Coronavirus: Debunking The Hydroxychloroquine 'Controversy'

Part of an announcement by my Local Hospital:
Across the Network, St. Luke’s has discharged about 450 COVID-19 patients who are now recovered or on the road to recovery.
Among the discharged patients are many who were on ventilators. Network-wide, St. Luke’s has extubated about 50 patients thus far
“These remarkable figures reflect the incredible, lifesaving care that our doctors, nurses and other caregivers are providing our community, and the incredible innovations St. Luke’s has implemented to meet the unique challenges presented by COVID-19,” said infectious disease specialist Jeffrey Jahre, MD, St. Luke’s Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs.
Deborah Stahlnecker, DO, St. Luke’s Pulmonary and Critical Care Associates and Medical Director of the Anderson Campus ICU said her team has been working tirelessly to provide the best care possible for our COVID-19 patients, and it’s paying off.
“We developed a comprehensive medication protocol based on the best evidence available that includes hydroxychloroquine, high dose vitamin C, zinc, atorvastatin and steroids,” Stahlnecker said. “We also utilize non-invasive techniques such as high-flow nasal cannula and self-proning maneuvers, where patients spends up to 12 hours a day lying on their stomachs to help distribute oxygen more effectively in the lungs. Many of these measures were used to help Mr. Ding and others recover from COVID-19 across the St. Luke’s Network.”
Among St. Luke’s other innovations: The Network is one of the first institutions worldwide to use Masimo SafetyNet. Masimo SafetyNet uses a tetherless, single-patient-use sensor to monitor patients’ vital signs and provide doctors with valuable clinical data that helps to inform difficult treatment decisions such as when to use a ventilator.
“This technology is incredibly helpful in light of the crush of demand on our hospitals during this COVID-19 pandemic,” Aldo Carmona, MD, St. Luke’s Senior Vice President of Clinical Innovation and Chairman of the Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care, said.
For more information on the St. Luke’s/Masimo partnership, go to
About St. Luke’s
Founded in 1872, St. Luke’s University Health Network (SLUHN) is a fully integrated, regional, non-profit network of more than 15,000 employees providing services at 11 hospitals and 300 outpatient sites. With annual net revenue greater than $2 billion, the Network’s service area includes 11 counties: Lehigh, Northampton, Berks, Bucks, Carbon, Montgomery, Monroe, Schuylkill and Luzerne counties in Pennsylvania and Warren and Hunterdon counties in New Jersey. Dedicated to advancing medical education, St. Luke’s is the preeminent teaching hospital in central-eastern Pennsylvania. In partnership with Temple University, St. Luke’s created the Lehigh Valley’s first and only regional medical school campus. It also operates the nation’s longest continuously operating School of Nursing, established in 1884, and 34 fully accredited graduate medical educational programs with 263 residents and fellows. St. Luke’s is the only Lehigh Valley-based health care system with Medicare’s five- and four-star ratings (the highest) for quality, efficiency and patient satisfaction. St. Luke’s is both a Leapfrog Group and Healthgrades Top Hospital and a Newsweek World’s Best Hospital. In 2019, three of IBM Watson Health’s 100 Top Hospitals were St. Luke’s hospitals. St. Luke’s University Hospital has earned the 100 Top Major Teaching Hospital designation from IBM Watson Health seven times total and five years in a row. St. Luke’s has also been cited by IBM Watson Health as a 50 Top Cardiovascular Program. Utilizing the Epic electronic medical record (EMR) system for both inpatient and outpatient services, the Network is a multi-year recipient of the Most Wired award recognizing the breadth of the SLUHN’s information technology applications such as telehealth, online scheduling and online pricing information. St. Luke’s is also recognized as one of the state’s lowest cost providers.

In the attached interview, Nicole Foss praises you a great deal, Chris. I agree with her, completely. I have seen her speak in Milwaukee, and followed her for many years. The only mistake she made was in telling people too early, if that is actually a mistake (I personally don’t think so).[embed][/embed]

The news media have always had a bias towards stretching a story out with the maximum amount of imagined uncertainty and sensational “new news”. Now that so much of the msm has been bought out by global corporate interests, and they are in it solely for the money, it’s pretty much all info-tainment. I remember back in the '80s, when my husband was working in the airline industry. there was a crash by some major carrier. Within a few hours, he and everyone else in the industry knew what had happened and why. It took the newspapers and TV a week to stretch, tease, speculate, enrage, justify, and finally allow enough facts sprinkled in there to make up most of the true story. There were no other motives at that time, than just to get the maximum mileage out of a sensation. Now that there are monetary, political and patronage issues thrown in as well, it’s a wonder anything of value ever sneaks its way into these reports. I congratulate Chris, Adam, and all the experts in their various fields we have in this community, for their efforts to bring clarity to the muddied waters - thank you!

