Early Bird Ticket Sales Extended, Available to All Subscribers

The need for community, especially of like-minded people, has never been stronger. The economic indicators, as well as all of our personal experiences, are pointing to hard times…or is it harder times. And yet, we still must navigate the harsh reactions from too many people because we question the narrative…with data (it’s a bizarro world, indeed).

That’s why we need each other, and why we need to build our resilience.

Therefore, I feel it’s important to make this event as accessible as we can. Our team has decided to extend our Early Bird Ticket Sales to July 24. Because we have room. Because we want as many of you to attend. Because we should never feel alone in our world…but don’t wait. Early Bird Ticket Sales pricing for the Honey Badger Gathering will end July 24. Also, ticket sales are open to all subscriber levels (free to VIP).

Who Should Attend

So, what's this gathering/conference all about? We are going to need community more than ever in the years to come. Many, like myself, do not have experience living in a community where people actually "need" each other. So, how do we go about building a durable community? History says that all durable communities or associations - be those religious or the Boy Scouts - share the same features. They have rituals, regalia, hierarchy, and mentoring. For the Boy Scouts, it would mean secret handshakes (ritual), neckerchiefs (regalia), different levels from Cub to Eagle Scouts (hierarchy), and they actively have older scouts teach younger scouts (mentoring).

At this gathering, we’ll have some of each, but we’re asking people to show up in one of two modes; active learner or as a mentor. Or better yet, both! We’re focussing on mentoring. We want you to bring a skill or knowledge to share, or to be ready to really listen and learn from your fellow tribe members. Anything and everything is welcome. Are you a skilled rabbit raiser? Do you know how to invest in Oil & Gas? Are you especially good at guitar or storytelling? Anything and everything is welcome.

Or bring whatever problem you are trying to solve or decision you are trying to make. I guarantee you - whatever your issue there will be someone here who can address it with expertise.

If you have something to share or teach, click here and at the right of the page you'll see "Agenda". Fill out that short questionnaire. Easy.
And as we approach the July 4th weekend, I can't think of a better way to celebrate Independence Day than by taking steps to secure our own personal independence through resilience.

It will be a remarkable event for Tribe, continuous learning, community, a beautiful environment…and fun.

We hope you can join us.



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Trade Show

Can you please give more trade show detail?

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Will there be advance notice of who will be teaching / presenting when and what?

As Much As I Would Like To Go…

I’m really wondering how travel is going be 3 months from now, and that gives me pause about making a commitment that far out.
In the meantime I’m getting more involved with people in my area who’re focused on surviving the turbulence coming up.
They haven’t been hard to find, and it’s been a good experience.
I hope the gathering comes together well in spite of my misgivings & I wish you all the best.


Thanks For Extending This!!



Yes, Thanks For Extending

I’m also seriously considering coming - I enjoyed it last year and want to keep building community - but I am also concerned like @sketchypoodle about making travel plans that far out given the state of things. I’m working on it and hope you’ll keep extending this offer.

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We Will Be There!

Dear Chris, we will be there! I’m currently traveling and need to coordinate our trip with friends in New York. We will book after July 14 (anywhere between 2-5 people). Very much looking forward to it! :slight_smile: Thanks so much for organizing this.


What exactly are you looking for? We are working on vendors and presenters, but we will have some news to announce very soon…it will be ongoing for sure. The vendors for tis kind of thing are getting back into business, so it may be slow to develop :slight_smile:

yes, little more detailed response to Wendy (above) but yes, we that will be an ongoing/developing point of info we will post.


Come Hang Out With Family!

Hello everybody!
Thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to prioritize this event, and to bring your minds and hearts to a gathering place where we can wonder aloud (and in person) about how to leave a “world worth inheriting” to future generations.
Yes, we know that there are lots of things vying for your attention these days. Yet Chris and I firmly believe that meeting folks with whom we share deep underlying and immovable beliefs is life ALTERING! We never know when that one conversation or connection will change everything!
Come take your place among chosen family, ready to enjoy the company of those like-minded individuals who won’t blink when you want to discuss what is really going on, without beating around the bush. Last year’s felt like a family reunion.
This year is going to be extra special too! If feel like you shouldn’t miss it, then don’t and please come ready to enjoy a beautiful weekend outdoors with us in New England! We can’t wait!
Much affection,


An Opportunity I Will Miss Because Grandpa Potus

This event was on my wish list for this year, as were some other trips to the USA. However that absolute pinnacle of wisdom “in charge” of your country forbids my entry.
No jab, no entry ?.
Best I can do is watch it closely from over here while being happy for all those that can join.
All the best!


Let’s go Brandon for that one!
We completely understand that it is a wild time to be trying to execute travel plans, especially internationally! You’ll be with us in spirit, for sure.


Hi Terminator,
I don’t know where you would be flying in from but there was a story in the local paper stating that the US would no longer be asking for c19 tests for international travelers. I can also add that driving across from TJ no questions regarding vax status are being asked (sample of 12 separate trips across the border by different people).
In my case it’s a 5-6 hr flight…

Thanks Ed!
I’d fly in from Europe. The mandatory c19 tests were lifted a few weeks ago indeed, but fully jabbed status (with the appropriate magic juices) is required to board a plane inbound to USA. There is indeed an option to fly to Mexico, take a drive across the border and take a national flight then to reach Chester. I’m not sure if that easy pass will be around when autumn nears. The risk is real to get stuck somewhere because of new rules and as I’d be far from home this itinerary is less appealing. Still it’s not completely off my radar. Who knows :slight_smile: I’m sure it would earn me extraordinary explorer status within the tribe.

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Let’s go Brandon indeed!
Thanks Evie.

Hi Stewart, I am a vendor. My company is Ithaca soap. Are you looking for that kind of vendor? If you are, I’d definitely like more info. My website is https://ithacasoap.com

Well, that would be very… globetrotter-ish ?
We would also VERY much have liked to attend, but the travel from Denmark is just not an option. Just checked our Foreign Ministry’s website: only access to US is when fully jabbed. ?
Let’s go Brandon. ?

Thanks Wendy,
We will absolutely take a look!

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Hi Congerol,
I am a life long vendor and have a lot of festival building, planning, and making it happen experience, if you need help with this.

Yeah I agree. Fly to mexico and walk across the border. No jab needed. Then get border patrol to fly you all over the country for free and drop you off with a free phone and spending money too.