Delta Variant Sweeps Through!

The end game is to reach herd immunity through natural immunity derived from Covid infections.
Provided the vaccines reduce the severity of cases, then natural immunity will come to those while they largely have less severe cases … some will die.
Those who are not vaccinated will have generally more severe cases and natural immunity will come to them with more deaths.
Most who already have had the virus already have natural antibodies. Most will not become reinfected. A small number will and maybe some will die.
When enough get the virus, then herd immunity may be reached, finally.
This explains to me why the USA is not supporting a booster. TPTB realize we have a better chance of reaching herd immunity if the vaccinated develop the natural immunity by catching less severe cases. Why innoculate them with a booster when without one they can contribute to herd immunity by catching the virus?

Jim, regular nasal irrigation with colloidal silver may be a bad idea. My late husband had chronic sinusitis and irrigated with CS quite religiously. His specialist cautioned it could permanently erode the nasal lining. The specialist confirmed this was probably going on when he operated to open up hubby sinuses and had a look. This was years ago and I don’t remember exactly what the physician said or did but I retained that I would not want to use CS in this fashion.

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Hey, just because we’re paranoid doesnt mean people arent trying to kill us.

Just because people are trying to kill us doesn’t mean one seemingly ominous event is a sign of their efforts.

Rand Paul is anti mask. Another false vaxinted false prophet.

He’d better told vax does work. Another vaxed false prophet.

And they had us believing it was only those on the other end of the spectrum …

My understanding was that to determine if a patient had the Delta variant a specific, somewhat time consuming test had to be run on that person’s blood. If that understanding is correct are all the patients now flooding the hospitals being so tested? Or are some assumptions being made with respect to the variants involved? Do we know for certain it is Delta causing the problems?
Also, can we say anything about the patients that are now turning up in the hospitals? Are there any common factors that link them? Vaccine status, age, obesity, etc.? With such sudden large numbers it would seem that some factors would stand out. I am especially puzzled by the influx of children when up to now their chances of suffering from the disease has been extremely limited. Do we know for sure it is Covid (Delta or some other variant) and not, for instance, the more common respiratory virus that children experience?

When I first heard of the “Delta Variant” I thought it had to do with fights that were breaking out among Delta Airline pilots, flight crews and flight attendants – scaring the passengers half to death.
And why are we still talking about the Delta Variant? Dr. Fauci just came out this week about the “Lamda Variant.” What happened to all the variants between E and K?
Today, the Florida Department of Health came out, chastising the CDC’s figures as being three (3) times what they really were. The CDC was forced to acknowledge their error. I don’t know. The CDC has been pretty much enjoyed saying how “really scared” they are.
Question: Are these “variants,” being released from the same labs that gave us COVID-19, and not “mutations” at all? Not having achieved their goal (whatever that goal is), (total world annihilation?), (I don’t know), are these labs still tinkering with their toy(s) after all that has happened?
When the vaccine came out for polio, polio was eradicated (except in the third world shithole countries). When the vaccine came out for smallpox, smallpox was eradicated (except in the third world, banana republic shithole countries (like the United States)). Seems to me this COVID-19 vaccine(s) is no vaccine at all. What is it?
If the COVID-19 vaccine has achieved total and complete indemnification from prosecution, liability, and wrongful death, then “Yes” the vaccine is a complete success – for Big Pharma.
Too many questions.

Some days I get worked into a frenzy anxious and pessimistic thinking. Like today.

The technological infrastructure of the vaccine passport is being called for by the great hearted Carolina_Humanity_First persona.
Suspect that the passport, location tracking and cashless transaction device will all be worked in together.
Possibly RSV and not Covid. In a quick search, hospitals are seeing an influx of kids with RSV.

I don’t know why but my mind immediately drifted to the dirty cloth masks they keep sticking on their kids faces!

Benotine spray has iodine. Those who have reactions to injested iodine can also be affected by topical or nasal spray iodine. I have something called iodine-induced hyperthyroidism. So I will just be using a salted nasal spray. If anyone has an idea of what to use instead of iodine let me know.

"Some days I get worked into a frenzy anxious and pessimistic thinking. Like today"
Whenever I feel that way I try to remember the lessons of the great Stoic philosophers; Essentially, do not concern yourself with things you have no control over. Only focus on things within your control. So I have no control over what other people say, think, or do about covid passports, that is not my concern. I DO have control over whether or not I take a vaccine, and whether or not I use [ or recognize ] a covid passport. I will not ever voluntarily take the shot, that issue is settled. Whatever consequences unfold from there is not my concern. "I perceive that, when an acorn and a chestnut fall side by side, the one does not remain inert to make way for the other, but both obey their own laws, and spring and grow and flourish as best they can, till one, perchance, overshadows and destroys the other. If a plant cannot live according to its nature, it dies; and so a man.—" HD Thoreau

can be taken at home. Paint a 3x3 inch rectangle of tincture somewhere and see if it takes less than a day to disappear
The RDA for iodine is 150 micrograms which you get from 3/4 teaspoon of iodized table salt. However people used to take a lot more, 25 milligrams a day. Some say raise that to 50 mg when under toxic stress. Any excess is peed out. The clinical test for deficiency is to measure the amount in urine 24 hours after a 50 milligram oral dose. Yet another example of the FDA promoting inadequate levels of vitamins and minerals IMO.
The classic Lugol’s 5% solution has 6.5 mg per drop (iodine+iodide) with two drops the usual dose. The weaker 2% solution more common today needs 5 drops for the same dose. I put a drop of 5% on my tongue every couple of weeks and take another drop in my coffee if it does not taste metallic.
Gotta love the brainy editors of wikipedia; the SSKI entry has “Neither SSKI or KI tablets are used as nutritional supplements, since the nutritional requirement for iodine is only 150 micrograms (0.15 mg) of iodide per day. Thus, a drop of SSKI provides 50/0.15 = 333 times the daily iodine requirement, and a standard KI tablet provides twice this much.” (the recommended 130 mg KI tablet for adult protection from radioactive iodine contains 100 mg of iodine).
For mucolytic action SSKI at a 300-600 mg dose 4 times a day has been recommended. This should definitely not be taken long term.
And as always, consult with a knowledgeable dietician before deviating from the recommended FDA doses of vitamins and minerals.

Colloidal silver. Jackie Stone is having great results nebulizing it. I use it in my netipot.
Betadine brand Cold Remedy Nasal Spray is only carrageenan in saline.

Watch the FLCCC weekly update from last week, August 4th. They played this clip or a portion of it and made a funny skit out of it because that pill already exists and is called ivermectin…an antiviral drug that kills viruses!

The Betadine carrageenan spray is intended to coat your nasal passages, not to irrigate them. The coating helps keep the virus out. (Was it a Dr. Been video?) I have ordered it. My plan is to use it before I go out, and if I think it may have worn off, to use the p-iodine spray when I return.
Elsewhere I cautioned that my husband’s experience chronically irrigating with colloidal silver eroded his nasal lining. His specialist told him to stop doing this. It is something I avoid.