Alert - Global markets melt down.


there is a service online to handle escrows. it is

it protects both buyer and seller. i have not used it but investigated it a few years ago

and it seemed like a good option other than ebay or paypal.

i do not know what their current fees are

Hey X,

Still have not heard from you about gold.



hey there! I emailed you yesterday… I’ll try again, my apologies. Actually, anyone can feel free to email me, I’ll post it here. please don’t spam it

I’ll offer my gold at a small 20% premium. First come first serve, I’ve got 20 x 1 oz bars… it should be cheaper than buying coins or junk silver and it’s certified by a bank with 99.999% purity. The buyer has to pay for delivery and any fees associated with

so Chris, if you’re still finding it difficult to get, let me know and I’ll sell you the gold at my cost… we can talk about a method of payment that you’re comfortable with so just let me know. It’s the least I can do for all of the good work you’ve done for everyone.