Covid-19: Half A Million Dead. And Rising.

Today marks a grim milestone as the world crosses the 10 million covid-19 cases threshold, as well as half a million dead from the virus.

And the counts keep rising.

Meanwhile, the debate somehow rages on: Is covid-19 a big deal or not?

In today’s video, Chris evaluates the arguments on both sides (spoiler alert: after doing so, he’s even more firmly in the “big deal” camp than before)

It’s little wonder that the US is managing the pandemic so poorly when we can’t even agree that millions infected, hundreds of thousands dead, sharply rising new cases in many states, and hospitals overflowing with increasingly young patients are cause for concern.

Or that the Federal Reserve, busy using the crisis as an excuse to enrich the billionaire class at the expense of everyone else, is run by a man who doesn’t know how to wear a mask protectively.

All this makes it easy for Chris to predict: Things are going to get worse before they get better

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There is a medical info tool for validating the info you get in articles, internet etc.
It is called Discern and ranks the quality of sources and info. Medcram scores very high.

Actually of the top 5 videos 3 were from Medcram. The top video was #34.
This is where it gets hilarious. Medcram video #34 is about Hydroxychloroquine.
Youtube pulled that video because it did not meet its standards.

It was pulled at one point along with lots of pro-HCQ stuff, but was re-instated.
Here it is;

Since the main choices seem to be between an old guy with dementia and an old guy with personality disorder, me thinks it be time to seriously look at alternative candidates.
I want to see a platform for with a plank for responsible mask wearing and a plank with support for HCQ and what ever treatment the patient wants. Gotta get medicine broken free of the vaccine/ pharmaceutical monster.

I started going directly to Medcram when they pulled three of the videos. So I did not see they reinstated them. Dr Seheult made a comment about censorship in one of his videos. I guess Youtube got the message

Thank you for wearing a mask

All the different causes of death, worldwide: 56 million.

  • Lower respiratory tract infections. 3 million.
  • HIV: 1 million.
  • TB: 1.3 million
  • Heart disease & stroke: 15 million
We are halfway through the year. Right now, COVID is on track to kill just about as many people as HIV does, worldwide. And HIV isn't even in the top 10 anymore. Of course, these are WHO-facts. Maybe they are wrong. Grain of salt and all that. How many of this year's "scheduled" 15 million "heart disease and stroke" deaths were taken out early by COVID? 200,000? More? Just trying to put the half-million number in context.
Especially the follow-up short video

Again, I have to correct Chris’s implication that New Zealand required the use of masks. It didn’t. Pleaes stop spreading this misrepresentation, Chris. you’ve done this many times.

How many of this year's "scheduled" 15 million "heart disease and stroke" deaths were taken out early by COVID?
This is an excellent point. As an example, in my area we had a single C19 death - at least, it was recorded as such. He was near 80 and had cancer plus a bunch of other health issues and was expected to die. When he finally did die, clearly cancer, they tested for C19 (due to the panic) and surprisingly found it. His family was shocked and pissed off to see C19 on his death certificate. I think a lot more folk will die from the shutdown complications (job loss depression. etc.) than C19 itself. Of course, C19 will actually save lives just due to the decline in driving! I also think England had the right idea back in the day: just let those worried about C19 quarantine themselves/wear masks and let the rest of us get it.

First it ended when the hospitals were not overwhelmed. Done. But it didn’t end.
Then there were unreported deaths to account for. We have to wait until overall death rates return to normal. Done. But it didn’t end.
Now that hospitalizations and deaths have been falling for a month and a half, even with cases steady to rising, they don’t matter anymore. It is the cases that matter now.
The goal posts keep getting moved. Some people will only be happy with zero Covid infections. As if a Covid death is different than a death from any other cause. Why haven’t we been locking down and social distancing for the last hundred years during every flu season if one death is too many?
And why stop at masks and social distancing. If zero is the goal then face shields have to be required. And we should all shower in and shower out when we leave or enter our home, or workplace. Hog farmers do it to prevent disease transmission. If it is good enough for livestock it is worth it to save our neighbors. Unless you want to kill Grandma.

just let those worried about C19 quarantine themselves/wear masks and let the rest of us get it
So you haven't actually watched Chris's videos?

As Chris’s videos have made abundantly clear, this is not a disease you want to get, though reducing the inoculum amount seems to result in a milder disease with a better outcome.
As far as deaths going down, this seems reasonable as we have more knowledge of the disease and how to better treat the patient to help them heal. This is good but as cases start to spike again, the deaths are starting to tick up again (with a roughly two to three week lag from cases to deaths). No goal posts have been moved.
The last two comments seem to miss the points of the videos almost entirely.

It’s time for voters to demand term limits.

