Don't Let The Coronavirus Infect Your Relationships

  • So, because you can’t attack the message that we are in a mental health crisis and a child abuse and domestic violence crisis....., you attack the narrator.
Thats pathetic. Put a sock in it ao.   Above - USA Today highlights the increase in abuse and violence during the Pandemic.
“Even kids in otherwise functional families could face peril as parents unaccustomed to providing round-the-clock care and stressed by the collapsing economy are pushed to the edge. “ Risk factors for child abuse and neglect – including parental stress, economic instability and housing insecurity – increase in situations like this, according to Dr. Melissa Merrick, president and CEO of Prevent Child Abuse America.
I have not even included ANY statistics on domestic violence. For that person who us indeed reading this and living in a violent environment, please know help is available. There are now chat features on many crisis websites. Parents in need of talk support can call the National Parent Helpline at 1-855-427-2736or the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-4-A-CHILD. To report child abuse or neglect, contact law enforcement or child protective services in your county. Domestic violence hotline Our advocates are available 24/7 at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) in more than 200 languages. All calls are free and confidential. AKGrannyWGrit

there’s no getting over the fact that Donald Trump is a seriously crazy eyed malignant shit-funnel, if ever there were one.
Read where you will in the world press, and other than having a head stuck up the ass of Fox News, he’s successfully slowed down effective timely planning. He called Coronavirus flu for weeks, and reduced the possibility of the American public, ever seeing a face mask as an iconic fashion item, such as every south Korean, and anyone entering a shop in Austria.
He’s also made quite a few comments about China that were seen to have a racist bent by a great many of the world press - and by good old Marxist laughing boy Wolfe, to boot.
Reading around the net, I saw one guy say that he’d be quite happy kicking Donald’s severed head around Lafeyette Square for hours for what he’s caused in deaths and delays. He was offering dibs on team color’s.
And since we’re here, you can bet that a serial malignant narcissistic sociopath like Trump, makes for an interesting portrait of family life, what with a six year old’s demeanour for temper tantrum’s, and a drive to have his sticky little hands fingering the button as if it were a paid whore’s honey pot.
Nope. Definitely not a good responsible leading public figure and role model, in stopping locked-down dear-hearts beating their loved-ones brains out when the moment strikes.

I’m reasonably confident that the “nationality” of this virus does indeed belong to Wuhan, China, and deserves to be dropped right into the lap of the CCP.
Executive summary: evidence suggests an accident at the Wuhan Virology Lab led to the outbreak, compounded by the CCP’s desire to cover it up rather than acting to stop said outbreak. Any group that decides to arrest doctors attempting to warn people about the outbreak is guilty of treason against humanity, at least in my book.

I wasn’t offering either a defense or a criticism of Trump. I was questioning the accuracy of the statement made by Wolff and the value and orientation of the video. The video was supposed to be about mental health, not about politics. Surely, you’ve been around here long enough to realize how the Hegelian dialectic operates and there is no salvation in either the right or the left. I think there were problems in the world before Trump came along and there will be long after he is gone.
FWIW, I went grocery shopping with my wife today and in one of the areas of the country slowest to catch on in trends, probably 40% of the people in the store were wearing masks and we only have 14 cases in our whole county, one of the biggest counties in land area east of the Mississippi. So there is a cultural shift occurring, Trump or no Trump.
By the way, have you ever been wrong and changed your mind in light of new evidence? I sure have.

The information in your last post was certainly better than the interview of Mr. and Mrs. Manhattan Marxist in the previous post, your false accusation and rude sock reference excluded.
Two other points. First, when you cut and paste the contents of an article verbatim as you did with the Cloward-Piven strategy post, you would be wise to show proper attribution. Otherwise, you are committing plagiarism.
Second, I was surprised you had no response to my reply to your post #58 about profit on this thread:
No sharing of your bountiful wisdom?

Very interesting rambling, incoherent rebuttal, and one that displays a lack of emotional intelligence and self-awareness. It’s all of our responsibility to prepare ourselves. Personally, I’m not going to rely on the government to tell me whether or not to protect myself with a mask (I have worn a mask & gloves for 3 weeks in public)…I will make those choices on my own as should every adult.
P.S. Might want to check your spelling & syntax…rolls are good with butter…role models…notsomuch…;0)

Without downplaying the potential for an increase in domestic violence and abuse. Abhorrent, regrettable, indefensible behavior…
We should think very carefully about advocating for authorizing rhe use of force to separate children from their parents.
Soros is on record that he would like to use the covid crisis (never let one go to waste) to end the nuclear family with its archaic patriarchal structure…
So, perhaps we have been useful idiots on many fronts, using fiat currency, buying based on lowest price, voting for benefits from the public till…but I would posit that it is borderline blasphemy to advocate that strangers with badges would better serve the interests of children than their nuclear and extended family.
Do we really want the people that brought us don’t test dont tell to come door to door to ensure the kids are all good?
God help us all.

that’s not 40% of 330,000,000 people, that’s 40% of a store in a county.
I suggest you wait 6 weeks before accounting certainty to the safety of where you live.
There’s an almost apocalyptic level of infection encroaching the United States.
As of the last 10 minutes : -
363,337 infected.
26,664 new cases today since midnight.
10,754 current deaths.
1,138 people have died in under 15 hours today.
5 days to double infection quotas.
5 days to double the number of deaths.
The numbers are far beyond anything seen anywhere but America to date - probably comparable to numbers that’ll be drawn from the continent of Africa, long after the event.
The Hegelian dialect?
What about mob rule?
For example, Dave defended Donald Trumps Racism, but couldn’t defend the accuracy of my views, because they’re true.
Trump is a malignant shit-funnel.
That isn’t a political point of view.
That’s pretty much golden.
The problems that are caused by his public relations mill are far beyond the scale of what has come before in any hostage setting.
Lets leave it there for a week or two, shall we?
I’ve been quietly following your back and forth’s over a number of days.
You should be kinder to Granny, ao.
A bit more respectful, considering the challenge of our times.
Bullying people on forums for sport isn’t clever for a man of your years. It’s a disgrace, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed, even by Nate.
Maybe it would help if you learned to be less of a dick?
Surely there’s room for improvement in light of that new evidence?
P.s There’s always a spelling Nazi somewhere amidst, isn’t there Captain ‘Troof’ Queeg.

