Expert Attorney Shreds COVID19 Mandates

I personally have ZERO faith in the court. ZERO. Hope Im wrong.


I hear you, and agree with your sentiments. My license plate is LV3ORDI (NH is next to Maine, so I expect you can read it).
My faith in the court is all gone after their refusal to step up and defend the state legislatures as being solely in control of elections, which is EXPLICITLY STATED in the Constitution. Pure cowardice. All but Thomas and Alito, but especially John Roberts.
“Wise Latina”, indeed.
And yet, they are our best hope of things that stand in the way. The Constitution contains nothing that empowers a Federal Vaxx mandate, and the Supremes know it. If three more can manage to stand on their hind legs, it is one more way for the Constitution and the Bill or Rights to survive, and maybe you won’t have to die, after all.
Not holding my breath.
The Federal Administrative State must be destroyed. Otherwise, we are just waiting for the next Emergency from Bill & Klaus.


Long time, no post. Hi everyone.
So I caught the Omi at a Xmas gathering over the break (wasn’t that bad - sore throat was the worst part.) I’m double vaxxed with Pfizer. I know who I caught it from because one of the fam had sniffles and wanted me to test (I have CUE rapid tests at my disposal). They came up positive, as did a sibling. About three days after, my wife, and then the next day myself tested pos. The fam member with the sniffles was TRIPLE vaxxed, due to college mandates.
I AM NOT getting boosted after already catching Covid , but I fear my wife and I may be needing legal help to maintain that stance, so this latest interview was extremely helpful. Thanks Chris.
Oh, and a big thank you to the people here who provided info on obtaining IVM early on in the pandemic - I had stocked up before vaccines were even available. I was able to follow the FLCCC early treatment protocol because of you.
Cheech and Chong


Undiagnosed hypertension? Not very likely. I’m sure she’s had her BP checked a lot. Pheochromocytomas are very rare: ~ 2/million/ yr. She doesn’t display any co-morbidities that would put her at risk. I’m sure she had ivermectin on hand, just in case.
What we DO know: She made herself a target, by standing up for our rights, which are basic human rights, including bodily autonomy. She should be remembered as a hero, who stood up to the growing medical tyranny. I choose to not be injected with their unknown poison. I don’t care what the SC rules, the decision is between ME and MY doctor, nobody else.
We are locked in fight to the death, which we did not ask for. We are currently witnessing genocide. TPTB have plans for all of us: slavery, trans-humanism, medical experimentation, boosters forever till you have zero immunity left. There is no middle ground any more. We can’t play offense, cause they’ll call it sedition. We CAN win, if enough us play defense, by protesting, speaking out, educating others, and refusing to go along.
You cannot comply your way out of tyranny.
Would you die so your children could live free?

If three more can manage to stand on their hind legs, it is one more way for the Constitution and the Bill or Rights to survive, and maybe you won't have to die, after all.
LOL. I dont think Ill have to die but it wont be because the court saved me. Im pretty certain that any hope we have will not come from any branch of the federal government, thats for sure. Its going to come from the refusal of compliance by enough people that any idea of enforcement will be a mess. I think they can fake statistics, fake studies, fake the news, and even fake court cases but they cant fake their way out of everything. If enough people refuse compliance they will stop short on the mandates, regardless of what their fake court decisions say they can do. The supreme court can rule pigs to fly, it doesnt mean they can.

This from the updated ZH article;

NFIB attorney Scott A. Keller said OSHA’s “economy-wide, one-size-fits-all mandate covering 84 million Americans is not a necessary and indispensable use of OSHA’s extraordinary emergency power which this court has recognized is narrowly circumscribed.” Keller noted that three days ago the U.S. Postal Service told OSHA that the mandate requirements “are so burdensome for employers that the federal government is now seeking an exemption from its own mandate for the Postal Service.” “That’s because OSHA’s economy-wide mandate would cause permanent worker displacement rippling through our national economy, which is already experiencing labor shortages and fragile supply lines. OSHA has never before mandated vaccines or widespread testing,” he said. OSHA, “a single federal agency tasked with occupational standards, cannot commandeer businesses economy-wide,” Keller said.
That about says it all.....

