From Afghanistan to Wokeistan

I’m really surprised no one is talking about how they just said Saudi was involved in 9/11. Their timing is impeccable. I wonder how they are going to use this because they wouldn’t come out and say that if they didn’t have a plan for that.


You forgot to factor in the wild card in all this:
Major climate change. Its happening exponentially… For example: what happens if there are huge hail storms in July in the mid-west and the wheat crop is wiped out? Two years in a row? (That feeds a good part of the world).
Or the Kessler Syndrome actually happens and no more satellites…
We’re heading towards social collapse in our not too distant future.


>>> I’m really surprised no one is talking about how they just said Saudi was involved in 9/11. Their timing is impeccable. I wonder how they are going to use this because they wouldn’t come out and say that if they didn’t have a plan for that.
Obviously it needs to be talked about. The lies in the official US gov conspiracy theory about 9-11 just keep piling up.
Senator Al Franken has publicly stated, in writing, that he and former Mayor Koch knew not to go to work at the WTC on 9-11.
That’s a little different than the San Francisco Chronicle having a small article the week of 9-11, saying that California politician Willie Brown got a phone call warning him not to fly.
As far as the very minor information release about the Saudi’s, that is a very tiny piece of the story. What they released was highly redacted.
I think it is in the category of “throwing them a bone”. Biden’s unique gift for the families of the Deceased, related to the politics of Biden speaking on the day of 9-11.


Basically hit the nail on the head and summed up our entire global situation very succinctly. Half way through I was thinking; ‘OK another “we’re screwed” post with no practical solution’, then you provided two solid avenues. Excellent.
The only thing I disagree with is your recommendation to produce flour. Processing wheat into flour is extremely labor intensive without a thresher and unless you can find an antique and recondition it, you wont find much available to the small producer. Threshing can be done by hand with sticks or flails, wheat can be separated from chaff manually, then wheat can later be ground into flour but thats alot of labor for a little return. Corn can do everything wheat can do and is alot less labor intensive.


VT never said anything about wheat. A closer reading would reveal he said flour corn.
Good to know you agree with him


What kind of beans?

Your intro with Islam seems gratuitous. If you had studied Islam you would know that Jihad is not what people think. It is a spiritual battle. Just like Christianity, Islam has been twisted to further particular ends. I would hazard a guess that more wars have been fought in the name of Jesus than any other reason. Let’s not forget the Crusades. The animosity towards Islam by Christians has been in existence since the beginning. The wars Mohammed fought were spiritual battles. They were similar to the battles fought in the Mahabharata. Krishna (an Avatar just as was Jesus and Mohammed) enjoins Arjuna to kill his brothers as “they are already dead”.
As for your options, it is not surprising that number one would be to hunker down and homestead. Of course this has wide appeal here. There are other options which don’t get much attention here. One is to be nomadic. The world is a big place. Evolutionary biology demonstrates that flexibility and adaptation are key components of a survival strategy. Being anchored to one place makes you an easy target.
Of course should things go way south your fellow citizens will be of major concern. I remember the blackout of the mid 60’s. Should a scenario like that happen for an extended period of time people will leave the cities in search of whatever they need and if you have it well? Then of course there is the government our good buddy.
There was a person here who I struck up a friendship with who bought a very big boat with the intention of providing for his family in the event it became necessary. He no longer posts here. Then of course there is Galt’s Gulch.
As far as your food recommendations I would not put too much emphasis on potatoes. As the Irish found out that can lead to a very bad outcome. I would and do put my emphasis on sweet potatoes. They have been called the single most nutritious food on the planet. Squash has lots of issues with bugs . I don’t grow it. It does keep well. I would add shitakes to the mix. They are medicine as well as food and easy to grow.
As for your assessment of China, yes it is definitely the China century. Empires usually last 2-3 hundred years. the US is long in the tooth. It is now hollowing itself out and all that will be left will be a nuclear shell. China will take Taiwan and the US will sit and watch it happen. The US has no real allies anymore. China is playing the long game. Unfortunately there is a very large number of people who believe in the myth of Amerika. It is beat into their heads in school and it is the dominant narrative. At the local university right at the end of the anthem jets fly over the stadium and everybody cheers. Almost every aspect of Amerikaan life is linked to patriotism and the military.
China is just sitting there watching gleefully as the US implodes. The only real question is how long before we are wearing those hideous green outfits with those red stars on them.
Of course Bitcoin is the answer for anyone awake enough to ask the question but this site is not the place to have that discussion. Pity that.


