Dave Murphy: Will Monsanto's Loss Result In Less Poison In Our Food?

Thank you for the correction,ezlxq1949. That was my bad. I am not familiar with many scientific terms and should have looked that word up. I have corrected the text and it should be put up soon, I imagine.

For the curious, the transcripts go to a service, and then one of us reads over and corrects. It is a real bear when the speaker has a non-standard accent:)

The site is still down as at 03:14 AEST (or 12:14 US Central Time).
But the Wayback Machine (https://archive.org/web/web.php) has made 1,032 captures of the website, from 10/12/2008 to 5/9/2018. I’ve had a browse around. Not sure what material there is unavailable elsewhere, but Dave Murphy’s experience suggests that malevolent forces seek to make his website unavailable regardless. Every little bit of suppression helps, I guess.
Now, will the Wayback Machine suffer a mysterious outage? Or even PP? I am a bit nervous about making this report and it’s easy for me to be brave with someone else’s resources. But here goes.

Btw it has been shown that no amount of alcohol consumption is safe

book by F William Engdahl
Covers how this all came to be, changed me and the way I think about everything.
and it’s a fascinating read.
thanks Chris for a brilliant website

Monsanto owns uk government. Dr Rosemary Mason has been campaigning for years in the uk and Europe about Roundup, the media treat her like she has plargue. they have a large factory in Wales and dumped thousands of tons of Agent Orange!! in quarries there that has seeped in to the water supply. according to Dr Mason Welsh children are the worst performers in the Uk also local nature reserve has collapsed since local spraying by council oh and she has Cancer- obviously just a coincidence!
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