Ben Davies: Greece is Just a Preview of What's Coming For the Rest of Us

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New interview at KWN.

The US will never, never, never have a situation like Greece. We will NEVER default. Why? We have a printing press. We will print our way out of any debt problems. We are doing it already. Dollar weakness will be the result, not default. It is happening already…

In Ben Davies interview with Chris, after Chris brings up diminishing oil production, Ben says, "I think we’re on the same page here." Then in the interview with King World News he says (I’m paraphrasing), "The U.S. has enough shale oil to last a millenium." So, either he likes telling people what he thinks they want to hear, or he had a sudden change in his beliefs on peak oil, or at minimum doesn’t know what "page" Chris is on in regards to the shale story.

Could it be that, even when given the empherical data regarding our planet’s resources, most people will believe what makes their current vision of the future remain intact because it is easier than preparing for a new way of life? 


be oil into perpetuity, one kind or another. However, the last barrel will not be worth the cost,beyond just monetatry, of extraction. Is this what Davies meant? 

I believe he was talking about shale gas, and that we were going to become a major exporter, as well as, have plenty of energy for our own economy.  He may have been including shale oil in that, too.  I guess he is good at numbers when it comes to finance, but he  fails to realize how long all this infrastructure is going to take to put in place. Tthere are not even pipelines to bring the Bakken oil to market.  It has to be sent by train, so it is priced around 20% or so lower than WTIC.  As Chis has indicated, it takes aaround 40 yearss to convert energy types.  We don’t have the time! 
The way we are spending, and our lack of leadership, the present monetary regime will be over by then.  It may be a second leg of The Industrial Revolution under better money and a more advanced understanding of economics.

To conclude I think Ben was very interesting and understood a great deal, but has not put the three E’s together.



To conclude I think Ben was very interesting and understood a great deal, but has not put the three E's together.



           I concur.


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