Good summary. Thank you VTGothic for the advise.
Just wanted to add for anyone allergic to potatoes (or anyone else too): consider Moringa tree instead of potatoes (or as addition). If the climate allows, it is a great addition to any garden. Easy to grow and is growing fast. All parts of the tree are edible and lots of benefits.


Actually there are alot of discussions here about bitcoin. You’ll find that people here are open to all sorts of topics as long as they are presented respectfully. A snot-nosed delivery of any topic will generally meet with a cool reception.


Why do I intently study geopolitics? Because we are 7.8 billion people on a finite planet still entirely enmeshed within a debt-based fiat money system that demands infinite exponential growth as a precondition for not crashing horribly.
Because I have near-complete faith in humans’ desire to avoid being the one taking the losses in any arrangement, I trust that geopolitics provides me great clues as to what’s really happening along that plotline.
The fact of the matter is that the manner in which the US “withdrew” from Afghanistan is a huge ‘tell’ along those lines. It was a complete disaster and humiliation for the US and somebody wanted it that way.
Mememonkey has already explained the ways in which China and even Russia benefited enormously from that decision, but it bears digging into a little bit because they had inside help on that project.
If you know anything about military logistics, every single item is tagged, tracked and signed for. Nothing is ever left behind unless someone signed a piece of paper saying to do that. Think the Army just up and left 16,035 night visions goggles because some grunt forgot to pack them up?

Even Gen 3 civilian optics are ~$10 grand a set, so even if the US military was kitted out with those and didn’t overpay, they left behind $1.6 billion of easily packed and transported night vision gear.
No, nobody in the field made that decision. Somebody above them signed a piece of paper saying to do that. And somebody above them signed too. And them too. And on and on up the chain. The only people authorized to sign away equipment like that are at the very top of the food chain in DC.
When you find those persons you will find out “who wanted it this way.” Who wanted to help China and to humiliate the US. It really shouldn’t be very difficult to suss out who that is. The list is rather small.
But make no mistake. It happened.
So now let’s circle all the way back around. If I believe, and I do, that the world is on the precipice of a massive resource problem, and I also hold it to be true that the next few decades will be defined by those countries having the best access to the remaining resources, what does the hasty, humiliating US retreat from a country we held for 20 years tell me?
It says “the end game is drawing to a close.” These are the final days before a new world order is installed. There will be relative winners and losers. The winners? Those will be countries better positioned to access those resources and or/ whose internal expectations are aligned with reality.
The losers? Those countries that lived too far beyond their means for too long, and who are shot through with corruption and cannot even manage to fashion a decent argument around how to conduct a non-insane policy of public health, let alone a sophisticated plan to gently transition to a lower consumption future.
All of which explains why everyone should be preparing. With a very serious urgency. You live in a system that is either (a) expanding or (b) collapsing.
That’s why I study geopolitics. It helps to keep me focused.


There are so many comments about Russia & China being the beneficiaries but it is not true. My father was an Indian Army officer and my grandfather a freedom fighter so I grew up learning regional history and geopolitics from a very young age. The messiest geopolitics situation in the region has the hands of Anglo-American Neo-cons. Their greed and arrogance has no limits.
David E. Martin gave a very good talk on why 86 Billion $$ worth weapons were left there. [embed][/embed]. The neocons did it. They had done it in Vietnam. And also in many other places. Companies supplying weapons are the real winners here because they get to sell more weapons. $86 Billion worth military weapons in the hands of people who have been destroyed economically makes the whole region unstable. China, Iran, Qatar & Russia are actively stepping in to help with the humanitarian crisis while US military is sending drone and killing children in the name of preventing imminent attack. Why does the rest of the world have to tolerate this hubris? The Neocons didn’t go there to find terrorists or liberate women, They went in because Taliban had put a stop to the Opium business that CIA was running. The British destroyed China by getting their citizens addicted to Opium. The western looting of Russia when the USSR collapsed reminded me of the stories of British looting in India. Sooner or later, rest of the world has to smarten up, unite and defeat these globalists. The news about Russia & China in the western media is mostly propaganda. If we can’t trust the media with COVID news or events in the US, can we really trust them with China & Russia news?


