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This morning, released a featured interview between Chris and Jim Puplava delving into Chris' new book The Crash Course: The Unsustainable Future of our Economy, Energy and Environment.

If you haven't read the book yet, or if you have and are hungry for more insights into its conclusions, you'll appreciate this conscientious and intelligent exploration.

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Thanks Chris and Jim,
At the risk of being sent to the “Junk” files of my friends and family, I’m sending the link of this interview to everyone today. If only one or two pay attention, it will be worth it. It’s a perfect primer for those who can’t seem to figure out why things just aren’t quite like they used to be.


Good idea, Single Speak!  Jim’s interview of Chris is a nice condensed overview of the 3 E’s and the predicament we’re in. 
I also like how Jim talked abour learning about peak oil some years ago, then oil prices dropped so he thought it was an “out-there” theory after all.  But since then, he has “rediscovered” the idea of peak oil, presented more plausibly (I forget whose book he references…sorry!).  My hope is that maybe if others identify with Jim’s perspective -i.e., the initial skepticism with which he viewed peak oil- they may also feel that it is ok (like Jim) to now re-examine the concept.

Nice job Chris and Jim!

Excellent interview. Great to hear Chris speak so forcefully on the population issue (which trumps every other issue).

… on the status quo’s vested interest in inflation.  “You can’t tax deflation” pretty much says it all.

  • Nickbert

Chaos theory says that the transition will approach instability, flicker like a dying flourescent tube, and then enter into its new stable state. It is unlikely that the curve will be mathematically “smooth.”
I envision state sponsored bounty hunters tracking down precious metals. Savers will be re-badged Horders for the purpose of the exercise. On that subject the Government of Australia has recently enacted laws that require full disclosure of identity for anyone buying bullion. They are using the anti-terrorism laws. Savers are now terrorists? I am afraid to buy silver for that reason only. They will ransom my children for the silver.

Food resiliance. I am fully satisfied with my sauerkraut. Captain James Cook used it in his maritime adventures to ward off scurvey.

I am an I2a (P37.2). (Abraham Lincoln was another of us.) Ever since we left Africa 60 000 years ago, we have expanded into new territory. We must do the same again, however impractical it might seem at this time. Common sense will not be sufficient. We have to embrace the third dimension. When you are painted into a corner the only way out is up.

Disrupive change will propel us upward. Things that seem impossible now will become commonplace. Captain James Cook would have you lashed for proposing getting into a Jumbo jet and flying home.

Chris is right. Energy cannot be created by technology. The law says energy cannot be created. But neither can it be destroyed. And there is a wonderous amount locked in the mass of mattter. We cannot deny it’s existance.

I looked for The Crash Course book at Barnes and Noble the other day and couldn’t find it anywhere.  I finally asked and was told it was a non-stock item but that I could order it.  I ordered it and told them they should have it in stock and was treated condescendingly.  I’m mad about it-is Chris being censored?

See subject.