Covid-19 A Result of Lab Manipulation? Suspicions Grow...

Well, our “experts” continue to disappoint…

Why is it that so many of those we’re relying on aren’t being straight with us? Sure, we’ve come to expect that from politicians and the media. But scientists, too?

The chorus declaring that there’s no way that covid-19 could have originated in a lab appears blind to the troubling growing pile of concerning data.

A sudden lockdown of the Wuhan Institute of Virology in October 2019, where gain of function research on bat coronaviruses was being conducted, is being completely ignored.

Many of the arguments refuting lab origination are easily punctured. So easily, we wonder how they’re being put forth with a straight face.

The jury is still out on this question; but it’s clear that enough questions persist that we should all be able to agree that more data is needed before declarative conclusions should be offered on either side:

As usual, we're left to our own to do our own inquiry, think critically, and make up our minds on our own, versus blindly accept what we're being told/sold.

So we’ll keep producing these daily videos for as long as you and our other viewers ask us to surface the data we’re looking at, so that you can develop an informed opinion on what’s truly going on.

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PP friends:
In case you are interested, the American Chemical Society (ACS) is hosting a free webinar tomorrow (Thursday May 14) on how to reuse face masks and respirators.
You apparently do not have to be a member of the ACS to watch the webinar. You can create a free ACS account (it doesn’t look hard to do) just for the purpose of watching the webinar. Here is the link.
I will watch it and let this community know if I learn anything beyond what our “tribe” has shared with each other over the past few months.

I’ve been cooking our n95 masks in a paper bag at 170 for 90 minutes. Then storing in same bag. Thought I heard this method in comments from PP. I originally bought a UV light but that was un-recommended. So, I’m curious.

I’ve been using PP as a buy trigger. I bought n95s on the shortage warning. We had stocked non-perishables for several weeks before the panic. The UV lamp apparently been un-recommended unless I get a fish tank. I don’t remember the date but around mid-March the community went full hurricane, gas shortages, lines at the store and of course runs on toilet paper.
Curious as to supply chain disruptions. I bought an oxygen concentrator based on the warning. (amazon) Got the order placed and delivery date. Delivery date passed and finally saw a notification indicating from China (go figure) Cancelled that and did get a full refund and ordered a replacement. Then based on warning wanted to get an oxygen meter. Tried to identify the company in the states but same thing happened. Got a refund. Now re-ordered; amazon claimed US stock. Apparently this shipped.
I think I’m seeing the JIT automation (automated ordering and status) that was generally transparent, now broken from China.
And BTW I use the PP blog videos to time my sunbathe everything you need to know. UVC is very effective .

Great expose of why Sars-Cov-II was most probably human-made in a lab!
I want to talk about the smoking gun of this pandemic. The timeline below is what I find most curious.
So, on August 21, the John Hopkins Center for Health Security announces that they are going to host Event 201, a global pandemic exercise (with all key players present, INCLUDING THE HEAD OF THE CHINESE CDC for some reason). Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Then, on August 28, the FED’s balance sheet is on its lowest point since the last couple of years and suddenly starts to rise very fast after this date (see timestamp 25:45 in the video below):
Then, from October 6th to October 11th was the window for an incident (or “incident”) that happened in the Wuhan Institute of Virology as you pointed in your video on this page (see timestamp 5:08 to 11:13).
Then, on October 15, it is announced who all the players are in this Plandemic, excuse me eh I mean Pandemic-exercise:
Then the Plandemic-exercise begins on October 18:
This is too much of a coincidence for me. Like I said before, this reeks like the start (or continuation) of a class-warefare of the 0,001% well-connected revolving-door CRONY-capitalist billionaire or multi-multi-millionaire class against the other 99,999% of the population.
There are lots of conclusions you can draw from this data (and a lot of other non-mainstream information that would be too voluminous for me to mention in this comment), but here are two of them:

  1. Don’t ever accept a vaccine that comes from a Bill Gates funded organization.
  2. Be very sceptical which sources and numbers you trust, like the numbers from the John Hopkins University.