And yet, these posts are needed. We need constant reminders that the US is clearly divided on this.
If we are hoping for a consensus on Covid-19, or anything else for that matter, we are going to be disappointed.
I know someone who just bought a giant magnet so that he can disable the robot that will be coming to give him a mandatory Covid-19 vaccine.
Most people don’t spend a significant portion of their time trying to suss out the latest and most rational understanding of… well anything.
”People prefer to believe what they prefer to be true.”

  • Sir Francis Bacon
It's time for voters to demand term limits.
Seems to me voters "demand" just the opposite. Currently, the longest serving congressman is Don Young from Alaska, who started serving in 1973. If you list the longest serving 100 members, the last, numbers 87-100 were first elected in 2005 and they have "already" been re-elected seven times: Emanuel Cleaver Missouri 5 Mike Conaway Texas 11 Jim Costa California 16 Henry Cuellar Texas 28 Jeff Fortenberry Nebraska 1 Virginia Foxx North Carolina 5 Louie Gohmert Texas 1 Al Green Texas 9 Brian Higgins New York 26 Dan Lipinski Illinois 3 Kenny Marchant Texas 24 Michael McCaul Texas 10 Patrick T. McHenry North Carolina 10 Cathy McMorris Rodgers Washington 5 Pelosi has been elected dozens of times. Shall we turn our attention to the Senate next? No need. Just look at Mitch, he started serving in 1985.

Here’s some context for your “context”…
CV-19 causes hypercoagulability in many of those infected, especially older patients. More younger patients have been having strokes since CV-19. Doctors early on learned that if a lower risk person (younger etc.) presented to the hospital with a stroke they should be tested for CV-19. This is one of the earliest tipoffs that blood clots were one of CV-19’s bad manifestations. Yes, cardiovascular disease by itself is the leading cause of death in most places in the world. However, CV-19 has disproportionately affected those with cardiovascular disease by expediting the process; heart attacks or strokes that would have occurred a few (or several) years down the road are now happening earlier because of the increased clotting activity. Labeling a death as being caused by a single entity is nonsensical. People almost always want to make the world out as being black and white instead of the innumerable shades of gray that it actually is. I’ve filled out 20+ years worth of death certificates and most of the time I spent no more than 5 seconds writing the cause of the death as I knew most causes of death were a conglomeration of many things and the ridiculous form couldn’t come close to being accurate.
Bottom line, cardiovascular disease starts raising its ugly head around 45+ for many people in the U.S. and the age has been decreasing over the years worldwide because of unhealthy habits. Those years of 45-60 are quite valuable for many people because many are still quite functional up to their initial cardiovascular event. There is no doubt about it CV-19 has greatly impacted folks who are at risk for cardiovascular disease, and that would include a majority of most people throughout the world who are of age.

HIV is bad to get. A broken neck, ending up quadriplegic is bad. We don’t lock down the country, destroy peoples livelihoods, bankrupt hundreds of thousands of small businesses because of these or any other risk in life. Why lock down everyone over COVID? Lockdown the especially vulnerable, institute mandatory face mask use and suffer a much reduced impact on the economy.
The goal posts have been moved. Originally we had to shut down so hospitals wouldn’t be overloaded. Except in NYC they never came close. Now lockdowns must continue until case rates decrease. Any uptick is viewed as an excuse to reinstate lockdowns. The official position is things can’t get back to normal until a vaccine is available.
We are in roughly the same position we were at the start of this. Except now we aren’t being told “Don’t wear masks, their dangerous”. Now we’re being told we have to wear masks. People don’t respond in large part because one of the official positions must be a lie.
I certainly don’t want to get COVID and am taking prudent steps to avoid infection. I’m not hibernating indoors and avoiding everyone. Even though I wear a mask when shopping I wouldn’t consider it enough protection to attend a large sporting event.
Chris’s early videos described the problem as balancing the three legs of a stool. It seems much of the government response has been one legged.

Our little county in south Georgia may be becoming a hotspot for COVID.
Case, case, case, … cluster, cluster … boom.
Glynn county, Georgia is a relatively small county with a population of around 75,000. We are a preferred tourist destination with St. Simons Island and it’s beaches.
For the sake of the “economy,” (greed and stupidity), our beaches were opened-up to anybody who wanted to come from anywhere and inject the COVID virus into our population.
June 1: “Through June 17, there were only 204 positive cases involving Glynn County residents,” … “In only two weeks, that figure has increased by 300 percent to (839) which, by anyone’s account, represents a pace that can’t be tolerated and must be reversed.”
“In the past week, the seven-day rolling average for Glynn has increased 211 percent and includes 421 new cases and the community transmission index has increased 262 percent,” …
The number of inpatients at the local hospital doubled overnight (July 2) … from 14 to 28 and within the past week the death count has doubled form 3 to 6 deaths due to COVID.
The situation is completely nuts and irresponsible.
These numbers only reflect locals… and do not include the 10’s of thousands of tourists since they just take it back home with them … The week of July 4 will be huge… I suspect the spread to continue.