A Whole Foods Market in Manhattan has bare shelves. No fish, no veggies,… We’ve been thinking that they’re going to close soon but when we asked a clerk they said no they’re open just can’t find personnel due to the mandate.


We live in one of those states where alcohol sales are run by the state. Stopped in a store today, lots of empty shelves. Seems the state warehouse decided to enforce the vax mandate so a bunch of people quit. The store hasn’t had a delivery in 12 days and the warehouse is shutdown.


What human is capable of orchestrating this contretemps into two embattled groups, one completely hypnotized, and one resistant to hypnosis, regardless of educational status?
My studies of human affairs is that we couldn’t organize the proverbial piss-up in a brewery.
Matias says “mass psychosis” and we all nod wisely, citing our own interpretation of the Brother wars.
But this is bigger than that. This phenomenon is worldwide.
And so is Dr. Jacob’s alien userpation. It’s worldwide, and a minimum of 5% of the worlds population.
If we overlay Dr. Jacobs findings over what we see, it is a perfect match.

"Isn't that wonderful", said the little grey alien. "Soon we will all be together". "Soon everybody will know their place."
Dr Jacobs wrote his findings pre-hoc. We observe the world post-hoc, and consider ourselves wise? EDIT: Please ignore if you take offence at these words. Just walk on by.

I hope this spells the end of the vaccine saga. Not holding my breath, however:


From one long time member to another, there is a time and place for making your, shall we say, ‘different’, arguments & contributions. They are not without merit and indeed there are times when things you have said have made me go “hmmmm??”.
The qualifier I add pertains to where you introduce your material & thoughts. It is my perception that discussions that follow an interview such as this should remain within the bounds of the subject matter that was discussed in the interview. If people start posting all kinds of unrelated info, as does happen a lot these days, it undermines efforts to foment a good, running discussion on the subject matter at hand. This is a crucially important interview that deserves a focused discussion on the legal aspect of mandates without distractions from unrelated info, in my opinion.
“Ongoing discussions” have been an important part of the culture here at PP, and one of the reasons why I am still around after 10+ years. I personally would love to see more long running discussions and debates the way we had in the old days, where focus remains on the topic at hand. No doubt you recall wonderful old forums such as the Definitive Climate Change forum that was facilitated by Mark Cochrane, or the 9/11 forum. We are not seeing so many long running debates like that anymore, and PP is all the poorer for it, IMHO. Focused discussions make it so much easier to learn and participate in things that are of interest, not to mention find things!
Your intellect and contributions are much valued. I am just wondering how those contributions might be posted in a way that does not hijack threads, as you are admitting to doing right now. Have you considered starting forums of your own under the “controversial” forums section to enable those who want to discuss these types of subjects with you. I know I would check in from time to time to see what you were bringing to the table!
I do not want to overstep my bounds here and I certainly do not advocate for any kind of censorship. I do think all long time members have a bit of a role to play in ensuring the ongoing success of the site. Small considerations like helping to keep discussions focused will go a long way.
Cheers my friend!


I hope the site update has a better forum structure where we could have ongoing discussions on a topic without having to weave it into separate threads. And I hope members have the ability to create “members only” discussion topics that will keep out trolls and nosy search engines.