They have now found a virus that conveniently is a close relative of SC2 that has an insertion. I have a feeling we will be seeing lots of these viruses popping up “proving” this is a natural occurrence.

In the video where you show the traffic around WIV stopped the year is wrong for both July and October. It should be 2019 rather than 2020. Is it a date you put in or a date from the source of the graphic.? It appears it came with the graphic. In any event this is sloppy evidence and should have not been included in the video.
If you wished to include it I don’t believe it should have been given the weight it was. Not that I have a high level of confidence in US intelligence but I would like to think that the WIV would have been on the radar. I would also think that if this information is credible this administration would be broadcasting it from the rooftops.
This definitely diminishes the video’s reliability.

This provides strong evidence against SARS-CoV-2 being a laboratory escape
Let me paraphrase: This configuration could happen in nature so it can’t be from a lab …. funded and tasked with doing the same thing, with well established technologies.
The way these statements are worded is making me suspicious the authors are getting “help” from some ghost writers shaping a narrative. It’s not that easy to wordsmith.
I conjecture there’s a bit a fear around what happens if Wuhan lab is properly investigated. It seems to me, if you really want to sue China for damages (which makes me laugh) a lab release narrative could be used to emphasize Chinese culpability.

The video used a single page of EPAI ODINS 26 page redacted report which was on page 7 of the original, it is a ‘photoshop’ text box insert and a type error, the rest of the report has similar graphics on page 9 absent year but with MM/DD and on page 22,23,34 DD/MM/YYYY as part of the titles which denotes that a) the date was not computer generated b) the researcher who processed page 7’s graphics was from the US and that c) the documents writer was from the UK
The rest of the document is FAR more interesting in tracing someone important flying around the world as well as giving both casual and anecdotal evidence of an event.
NBC’s article published the document source here:
The NBC article was here:
I hope this clears matters up, or at least leaves them slightly less murky.

Dr. Martenson has once again outdid himself; no easy task at this point. In “Suspicions of Virus Manipulation Grow” he has proved himself tenacious, intellectually nimble and, most importantly at this juncture, unafraid of speaking truth to power. I will not needlessly repeat his many reasons for doubting the official narrative relating to the origin of SARS-COV-2; the video speaks for itself. I would just like to thank him for his efforts and add a few general thoughts.
Many go into scientific fields because of a genuine fascination with the subject matter, the desire to be productive and, hopefully, to do some good. Unfortunately, as Dr. Mikovits makes clear in her recently published book, “Plague of Corruption – Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science,” the astronomical sums of money involved (think medicine/pharmacology, aeronautics/defense, big Ag, etc.) can turn the altruistic into the bought and paid for. COVID-19 has simply put these compromised individuals (most conspicuously virologists) under a bright light, and it is not a pretty sight. With the full help of the MSM corporate shills they will clearly do and say anything, no matter how patently ridiculous, to cover any and all tracks that may implicate them in the gain of function research that began on US soil at the Fort Detrick BSL4 several decades ago and has now blossomed into an international fiasco they can no longer control.

Not so surprising historical context of Nature Magazine
A few key excerpts:

