Friday Bank Failure and Soros-Funded Protests, Yellen Melt-Up Coming

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In a series of unfolding events across the nation, anti-Israel protests have taken a significant turn with the involvement of student agitators reportedly funded by George Soros’ far-left movement. These protests, initially sparked at Columbia University, have seen a rapid expansion to prestigious institutions such as Harvard, Yale, Berkeley, Ohio State University, and Emory. The uniformity of the tents used in these protests suggests a level of organization and funding, with the Soros-funded Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at the forefront. The US Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USCPR), also benefiting from Soros’ financial backing, has been instrumental in propelling these protests into a nationwide phenomenon. Amidst these developments, the rhetoric at some of these protests has raised eyebrows, with leaders making controversial statements about their opposition.

In the financial realm, anticipation builds as Janet Yellen is expected to influence another market surge next Monday. This follows a pattern where the Treasury’s management of its cash balance has historically impacted asset prices significantly. The Treasury’s projected cash balance and its implications for the market have been a topic of keen interest, with analysts closely monitoring the situation for potential impacts on asset prices.

The banking sector has encountered turbulence, marked by the first bank failure of the year. The FDIC’s seizure of Republic First Bancorp and the subsequent acquisition of its assets and deposits by Fulton Bank highlight the challenges facing smaller banks amidst rising interest rates and significant deposit outflows. This event underscores the fragility within the banking sector, exacerbated by the termination of the Federal Reserve’s Bank Term Funding Program (BTFP), raising questions about the stability of other financial institutions in the current economic climate.

On the health front, the FDA’s announcement that one in five milk samples from grocery stores tested positive for avian influenza has stirred concerns. While the presence of the virus in milk does not necessarily indicate an infectious threat, the spread of avian influenza from birds to cattle and potentially to humans has prompted a cautious response from health authorities. The FDA and the U.S. Department of Agriculture are taking steps to ensure the safety of dairy products, with further testing planned to assess the risk to public health.


George Soros-Funded Group Accused of Paying Student Agitators to Amplify Anti-Israel Protests

The parent organization of SJP has been funded by a constellation of nonprofits which all lead to Soros.

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Janet Yellen’s Impact on the Market: Another Meltup Expected Next Week

Back in February 2021, long before most had heard of the Treasury General Account or the Quarterly Refunding Statement, we were the first to point out – and correctly predict – how the Treasury’s then near-record $1.1 trillion cash balance would serve as a liquidity tsunami as it was rapidly drawn down, boosting asset prices in parallel with the Fed’s still massive QE, a unprecedented tidal wave of money which was the primary catalyst sending bitcoin from $10,000 in October 2020 to $$65,000 in April 2021.

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First Bank Failure of the Year: Republic First Bancorp Seized by FDIC

The FDIC just seized the troubled Philadelphia bank, Republic First Bancorp and and struck an agreement for the lender’s deposits and the majority of its assets to be bought by Fulton Bank.

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One in Five Samples of Milk from Grocery Stores Test Positive for Avian Influenza, FDA Reveals

“The fact that you can go into a supermarket and 30 percent to 40 percent of those samples test positive, that suggests there’s more of the virus around than is currently being recognized,” Richard Webby, a virologist at St. Jude’s, told STAT News.

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That Avian Flu was probably planted just to harass Amish farmers even more…more fear, ask me if I care.

I had a dog who I would play with by moving a flashlight around on the floor. He would chase it around for a few minutes before he would completely tune out. That’s what happens to the brain when it is faced with a continued stimulus. “They” are already over-playing their cards. People just want to live life and they will naturally tune out all this crap. The creeps always shoot themselves in the foots. Evil is ultimately self-defeating.

…Then again, maybe this flu really is organic. Shit happens, deal with it. No more disrupting normal life…not for ANY reason, because then you destroy everything.


Or perhaps there is a more LOGICAL explanation? So-called “Avian Influenza” has been widespread and rampant in our livestock for the entirety of evolution and easily overcome, just like any other cold virus, by the animals immune system, but now that they are “testing” for the remnants of defeated / dead cold viruses, they are finding the fact there is NO concern.


I think your on the money. Also could be the PCR tester, (Amplifier) cranked to insane levels again.


We don’t know if anything is true anymore. We only know that TPTB have an agenda and will make up anything to suit the narrative that they want set.

Perhaps they tested milk at high PCR cycles to get a result. Perhaps they tested at sensible PCR cycles and got a result showing this is relatively common.

I would not put it past them that they didn’t even bother testing but report postive cases as part of their fear, panic, hysteria narrative that they want us plebs to believe.

I’m not falling for any of it and I certainly won’t comply. Become ungovernable. I’ll gladly donate my alotted vaccine to any of our government overlords. I won’t take anything they offer at face value.

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