I do appreciate that people are waking up to the lack of inquiry happening in our mass media news sources,

I was telling a group of students this morning about the news industry in the U.S. Decimated news rooms over the last 20 years (Cleveland and Denver since the virus) have left insufficient resources for news organizations to dig into the facts. A superficial look at something, a press release, and voila. The role of specialized reporting has been taken over by web sites such as Peak Prosperity. Not enough people realize that yet, though.
And yes, this is the time for alt. media to shine, and especially the hard science + common sense based alt. media like Chris and Adam promote. I will though tell you that the situation with the mass media news is not so benign as you suggest. It is done on purpose. We are in an information war and many don't seem to realize that there is in fact an enemy. This issue of hydroxychloroquine's most beneficial use and efficacy is a lens through which to see the purposeful lies and narrative building, for those who can't stomach being a, "conspiracy theorist". A new study out of NYC hospitals show that 88% of patients who go on a ventilator die. Almost nobody needs to die or even be hospitalized if they get the meds (HCQ + Zinc + Zithromax) early enough, as proven by Dr. Robin Armstrong with the senior care home cluster he treated in the Galveston, TX area. The question you have to ask yourself is this; why is there such a coordinated campaign, including mass media, some MDs, government officials like Fauci and Bright, attempting to stop us from having a safe, effective, cheap, and readily available treatment protocol? Why would there be so many efforts in advance to hamstring this treatment by limiting it's use to hospitals where application is likely too late? What's up with all that? I will tell you what's up with all that with a quote from a friend of this website, Professor of Organic Chemistry at Cornell, Dr. David Collum; "I am a "conspiracy theorist". I believe men and women of wealth and power conspire. If you don't think so, then you are what is called, "an idiot". If you believe stuff but fear the label, you are what is called, "a coward". Don't fear the label. Stand for what is right and true. In this virus we are facing an existential crisis yes, but I am not talking about our health. Yes, a few percent of us could die if left untreated, unmasked, and undistanced. But 100% of us will lose the last vestiges of Freedom if we don't resolve to extract this Globalist Technocratic tumor before it fully metasticizes. The last stand is the US Constitution.. that is what is at stake. Frankly, I will die fighting before I give up my kid's future to those who would make buildings fall and tell us hydroxychloroquine doesn't save lives.

Not heard of Andreas Kalcker yet? He has been promoting the use of ClO2 for a long time. On his website you can even learn how to make it yourself at home.

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Just ran across what seems to be a comprehensive - it includes Zinc references - compilation of research.

Go on Youtube. Search on the term, “hydroxychloroquine”. Click the filter icon and choose, “today” for upload date. Now scroll down. What do you see?
You will see all the flack being thrown at HCQ by various entities. You will see the TV news reports, you will see independent journalist types who are subject to TDS and under the spell of the mass media propaganda machine. Many of the videos paint Trump as some kind of stone cold killer promoting a dangerous drug for his own nefarious purposes.
Chris showed a sampling of the headlines touting the flawed VA study findings in his latest video… but it goes much deeper than that. The mainstream media throws out QUANTITY. This is why when I told my elderly mother weeks ago that I thought hydroxychloroquine would help especially with older at risk folks, she retorted that it was dangerous! This was back when the chloroquine phosphate fish tank cleaner death was heavy in the propaganda feed.
Please recognize that this is not benign neglect for proper news inquiry… this is a well honed propaganda machine, whipping up those in the matrix as a force multiplier. The good news is that Chris’ latest video is now > 100K views!!! Thank you Chris!!!

  1. CFR is about 0.5%
  2. test-and-trace - probably won’t slow infections with 2.3 million people infected. That particular horse has left the barn already. It will, however, get people treated early, which will end up saving lives.
    We really want to leap into a Great Depression for a disease with an 0.5% CFR?

“How long before people get really hungry before there is a revolution”?

