Bernanke - Still speaking as though to children

And what about stuttering Paulson? OMG this guy looks like he is 12 and just got caught shoplifting or something, trying to talk his way out of it. If he says tranches one more time I think I am going to vomit. It’s his favorite word. Boy I am glad he is going. But I see we have another Fed replacing him.


The game continues

My opinion,

Yes, get it now as well as any other elective or other wise postponable procedures. I had LASIK done in January 08 because it was really time for me and my vision and I had a "feeling" that I better go ahead and do it because of the economy and so on as they on fold over the next few years (months?).

Don’t try to bargain on price too much, get the best doctor for outcomes. The one I used was in on some of the early work in this area and has tons of experience. He was not the cheapest but the results were excellent!

Good luck!

Maybe that’s what those bastards in charge need to become visionaries… Laser Eye Surgery! Could even be subsideised…!

I guess the gov’t thinks that something to the effect of "The past few years have been a fantasy, this is just the way it is now, sorry you lost 40% equity in your home and half of your retirement. Good luck!" just won’t cut it for Average Joe. Those people "in the know" (Chris and most everyone who reads his site, etc), know that this is BS coming out of Bernanke’s mouth, but I have a feeling that this sugar coating and all of these ridiculous ideas to get the economy "back on track" makes Average Joe feel better even if it isn’t helping the economy. The gov’t is helping Average Joe cling on to hope for the time being - keeping him in the denial stage. I think this is right where the gov’t wants him for now.

I just want to scream--every day! This whole charade, the willingness to lie? cheat? steal? deny?...pick a concept, it is just too much.

We’re not being treated like children. We’re being treated like crops.
Feed 'em what they need, then shear them off at at the knees.

I have read this great story, that helped me a lot ever since when I get into the kind of consciousness you are describing. Castaneda and his teacher is out in the desert, when C. gets attacked by a carnivore, and has to run as fast as he can to reach a tree he can climb to. Afterwards the teacher ask C. if he was angry at the animal for chasing him. He answers, that of course in the moment he didn’t have righteous feelings or any really, he was just concentrating on the difficult task on not to be captured and eaten.

The teaches says (to him and to me too) in essence: "This is the kind of mindset you want to maintain in your daily life. If you don’t get bogged down in the why-s of what others do or don’t do, you can use your energy to act in the most cool-headed, and organized, way. Otherwise your actions are only reactions, meaning you will always end up being behind the ones you are reacting to."

Sometimes (not frequently yet) I am able to maintain that kind of mind-set, and it is for sure easier to hang out and act with than the reactionary one.