Chris on Timcast: COVID-19 Censorship

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Chris Martenson speaks about all things, including COVID-19 censorship, with Tim Pool on Timcast IRL, Thursday, July 1, at 8pm EDT. Tim Pool is a citizen journalist providing commentary on top news related to political and cultural issues around the world.

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Here is some medical advice. If your doctor won’t prescribe ivermectin, get another doctor!

Americans are not interested in forming their own opinions. They are happy to just take Joe Rogan’s, or Don Lemon’s, or whomever else.
That’s why data is so impotent today.

Sorry, I feel like a twelve year old pointing out your spelling error :slight_smile:

I understand the hubris of rich city people with their winter strawberries… But I’m not sure they are the problem. If prices represented the energy resources of the end product, cities would be just fine.

Totally agree… USD should be replaced by BTU. Actually, Bitcoin is a pretty big step in that direction. In fact, using computing power (proof of work) as the value pool, is much more productive. It motivates efficiency and the productivity of BTU, rather than the BTU itself.
If BTU was a currency, people would just light the world on fire immediately. Future consumption burned today.

This energy market suggested by CM is exactly what M, King Hubbert and the Technocrats were pushing in the 1930s. They still exist but the name has been preempted for the most part (the flak arrives when you are close to the target).

Is it not clear to you by now that Tim’s weird machine is the Hubrid Plan?
Reference: Dr. David Jacob’s book “Walking Among Us”.
A random snippet.

Abductees reported that aliens had told them that soon “everyone would be together.” I had heard this and similar statements often enough to understand that this was part of the aliens' goal.

hard to listen when Tim wont stop talking and let the guest finish a thought…

I agree Chris. Cities are the fundamental problem. If there would be one solution to societies ills, it would be to move city people to the country. Let them see life for the first time. Let them see growth and beauty. Young kids who have only known concrete and traffic noise would surely be transformed by nature.

"It takes a high IQ to evade the obvious." Thomas Sowell.

Tim left school at 14 which probably stood him in good stead.
Age begets wisdom, and he will discover more by using his ears, than his mouth.
My dad’s veranda was very popular on sundays in Filabusi, Rhodesia. There were always long, thoughtful, comfortable pauses between speakers.
Conversational generosity, Tim.

I’m not a paid member of Tim Pool’s website. Nor do I want to be. I am, however, a paid member of this site. I was really hoping to find a copy of that “bonus” discussion here. Any chance we can get that arranged? 

LSR said,

hard to listen when Tim wont stop talking and let the guest finish a thought...
I don't even want to listen to anymore of it. If you enjoy listening to Tim, then you will love the Timcast. If you want to hear what other people have to say as well, then be prepared to be frustrated. I should have learned my lesson the first time that Chris was a guest.

Chris has never played Super Mario World.
Go figure.

Here Evolutionary psychologist, Dr. Dutton, discusses the mechanisms behind the polarization of society.

Regarding the conversation about importing water to Las Vegas - Tim’s ideas aren’t all that sustainable. But back around 2014 or so Geoff Lawton, Director of the Australia-based Permaculture Institute, accepted an invitation from Jordan to demonstrate permaculture principles as a means to reclaim desert. This article and its embedded videos chronicle the project as of about 2018.
One fascinating outcome: Geoff’s practices produced enough water (or, really, captured enough water) in the right way to naturally desalinate the desert soil in the oasis his indigenous team developed. That’s pretty exciting stuff! Soil salts is one great barrier to restoring desert to fecundity.

Geoff is amazing! Following his work brings hope.

I have a stupid question. Why is seemingly every vaccine maker focussing only on the spike protein? Even the ones doing non-mRNA vaccines? Honestly confused here. What about the old-fashioned dead or attenuated virus kind of vaccines? Is nobody (except China) doing one of those?
It would seem that Merck has been donating that highly dangerous drug, iver-something, against other diseases. Irresponsible, eh? There are times when you have to love reddit:

I always give someone a couple tries before making a decision, and I’ve decided on Tim after last night’s stream.
Tim is not very good at conversations or full facts. He merely has the ability to make partially uninformed decisions based on memes, incomplete recollections of news reports from a decade ago or equating everything in the real world to a video game he plays/played.
While this may get him tens of thousands of viewers/listeners, it doesn’t make him a source of info that has value to me. NOTHING he has said in the two streams I’ve watched with CM has helped or informed me in the least. The other two I watched were just bizarre stream of consciousness babbling.
Millennials may appreciate this version of infotainment, but that’s precisely why I feel we are spiraling the drain societally at present. He has a style and a brand, but most of his shows are hot air with half truths and half baked belief systems.
I live in the Chicago area and have for over 40 years. I’ve worked at the sewer facilities in Cook County, the Greater Metropolitan Waste Water Reclamation facilities as they are officially titled. Not one drop of shit or piss directly enters Lake Michigan.
Even the north shore facilities and the entire sewer systems from the WI border to Green Bay are not dumping into the lake. Yes, Milwaukee and other facilities sometimes receive excess rain and they spill over into the lake causing biohazards southward to the Windy City, but those events are rare and controlled.
It is a true wonder why our steward of truth and info thinks Tim brings us value here.
I get it that after his first appearance on IRL that Dr. Chris was inspired to build a studio and adopt some of the format Tim has. As a former radio broadcaster and an AV guy, Tim has quite the setup and “success” IMHO.
But he dominates conversations, isn’t as smart as he tries to come off as and has limited to no experience in fact finding and truth dissemination. Again, my opinion here based on four streams of his I watched.
I guess I’m mainly wondering if Chris is trying for the under 40 demographic by appearing on his show. Because from what I’ve learned of Dr. Martenson over the last 18 months is that half truths and ignorance are looked down upon by him.
And Tim is the embodiment of half assed truth seeking. He is an undereducated talker who thinks he knows stuff, but hasn’t presented me with one valuable truth that can help my life out in the 8 hours I spent watching him so far.
If Tim were a commentator here on the PP site, I think he would be put in check with almost everything he posted.
His talk of how he thinks that Vegas could be made an oasis of water and fertility by any of his discussion points shows a complete lack of understanding of system economics (both financial and physical), mathematics, geology, weather and mostly the three laws of thermodynamics.
So I pose these questions for anyone to answer:
What value does CM find from these discussions?
How does Tim IRL fit into the mission here at PP?
What value have others gained from Tim that I am missing?
I am trying to be civil here, but I have a litmus test when it comes to people. If the SHTF, would I want to be in a lifeboat/foxhole/anywhere with said person?
And I have a resoundingly loud “no” when it comes to this guy. He is arrogant, dominating in conversation/thought and mostly ignorant in truth.
Add in that he makes a successful living with those attributes and it reinforces them to a point of being a nuisance in the best of times and dangerous in the worst of times.