Good rebuttal to Chris wonderings. I saw a good piece which said the whole purpose of the A. war was not revenge, although it was sold the the people that way. It was to sell and use up armament. So leaving there seals that deal.
I don’t know the “answer” to the military gear being left, but certainly the two views, yours and Chris’ have something in common:
Empire end-of-times indicator, by stupidly burning the very essence of production and technology to keep the economy warm (Like burning your socks when lost in a snow storm). So in a way it is the perfect contemporary companion of the “captured health agency sh-tshow.” This one is burning lives to keep a certain (favored) part of the economy going. More government $ thrown on the fire. The propaganda seems to be failing on the shot, while it wasn’t even attempted on the abandoned war gear. More indications of a failing state.


For the Canadians, the moringa tree needs to come inside in the winter. Or so the article I read said.


PP is not, per se, a prepping site. It’s an information site. Before the break up and many years ago, I found the news feeds interesting because PP posted articles in direct contradiction to the Crash Course. Although when I joined PP IS when I began prepping, I did not even really know the term and was taking actions based on the information from PP, and other sources. What I love about PP is the actionable information.
How those actions manifest will vary from individual to individual. Everyone has a role to play, for some that role may not be prepping.


OMG, me too! I am soooo done with litigation. I cannot take it anymore. I am ready to be a homesteader and a handy lady’s helper (have a female friend who is a handy lady). I’m tired of calling the shots and telling people what to do.
Not to mention, what is going on in the macro is sooooooo much more important than dealing with extremely dysfunctional people and their dysfunctional representatives. We are living through unprecedented history making events in real time, and the shocks just keep coming.
I’m also ready to becoming a card carrying Hare Krsna again. For the first time in more than 20 years, I went out on Harinama yesterday (congregational singing of the Holy Name in public). Governor Desantis was speaking with the LEO’s, Firefighers, and City/County employees who are now under the new vax mandate.
It was interesting. The venue changed at the last minute from a public space 15 minutes away to a private space 40 minutes away and in the boondocks. Our little crew thought, ‘did we make a mistake?’. No we did not. For over an hour, cars passed our table and our crew of three singing Hare Krsna. We had the transcendental table and the mundane. One with spiritual literature and one with all my many print outs of studies, law suits, and everything Covid.
The governor’s car stopped right in front of our table, while we were singing away and read our sign: “Thank You Governor Desantis” Later I gave an inscribed Bhagavad Gita to one of his assistants, who promised she would give to the governor.
The funniest exchange was three old geezers who drove a golf cart up to the corner right across from us. When I motioned to approach them with some books and cookies, one elderly gentleman shook his head no and said, “I’m a Southern Baptist.” When I replied, “That’s OK, we’re on the same side.” I got a wonderful expression of surprise from him, in a good way.
Yesterday was a good day.


It may be a better strategy to let them fire you, rather than walking off the job. Only time will tell if these vaccine mandates will be legitimized or de-legitimized by the US Supreme court. In the mean time, I would say better to fight it out in the courts. The USSC came down on the right side of the church closures, holding it was unconstitutional. There’s a chance the vaccine mandates will be held unlawful and maybe, just maybe the 1905 USSC case (can’t remember the name) holding it was legal to mandate a vaccine will be overturned. One can only hope. The difference in the cases is that in 1905 case, the alternative to the vaccine was to pay a $5 fine. This time it’s different.

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It certainly seems like somebody wants the Taliban well armed without appearing to be overtly responsible.


Keeps the momentum going, military industrial complex would starve!
Nobody wants to do the Dwight thing!


Well said (cups clapping on table). Great farming tip.


is how Israel was involved.