Throughout the 20th century Nature Magazine has won an ugly reputation as an enforcer of deductive/inductive models of thinking which have destroyed the careers and lives of many creative scientists. The British Empire knew that this emerging new paradigm would render both its maritime control of international trade as obsolete as its international program of usury and cash cropping. It was clear that something had to change dramatically, for if the empire could not adapt in response to this new paradigm, it surely would soon perish. The task of re-shaping imperial policy from a “material force” approach of control to a more “mental force” of control, was assigned to T. H. Huxley and the X Club. This group established the guiding scientific principles of empire that were soon put into practice by two new think tanks known as the Fabian Society and Rhodes Scholar Trust which I outlined in my 3-part series ‘Origins of the Deep State in North America’. Huxley, who is famously known as ‘Darwin’s bulldog’ for relentlessly promoting Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection (a theory in whose scientific merits he didn’t even believe) soon decided that the group should establish a magazine to promote their propaganda. Founded in 1869, the magazine was called Nature and featured articles by Huxley and several X Club members. The deeper purpose of the X Club and its magazine as outlined in a 2013 report entitled ‘Hideous Revolution: The X Club’s Malthusian Revolution in Science’, was geared towards the redefinition of all branches of science around a statistical-empiricist interpretation of the universe which denied the existence of creative reason in mankind or nature. Science was converted from the unbounded study and perfectibility of truth to a mathematically sealed “science of limits”. The science of “limits” became the foundation of an oligarchical economic science for the elite and naturally had to be kept hidden from the minds of the general population since it followed Thomas Malthus’ mathematical principle of population growth. Malthus’ “principle” of population supposed that unthinking humans reproduce geometrically while nature’s bounty only grows arithmetically and as such periodic population collapses were an unavoidable law of nature which could at best be managed by an oligarchical scientific priesthood who were obliged to periodically cull the herd. Malthus and the X Club leaders believed that nature bestowed upon the ruling class certain tools to accomplish this important task (namely war, famine and disease) and Malthus stated so cold-bloodedly in his 1799 Essay on Population: “We should facilitate, instead of foolishly and vainly endeavoring to impede, the operations of nature in producing this mortality; and if we dread the too frequent visitation of the horrid form of famine, we should sedulously encourage the other forms of destruction, which we compel nature to use. In our towns we should make the streets narrower, crowd more people into the houses, and court the return of the plague.”
New insights that further illustrate the illusion that the world does not work the way most believe, and that human progress is stymied by those whose value systems have been corrupted. Jan

Hi all,
In all honesty: I believe that “something is rotten in the state of Denmark”. I decided however not to enter that rabbit hole.
It is good to make people aware as Chris does. I’m thankful for that.
The gains are huge, and the chess pieces (= people with narcissistic, sociopathic or psychopatic traits), have positioned themselves strategically the last 20 years. Not in a conspiratory kind of way, but their characteristics were hughly beneficial and lauded (just pick a random book about successful people). Whole countries embraced sick and twisted narratives, even part of our education system is poisoned by it. Nationalism, neverending growth, unlimited exploitation of weaker countries, driven by hidden racism and tribalism, worship of money, luxery, sex, success, power, fame, the belief in false opposites.
I like history. I’m pretty sure that in every moment in the last 5000 years or so, the people living, did not foresee, nor oversee, how their actions, their age, would be judged by “history”. We consider ourselves modern, Enlightend, loose from our past, not part of a continuüm. But the great wars are only 2 to 3 generations away. Colonialism european style only 50 years or so. Hundreds of Millions of people died due to human caused disasters. Medical experiments still happen, eugenetic programs (forced sterilization) ended in the eighties in some countries. The years changed, knowledge deepened, men did not.
Maybe, in 1000 years, students of history will snicker when they read about our exploits. Shake their heads and wonder how we could not see coming what would befall us, and how stupid we were to not realize how simple the solution was. We have been given great scriptures containing deep truths, and we have inherited an earth with unmeasurable wealth and of incredible beauty, and we have been given friends and lovers and family, and each of us were endowed with very specific skills to do good. Maybe that is enough? Maybe that is our path? How could we not see that history is a rinse and repeat of the “Fall of man”, and that the only thing needed to fall gracefully, is to plant (a few) seeds of good, each to our ability and skillset: start a “garden”.
just my 2 cents

Good lord, did this ever strike a nerve. Among virologists, mainly US in origin. Very odd.
I made my case, and presented evidence. They are certainly free to say, “I can see how you might think that, but here’s the real story…” and then present their data.
Not what’s happening at all. Instead we have emotional outbursts, ad hominem attacks, appeals to authority and all-around circling of the wagons. At least over on Twitter.
Methinks the Senator doth protest too loudly…
Angie Rasmussen, who was recently on our podcast, really went out of her way to act aggrieved and make no use of the moment to provide some proper education.
Instead, she posted a Forbes article describing it as an “excellent summary of the evidence.”