I’ve been more respectful to Granny than she has to me. I’d say more but I’ll only get myself into trouble. I will take your recommendations under advisement. In fact, I’ll definitely be more polite than you are about Trump.

Trump can take it ao. He was bragging that he was number one on Facebook, just the other day. Fiction over form, no doubt.

Fact over fable. She’s a big girl. She’d probably kick Trump’s ass in a mud wrestling match.

can I remind you of a thread from 6 years ago called : -
Life Is What We Make Of It - Mastering Emotional Resilience
There was a post you wrote about the bullying tactics of a member who you proved without a shadow of a doubt was using a sock puppet. That person was ao, whose doppelganger was troof.
You can Ctrl F and read the post if I give you the opening of your post to him, which was : -

"troof-ao-I'm confused. I was responding to troof, but … is that the same as ao?"
What confuses me is that this man was outright banned for bullying and spitefulness, and he's now back, still doing it, 6 years later!!! Also, I suggest studying the ip address of Captain Queeg, because, I assert, it's one and the same!!! Fin

(Source links in pinned posted first comment.)

You’re going to make a linkage to Harvey Weinstein? Really? You condemn me but you do something that unseemly?
I did adopt the troof personna (and I stand by what I said in that thread as it was all factual) but you’re wrong about Captain Queeg. He’s his own person. It’s time to check your emotions.

Ao/“troof”, you “adopted” an alt PP persona??? For what purpose? Why did you think that was ok? Were you playing or baiting people for more “thought exercises”? That seems more than a bit duplicit and intentionally misleading, and just plain weird. Are there any other alt personalities you’ve “adopted” here on PP that we should be aware of?
Save for a few obvious trolls, I’ve always had a degree of confidence that posters here on PP were authentic and well-intentioned, even when I haven’t always agreed with their perspectives.
Very disconcerting, but, for me, it provides additional context to your posts.

Duh, I get the Weinstein reference.
I post something and receive condescension and criticism. When I say something I am called “playing the victim”. Thank you, I am not crazy and it’s an ongoing script. Shut up and tolerate or your the victim.
It’s offensive. And yet so very tolerated.
Thank you. We deserve better!

Wow, a lot of energy went into hair-splitting, lengthy, well-researched but off-topic and feigned righteous indignation in the AO/troof comments on that thread. ( The thread is worth reading before those comments “disappear”.) I’m not trying to be harsh, but I see the same condescending, dense commenting style and set-up for the passive-aggressive punch-line for both personalities, then and currently. Ao/troof apparently got mixed-up as to which persona was responding to Dave for which argument. Not apparent is why/when the troof persona got banned.
I understand better now the baiting tactics used to “stir the pot”, which I’ll ignore hereafter.

A thread about maintaining relationships during tough times, which a few of us also advocated to include domestic violence and mental health has morphed into a shit storm with Trump and Marxism front and centre. Ugh!! ?
This does not enhance my hope within this crisis, or for humanity in general, in any way, shape or form. I wanna put a paper bag over my head reading this crap and go back out to my garden with a good book.
I had truly hoped for intelligent discourse on this subject, and for the ‘men’ on this site to weigh in and show they have more substance to them than their hardcore devotions to 3E subjects, MMT, 911 crap, climate change debates and the merits of PM as a hedge.
Colour me disappointed. Seriously disappointed. You all talk the talk about building community and social capital. Please tell me where domestic violence and people struggling with mental health issues fit into your idea of community.
Seriously guys, step up and weigh in! Please.

If people are not willing to engage on such a serious topic as domestic violence, mental health and emotional resilience then we are doing ourselves a disservice by not covering the spectrum of all the important things that affect our lives and communities. It takes a village, but only when that village does not turn a blind eye to some of the horrors that are going on within it. Jan
As much as you or Granny might want us all to address those subjects, you can't force people to engage in them if they don't want to. They talk about subjects that interest them, not you or someone else. I'm a 62 year old single white man with a pretty stable mental attitude. I'm not particularly interested in talking about any of those three issues, and anything I did say would come from a position of uninformedness. Same thing with precious metals, out of my interest and my expertise. Like I said to JimH about the drug HC, if it doesn't interest me, I'll just scroll past it. If you want them addressed then by all means, write up a good article and cover the subject in detail, then post it. No one is stopping you and if what you write sparks people's thoughts then they will comment. Just don't get on Adam or Chris when they don't do the work for you. Not every forum must be a soapbox for your preferred issues. And not every thread must come back to them either.

Granny Grit,
11 Warning Signs of Gaslighting

Gaslighting is a tactic in which a person or entity, in order to gain more power, makes a victim question their reality. It works much better than you may think. Anyone is susceptible to gaslighting, and it is a common technique of abusers, dictators, narcissists, and cult leaders. It is done slowly, so the victim doesn't realize how much they've been brainwashed. For example, in the movie Gaslight (1944), a man manipulates his wife to the point where she thinks she is losing her mind.