Bloodsugar, diabetics and, yes, HCQ treatment in New York (no clue how to weight the site nbr, choosing to use the word ‘horrible’ in their heading, but interesting nonetheless)

We know that a total crap retrospective study of the effects of hydroxychloroquine like the recent VA study will be held up on high by the powers-that-be… but what becomes of a study with a positive message? As you can imagine, it gets torn apart, then suppressed. Witness the Prevent Senior study from Brazil.
Here is the original pre-print of the study;
Here is a critique of the study that goes to almost bizarre lengths to make it sound unscientific. Recall that we are in the midst of a pandemic, and this study is looking at the potential benefits of early treatment for the mostly elderly population under the case of Brazil’s hospital and insurance group called Prevent Senior.
Here is the “critique” by some blog named scienceintegritydigest;
Here’s an example of the fine work done by Dr. Elisabeth Bik of The Netherlands, surely meant to support humanity;

The two groups were not equally sick

In terms of how sick these patients were, there are significant differences between Treatment and Control group as shown in Table 1 above. In general, the Treatment group had a higher incidence of fever, cough, diarrhea, muscle aches, etc. They appeared to be a bit sicker at baseline than the Controls. On average, they had 1.4 of the listed symptoms. But look at the Control group: the summed percentage of the “flu-like symptoms” in the Control group is only 71%! Because that is below 100%, that suggests that several Control group patients did not have any of the listed COVID-19 symptoms. So why were they enrolled in the first place? Table 2 (below) also appears to suggest that the Treatment group had more COVID-19-like clinical features than the Control group.
Understanding that we are in the midst of a pandemic, and the, "control group" in this case was in fact constructed of people who had refused the HCQ treatment for what were in many cases presumptive cases of Covid-19.. the criticism here is that the treatment group was in fact more likely to have Covid-19. While that may be true.. is it really bad? Does it invalidate the results or does this actually make the results STRONGER?
These combined findings suggest that some people in the control group might have had an illness different than COVID-19. If the treatment was so successful, why were more CT scans performed in the Treatment group, and were more of these suggestive for COVID-19?
So the supposition here is that the control group may not have had as high an incidence of Covid-19 as the treated group.. OK... but the author thinks maybe they had things WORSE than Covid-19? Is that the implication? OMG.. talk about throwing out the good in the name of perfection. So do you think this highly HCQ-p0sitive study will see the light of day? A study with hundreds of patients showing the following overall results for an elderly population; HCQ regimen given < 7 days from symptom onset: 1.17% hospitalized HCQ regimen given > 7 days from symptom onset: 3.2 % hospitalized HCQ regimen turned down: 5.4 % hospitalized Why no, it won't see the light of day in the official tally. The Clinical Research Organization that was working with Prevent Senior to help run the study decided it was too hot to handle. See how this all works?    

You’ve touched on a subject; It amazes me how quick and pervasive a narrative becomes active or an alternate story buried. The HCQ bad parrot stories came out frighteningly close in time with each other. It’s not like the story sat on someone’s desk for a couple of weeks. When the paper gets retracted, you won’t hear word one.
They should let me edit the stories. “We tried some treatments on people close to death and they in fact died. As a bonus here’s some bad methods and statistics”.

Mrs Bik’s expertise is to find misconduct. In the middle of a pandemic where there is no time to conduct a perfect study she will easily find a problem.

Maybe September for these antibodies, trials underway
So much for Remdesivir being the miracle drug of the WHO. Like HCQ it does not help severe 3rd stage corona-virus patients. It also had side effects harsh enough for 18 patients to be taken off of it.
Hickmant: Hope your wife gets well soon. I know a gentleman that came down with the virus. He took HCQ in the early fever stage along with zinc and Zpak. He also took vitamin C, D and a large amount of Gatorade. He fully recovered.
As I posted a while back, HCQ is not given as an outpatient treatment in stage one of the infection as it should be. A reason is the Hospitals do not receive much revenue from a clinical visit vs an admission to the hospital. Other reasons could be political division against the President and direct competition to Remdesivir. A trifecta that could have a negative outcome for patients with weak immune systems. Some hospitals are giving HCQ but not zinc as Chris noted and giving it too late which renders it useless as a treatment. Stage 1 not stage 3~!

Good info on COVID-19 drug therapies and clinical trials for these drugs from Dr. Mike Hansen, a pulmonary medicine doc. He covers chloroquine, as well as chloroquine + zinc studies (which are underway and it is too soon to tell if they work). Chloroquine + zinc studies, it appears, include both mild/moderate and serious/critical disease patients, if they are similar to the chloroquine only studies. Here is the link to the 25 minute video:

Many supplements have solid science behind them but are ridiculed in the MSM. This is yet another example of how the media delivers only the messages that are “good for business” for Pharma Companies. (Think about how many drug ads they buy these days).

I didn’t see anyone mention this today.
Talk about a timely event fitting into the podcast topic.
Please note - that this is not just a health story / Fake News story.
On Friday the newswires were hyping this drug as THE miracle cure. Stocks went crazy - Gold got hammered down. All in all it was a very nice manipulation. It may have also marked the high water mark on this current stock rally - we shall see!
At the very least it is a great victory for Dr Raoult and his inexpensive HCQ+ treatment.
Why? Because there are not alot of beauty queens in this pagent. At least None like our ChloroQueen.