Okay - so I went and read it (which is more than any of the angry virologists did for my video)…
It was quite literally a summary of assertions. See for yourself:

A Virologist Explains Why It Is Unlikely COVID-19 Escaped From A Lab Dr. Jason Kindrachuk is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases at the University of Manitoba. Nearly five months into the first coronavirus pandemic, the debate rages on over the source of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. An early cluster of cases, linked to an animal market in Wuhan, initially suggested that humans had been infected by animals. Due to the nature of wet markets, it appeared that animals held in close proximity to each other may have provided a unique opportunity for the virus to jump from species to species (as happened with SARS). But a growing number of conspiracy theories have emerged through misinformation campaigns, from blaming a nefarious bioengineered virus to the emergence of 5G as the cause of COVID-19.
*sigh* The first refuge of the intellectually weak is to label an uncomfortable line of questioning a "conspiracy theory." So that's a big strike against Jason K here. Poor style. Low points...
These theories, however, aren’t borne out by the evidence. The most likely origin, supported by the vast majority of scientists around the world, doesn’t involve cell towers or mad scientists or even wild animal markets. In fact, it is quite simple: the virus likely came from bats.
Okay, that's not evidence. That's an assertion. Big difference. Again, low points. But he's just getting started, so maybe he gets going later on?
Recent technological advancements like deep sequencing have been used to detect and sequence the virus that causes COVID-19, as well as other viruses acquired from bat samples in the field. These investigations have provided detailed information regarding the diversity of viruses found within bats as well as their evolutionary history. Indeed, bats are the likely reservoir for SARS-CoV-2 given the similarity of the virus to bat SARS-CoV-like coronaviruses.
Ah - here he defers to sequence similarity as the definitive evidence for a natural host. Okay then. Let's use known sequences. When we do, we discover that - hands down! - the all-important receptor binding domain (RBD) came from a pangolin, not a bat. It's not even a contest. The pangolin/1 has 5 out of 5 all-important RBD contact amino acids (AAs - red boxes) in common with the pangolin, and 8 out of 9 adjacent AAs (yellow boxes). It's closest 'bat relative' - RaTG13 only scores 1/5 for RBD contact, and 4/9 adjacent AAs. The other bat coronaviruses and SARS-classic are far worse. If you weren't blinkered by the necessity of this having "come from bats" the evidence would clearly tilt you towards pangolins being the source of the RBD. At least in all other moments in virology the closest match is the place you look. Just not this time, I guess? Now Jason K is certain that bats are the source? Weird. Very weird. Then Jason K gets super weak in his arguments:
How do we know the virus didn’t escape from a lab? While there is growing consensus and scientific evidence that SARS-CoV-2 originated in bats, there is a growing chorus of questions regarding the nature of spillover into humans. A recent report raised the specter of a laboratory escape of the virus based on US State Department cables from 2018. At the time, the department raised safety concerns regarding the Wuhan Institute for Virology, a high-containment laboratory. Indeed, accidental laboratory exposures and escapes have occurred in the past, including the influenza virus and SARS-CoV. However, this week the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff echoed that the weight of evidence continued to suggest natural rather than accidental emergence for SARS-CoV-2. There has been no other science supporting the escape theory. Research continues to point to identifying the reservoir host and potential intermediate host(s) for SARS-CoV-2 as this remains the most plausible explanation for emergence of the virus.
Uh... Wut? Since when is the Joint Chiefs of Staff your go-to source for evidence of viral origins? Wouldn't that be both out of their wheelhouse as well as possibly slanted to whatever geopolitical realities are cooking behind the scenes? Is it reasonable to expect that the Joint Chiefs of Staff would not have higher priorities than being 100% transparent with militarily explosive information? Given that, it's a very strange appeal-to-authority for me. Strange enough for me to ask "is that all you've got?" The article doesn't get any better or offer up any other "facts" or evidence. It's a string of assertions. So it's odd that Dr Rasmussen thought that was the best counter to the lab-origin theory. At any rate, that's what's been going on all morning for me...I am literally shaking my head at the degree of obfuscation and illogical arguments being proffered.      

Can someone point me to how much Vit D a person should be taking per day? More importantly how much is too much per day. Not seeking medical advice. Just want to read some accurate information vit D. Also, little skeptical of sites that tell me the RDA is good enough.
Thanks in advance.