All throughout this pandemic there has been a part of me that has been hopeful that things will go back to normal and that people will come to their senses with information and reason. It wasn’t until this week when my provincial government (Ontario, Canada) implemented more lockdowns; when it came out that the Prime Minister had made dangerously disparaging remarks about the unvaccinated; when the W.H.O warned of more virulent variants on the horizon despite the milder nature of Omicron; and now when the president of the Canadian Medical Association is provoking “discussion” of access to health care for the unvaccinated, that I have finally lost all hope. I could feel my heart sink in my chest. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of venting my frustrations to my husband and he told me I was going nuts. Obviously this didn’t go over too well with me and I’m now honestly questioning my own sanity and even the security of my marriage.
For some context, I have spent thousands of dollars and a ridiculous amount of time learning to breed rabbits, investing in various forms of food preservation, and otherwise trying to become more resource independent. With 12 kids to take care of, the amount of preparation for what I sense is coming down the pipe is impossible. My husband and sons (bless their hearts) helped me dig out the ground by hand to install a subterranean heating/cooling system. My husband, as much as he believes I am overreacting, has stood by my side and supported me up ‘till now. It’s no coincidence that his frustration with me has been stoked of late by the fact that his pharmacist sister is getting married and our vaccine status is embarrassing him and complicating things for everyone.
Meanwhile, I pulled my 4 younger children out of the public education system and am now homeschooling because I can’t trust the schools not to vaccinate them without my knowledge or consent. (In Canada, the government doesn’t need parental consent to give minors medical treatments anymore.) Making things more difficult is the depression my older children are dealing with now that they believe there is no future for them and since they are being squeezed out of society. My one son’s job is currently being threatened over the mandates, and my other two sons’ future employment status is in limbo.
This is all happening while we try to support our autistic daughter with significant developmental delays.
I instinctively know that everything that is happening with this pandemic is just “off” in so many ways. I know that the mandates are unethical or even dangerous, but my husband has been reading the hospitalization and ICU data incessantly and pointing out the ongoing disparity between vaccinated and unvaccinated ICU admissions, suggesting that vaccination is reasonable. He understands that this “reason” is undermined with age stratification, but the data is conflicting as it relates to transmission rates. Who do we trust?
There are a plethora of reasons why I am hesitant to get these vaccines, the least not being the inadequate safety data and the compete lack of any research into subgroups–not to mention the widespread failure of health care professionals to record post-vaccine reactions as primary in the absence of phase 3 clinical trial completion. And then the censorship and the FDA attempting to withhold the data for decades? None of this is reassuring me that they are, in fact, safe at all.
Is it crazy that I don’t trust the interim data or that I don’t believe the data is adequate for me to make a truly informed choice? I say this because almost everyone outside of my family has been double-vaccinated (as my husband points out) and I am not seeing anything to justify my concerns, with the exception of one 40-year-old man who died suddenly of cardiac arrest and a teen-aged girl who has prolonged swelling in her lymph nodes and is scheduled for a biopsy. But this is all anecdotal both ways and it doesn’t indicate vaccine safety either way.
Yes, I am aware that all-cause mortality has risen since the vaccine roll-outs, as well as the corroborating claims of the insurance companies, but it’s difficult to parse through all of the data, along with the countless variables, and come to any conclusion on causality.
This is all so…demoralizing…and I really just feel like quitting at times. What do I know anyway?
Because of the intensity of my reaction to all of the failures of our institutions the world over, and because of how strongly I oppose the ever-encroaching infringements on our liberties, I am doubting the legitimacy of my hesitancy to these particular vaccines. I’m worried my judgment may be irrationally influenced by those other legitimate reservations that I have with the institutions.
Is anyone else feeling this way? Can anyone offer any clarity here? I really do feel like I’m losing my mind. How can I be a support to my children who are struggling mentally and emotionally when I can’t even figure out what it is I believe?


“You cannot comply your way out of tyranny.”


Hello everyone! As you might know, while you guys are fighting for reason in your own country and the fight being global, Canada (and especially Quebec where I live) is under totalitarian/communism ruling. Me and my family are part of the pure bloods and a witch hunt is starting over here with our rights going away day after day and with the government propaganda encouraging hate on us by the vaxxed. I live up north in Canada with my old folks near by. I’m looking for a solution to move to the USA, looking to start over in the land of the free. If anyone here could give me some help with information, if you have work offers to sponsor me to move out of here… anything to leave what obviously have become a threat for us unvaxxed. On January 15th, our passport will be void if we did not receive the shot. We all know where this is going. I am hoping someone could help me find a way. For ever grateful to be part of this community, I just hope to get closer to you, closer to the values I share with the true Americans. To Liberty, to Freedom. Etienne


Turned in my retirement date today. Should be interesting if the woke corp decides to fire me.


