Canadians in Exile

Hello all. My name’s Adam Brown. I am a senior editor and writer for The Epoch Times and was a long-time paid subscriber to Peak Prosperity, and a reader since, oh, 2012.

I am also a Canadian in exile, having left my homestead in Ontario as soon as the travel ban on the unvaccinated was lifted, in the summer of 2022. I wrote about my move to Romania on this forum, as well as my early experiences homesteading in Eastern Europe, but I can no longer find the threads.

Anyway, I knew other Canadians who also moved abroad had contributed to those threads and I am looking for them. I am trying to write a story about Canadians in exile - people who have felt compelled to leave the country.

If you are a Canadian in exile and wouldn’t mind being interviewed, please hit me up with a message, or you can reach me at adam (dot) brown (at) epochtimes (dot)ca. Or on X (Twitter) at

To those of you who know me … Hi! I’m still in Romania and, well, working for The Epoch Times now, focusing on Canada. Here’s my latest: [ANALYSIS: Canada, Allies Push ‘Gender-Inclusive’ Aid to Ukraine as War Maims, Kills Mainly Men | The Epoch Times]




Here is a link to your earlier post about moving to Romania.


I’m a refugee from Canada now living in Vietnam. I’ve spent more than half my life outside of Canada having lived or worked in about 10 countries.

For nearly 25 years, I’ve been living in Asia, first in China for the past 10+ years in Saigon Vietnam.

I think you’ll find many willing people here to discuss their stories. I can only imagine that there are many native born Canadians as well as even new immigrants seriously considering abandoning the country for various reasons to live in overseas.


That’s awesome. Thanks Kathy

Hey Allan. Thanks for the reply.

I’ve actually been outside of Canada for most of my adult life as well. After 23 years abroad, I moved back to Canada in 2014 to live in the woods and build a homestead. I was not prepared for the society I encountered.

I’m hoping to interview people who’ve left in the last several years. Probably since things really started getting crazy in 2016 or so.


Hi Adam,

I was wondering. Did you have any problems with residence permit moving to Romania? Are you Canadian? I’m asking because my brother in Canada isn’t allowed to permanently return to his country of birth, Germany. Sister in Germany isn’t of any use also.
It is ridiculous considering millions of migrants coming in with no problem.