So after extensive research and tracking, its looking like Covid 19 has an IFR of .5 to 1 percent, take an average of .75
NYPD has 5300 confirmed cases, 41 dead, IFR .77 percent.
On the CDC scale, this is a solid category 3 pandemic.
Based on this important data, its safe to say we can start reducing lockdowns. Many serological studies have the IFR less than .5 percent making this a category 2 pandemic. To play it safe a category 3 is a good call.
This is a BIG REASON why you have so many doubters. Based off what happened in China and the bad news out of Italy, people were expecting a horrific cat 5 storm. People were literally expecting to see people dropping dead in the streets. That didnt happen because it was discovered that5 true IFR of covid is less than the widely reported 3 percent case fatality rate. So when peoples expectations weren’t met, they cried foul. Why you taking away my job and my livelihood! Makes perfect sense. Extreme measures need to be justified by extreme situations. Covid 19 is not an extreme situation. Its a bad one for sure as a .7 percent IFR can lead to hundreds of thousands of deaths. But it aint no 2 percent and that makes a HUGE difference here.

This is indeed surprising, however, it might be best to find out when it was submitted: March 5th was the first upload to BioRxiv.
Take care! Download button is on the right.
Luc thinks the Chinese were working on a Vaccine for HIV. He shows how a small area of the SARSCoV-2 has other homologies side by side! The interesting factoid is that a small area ~ 2.7% has the most diverse material. Worth the read.
Partially synthetic genome:
1.Contiguous region represents 2.49% of whole COVID-19, genome is 40.99% made up of 12 diverse Exogeneous Informative Elements (EIE) fragments originating from various strains of HIV SIV retroviruses.
2. 12 EIEs appear concentrated, that is to say placed side by side in the genome of COVID-19, despite natures, strains, and years of emergence being all different.
Retroviral part of regions: 8 motifs from various strains HIV1, HIV2 and SIV,
Length of 275 contiguous bases of COVID-19.
Notes on the Conclusions
->Exogeneous Informative Elements “EIE” HIV / SIV (about 20 EIE) are present in COVID-19 + partly in SARS.
->A small region of 225 bases Radically distinguishes COVID-19 from all SARS genomes, ->4 EIEs, a fragment coming from a nonfunctional 2008 KENYA HIV1 genome which we know was used in a vaccine strategy HIV.
Cumulative length of 8 HIV SIV motifs represents 200 bases.
HIV SIV density rate of this region of COVID-19 is 200/275 = 72.73%."
1 – High density of HIV SIV regions are diverse in nature + age: concentration of 12 significant HIV SIV sequences in only 744 bp.
2 – Concentrations of HIV SIV regions « placed » in sequence and « side by side ».
4 – Invariability study of the 2 regions “A” and “B” for all COVID-19 available on NCBI.
5 - Evidence of the absence of 4 HIV1 HIV2 « EIE » from COVID-19 within SARS-2005 +MERS
6 - HIV1 +HIV2 sequences in this region + compaction in 225bp portion of both COVID-19 + Bat coronavirus RaTG13 genomes.
7 - Multiple traces of Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vinckei (Democratic Republic of the Congo +Nigeria)
8- HIV1 Kenya 2008 (used in a vaccine strategy HIV.) absent from all coronaviruses BUT COVID-19 + RaTG13.
9- First mutations from Seattle in the 225b, « A » and « B » regions. Deletions would be associated with a decrease in the pathogenicity of the virus

Yep: “thou shalt not compare IFR and CFR”.
A IFR of 0.77 is ~ 40 times deadlier than a deadly flu.

There is an obvious and reasonable large focus on fatality. So far from what I can glean that is not the entire story. The obvious comparison is to the flu. That seems somewhat facile and incomplete.
As far as we know SC2 does serious damage to virtually all internal organs. The flu does not. I am not aware of the flu doing permanent damage. SC2 has been shown to cause fibrosis in the lungs.
We are far too early in the game to know what the long term effects will be. It is clear that this type of discussion is due to the economy. It should be noted that countries that have relaxed restrictions are now seeing an increase in cases. It is not an easy call as there is suffering on either side of the coin, but fatality rates are just one part of the equation.