Common Knowledge: Australia Allows IVM, US Drops Vaccine Requirements

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Inquiry Unlikely

Australia might be having record levels of excess mortality, but IMO any inquiry into this is most unlikely. The 68,000-odd dead as from 2021 must be viewed in the context of the Feds’ economic ambitions. The morning after the Budget, the Treasurer was explaining away the massive increase in immigration (400,000 this year and 315,000 the next), saying Australia’s population growth needs to ‘catch up’ after the slow-down during the pandemic.
So, 400,000 extra for 2023, 30,500 lost during 2022. The ratio is 7.6%.
Or 715,000 extra over the next 2 years, 53,000-odd lost during the last two, ratio of 7.4%.
Neither figure is small enough to qualify as background noise, but the growthists won’t and can’t care. To get anything done about this would require an uncommonly large outbreak of common knowledge, and at the moment I don’t see it happening.
But thanks anyway for telling us about this. It may come in useful one day.

mario games The growthists are unconcerned since neither number is tiny enough to be considered background noise. There needs to be a massive explosion of general awareness for this to be addressed, and I don’t see that happening anytime soon.