Government offers to buy impaired 401k assets

Mainecooncat: If I could follow up with something that’s hit me lately.

I don’t want to get overly political, but we are now constantly subjected to hearing Obama and Biden discuss the middle class. As if we should trust the government to get even more involved. Apparently now Biden might be something of a "middle class czar" - wonderful.

But I haven’t quite heard what they mean by "middle class" since they don’t ever seem to speak of lower or working class. If you don’t have a working class, you can’t have a middle class. Does that mean the new "middle" class is already assumed to be the people working in jobs that traditionally have been considered "lower" class jobs. Just throwing around the middle class word without really defining it has me squirming to think where I fit in.

Perhaps we’re redefining everyone who does not have elite status to be the middle class. That is straight up communism and is completely flattening out chances for economic advancement and freedom. Oh wait, but that’s what we’re seeing with our own eyes anyway. I feel shafted.

Good point Mike. I’ve been also wondering for a while if blue collar workers are now our middle class. Those in minimum wage jobs are the working poor.

I was hoping this article was true but alas…no bailout for my 403b plan which has lost 39%.

I feel much safer & can sleep much better knowing we have a new middle class czar LOLSmile. What will these cartoon characters come up with next to try keep us settled down?? What a joke these clowns really are. Car Zar…Bank Zar…they sure know how to Zar around & get’er done LOL.


Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Aberham Lincoln, and John Kennedy all fought the establishment of a central bank in the United States. The American public did not educate themselves on the truth and ultimately have allowed this to happen. We have failed to retain our freedom from the moneyhandlers and America, along with just about every other nation on the planet is being manipulated by central banking. (In the US it is the FED and in the rest of the countries it is the WORLD BANK) If yours is not then take a win. Otherwise I suggest you get out your own pitchfork and do some revolting of your own.

If we want to rid ourselves of this collective "evil" then we all need to start playing a different game. Banking rules the day so long as we can be enticed into ever increasing debt. So get out of debt and stop consuming all of the SH## being produced.

Getting out of debt, reversing the consumption paradigm and changing our value system will bring down the banking house. Use open revolt and you will play into the hand that you claim to despise.



You have been shafted. And your generation is coming into the end of a long slow slide where the banking cartels that were established in the mid 18th century have succeeded in taking control of the wealth of the planet. This has occurred in front of the collective eyes of the world. We have been stupid. What else can be said.

But I think that which couldn’t be done by the will of the people will be done by the inherent failure of a system driven by greed and avarice. The exponential growth paradigm is simply not sustainable and it will now come down. We will have to create a new system of "economic advancement and freedom" in it’s place.

I am encouraged by intelligent young persons like yourself and others that have posted on this site. I think that we will make a difference. (not that I consider I am any longer a "young" person, but I am willing to help get-er-done! )