I must say, yours is a well written and thoughtful post.
For my part, I am having some (but not all) of the same problems with relatives and friends. Some think I am crazy, but others agree with me.
I am also seeing more adverse events than you have seen. They do not affect everyone, but they affect enough people for me to believe that there is something wrong with these vaccines. Also, I am also seeing that the vaccines seem to offer little real protection. They simply don’t offer the protection that people claim that they provide. I suspect that without the vaccines, the death rate and hospitalization rate would not be much different. To me, that is the most startling thing of all. And that seems to be pretty common knowledge.
I have also seen drugs like Ivermectin actually work - sometimes with great effectiveness.
With all of this, I am not questioning my own sanity. But I am questioning the sanity of the culture as a whole. Certainly my own experience can’t be such an outlier that most people would see the vaccines as very safe and very effective. Other people must see what is happening. And certainly the things I see with treatments cannot be an outlier either. Heck, studies are confirming efficacy by the dozens. And many people are very aware of this. Otherwise, the huge propaganda efforts put on by the mass media would not be necessary. People know.
So I would expect that others would have a more balanced view of what is happening around us. But, to a very large degree, they don’t.
So that raises a question. Why do the actions and beliefs of the culture around me seem to make so little sense?
That is the thing that is so disquieting to me. I always saw world as a more than a little crazy. But now it seems like I am living in a world that has gone completely mad.


Over the Christmas holidays I spent a good deal of time with family. My Aunt has a partner who is Native and the man brought his elderly mother over to speak so my Aunt could transcribe her story of being taken to a residential school, her treatment there, her eventual escape etc.
My Aunt was just about traumatized by what she heard.
I bring this up here because I’m afraid Canada (and other places of course) are only doing what they always do the moment a stressor comes along. We talk a good game about “human rights” and our deep commitment to the ideals of civilization and conscience but at the first sign of inconvenience we almost instantly start setting up internment camps and telling ourselves its different this time.
I find its best to try to recognize that I’m really grieving for the loss of the culture that my culture told me I grew up in. The “going crazy” part is that feeling of abusive family member beating you up and telling you this is how love works. You got so much of your information and values from these people that their abuse of you now requires a form of mental suicide to confront.
Since respect for human rights was never an actual fixture around here (or anywhere), what to do about forced medication is really just a practical problem. A huge practical problem to be sure but not one worth losing your mind over.
The interview that started this thread has been fantastic BTW:
Most of us have rights unless there’s an emergency. Surprise! There’s almost always an emergency.

What human is capable of orchestrating this contretemps into two embattled groups, one completely hypnotized, and one resistant to hypnosis, regardless of educational status?
What human is capable of beating a heart, operating a thyroid gland, growing his finger nails, hair, and operating his kidneys? All and none. There is no conscious brain on the face of this earth that can facilitate the functions of life. In fact, the most learned conscious brains on earth, combined, cannot do what one subconscious mind does. All the scientists in the world, working in unison, with an unlimited budget cannot do what your mind does everyday. Its a mystery to them. Ever watch fish swim in a pond? They move together in perfect unison. There is no delay. All the fish turn together perfectly, simultaneously, as one unit. There is no fish that can do that consciously, they dont know what they are doing, and we don't know how that happens. So, there is a force underlying all of life. If you were to ask how much of what we do is conscious, compared to how much is subconscious, I think you would find that the vast majority of everything that happens is under the control of that underlying power. What we see, comprehend and accomplish, consciously, is a tiny fraction of all there is.   So, when you say "aliens" a way I think you are right because if you identify strictly with the conscious brain [ the pre-frontal cortex ], then everything else that happens seems alien. Who is beating your heart? Who is operating your thyroid gland? Who grows your hair? It isnt you, you dont know how to do those things...nobody does. A fish who watches other fish move in perfect unison must conclude that they operate under a power beyond that of fish. So we grasp for answers. Aliens...super-computers...perfectly omnipotent elites, etc Instead of the power that is operating right under our noses every second of everyday which the most intelligent scientists in the world could never even comprehend in their wildest imaginings.   So when asked how these things are possibly happening, I think alot of it is related to whatever force causes birds to fly in a V pattern when heading south, or fish moving as one unit in a pond. Its some collective subconscious, human nature type of thing. My opinion anyway.

I stumbled across this guy on YouTube.
I wish I had a better answers for you. You might start by just visiting Florida. There have always been a lot of Canadians that winter in Florida. I don’t know anything about work permits or citizenship.