the “alternative” medical education that has changed my life and those of my patients for the better…all good resources for anyone looking, and of course to FLCCC. AAPS has put out some good info and activism on the board certification maintenance scam as well.


I’m so sorry for the name mis-spell! Kory not Cory. Don’t see an option to edit my comment.


Once Removed - Thoughts

Hello first comment.
When Chris was pondering that likely no engineer would have wanted to pour the poison in the child’s cereal, and there is a requirement for one step removed for evil things to occur. I recently read Ordinary Men, which is an over the shoulder view of the holocaust. Early on when the men had their first murder orders, they were reluctant and physically sick afterwards. The leadership realized that they could achieve greater compliance if the more reluctant elements were relegated to ‘once removed’ tasks. For example, transporting a group to the camps rather than participating in the executions.
I think what Chris was saying here is essential. We all Need to be the ‘good guy’ of our own story - even if we need to rationalize it to ourselves ( some soldiers described what they were doing as ‘releasing’ the prisoners. I think it would be wise to remember this ‘once removed strategy’ is something that is known about and would likely be used in nudging tactics.
On a final note, Ordinary Men is well worth a read, but be forewarned it is grisly. It reminds me of reading through the Gulag Archipelago which also had all the horrific details of the torture tactics that took place.



For me its clear that most things are corruption all the way down. I don’t need any more convincing. Total focused and interested in how to insulate myself from what is coming…