Central banks cut interest rates

Right Norbody, this is all a made up "crisis" since the average investor can’t manipulate the market like this - it gets too obvious. This is exactly how you would want to play it all out if you are going for economic domination of the industrial world. Once you "get your head around" that, it becomes what Chris detailed and plays out all in perfect harmony.

Who is at the end of the money trail? Check out: www.zeitgeistmovie.com/ for complete details.

Don’t worry if you can’t handle the truth - it is a very hard pill to swallow.

The Feds are so stupid, it would be funny if it weren’t real. Whatever Cox, Bernanke, Paulson, Congress and Bush do makes matters worse. Then the Plunge Team comes in to forestall an appearance of panic in the markets. This has the makings of a stampede for the exits over the dead bodies of these clowns. The G7 are supposed to be holding an emergency meeting this weekend. If market panic continues to spread, their last option is to shut them down.

Even worse, after a globally-coordinated rate cut, the S&P closed down on the day, thanks to a telling final-hour slide.

VIX is at an eye-popping "Heinz 57," so the sucker is going to keep bouncing like a motocross bike on a washboard road.

Nevertheless, the "market’s" Bronx cheer in response to this desperate central-bank Hail Mary pass is horror-show bearish. The "market" may need to test the Oct. 2002 low at some point. That would be 777 on the S&P index.

Gotta love the way they manage it down 5% per day, instead of just letting it fall 25% in one day on record volume. Managed markets don’t clear. Remember that, Ben.

A very basic explanation, easy to understand…



[quote=cmartenson]In order for that to be effective, somebody has to want to borrow it.
In the UK we are being told that this move is to free up lending between financial
[quote]Robert Peston on his BBC Website Blog
The emergency action by the authorities to reverse the direction of
the global economic supertanker away from a seriously impoverishing
economic downturn also includes the lending of taxpayer's money to
banks on a mindboggling scale.<br>This is absolutely essential, if
banks aren't going to dramatically reduce what they lend to
households and businesses and to ensure that at least some of the
reduction in official rates is passed on tocustomers.[/quote]
Rightly or wrongly we do apparently have potential borrowers unable to access
credit here in the UK