How Secure is the Freedom Phone?

And there won’t even be an internet shortly. I don’t know what’s happening.





I’m going to starve to death or freeze to death. The reality of this doesn’t even faze me anymore. I can’t feel anything. Except thinking about my family. I can,t even contact them now.

If you’re okay with eating rice and beans and when you get bored with that, beans and rice, it’s not expensive to put away a lot of food right now if you’re worried about starving. A propane heater and propane are also widely available right now. No money? Plenty of places hiring. There’s zero reasons to just sit around feeling sorry for yourself if you’re really that worried about the future.


I’m thinking there are plenty of pissed off parents, mad at their respective school boards, to keep TPTB busy with intelligence gathering and tagging for a while. Queue up some popcorn while cuddling.

I’m sorry to hear that. I send you peace love and happiness. Don’t let the darkness get you…fight! I wish you much luck

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I ate a vegan diet for 13 years. I almost died from it. My pancreas now is incapable of tolerating even minute quantities of carbohydrates. Beans, lentils, rice, grains - I subsisted on these for a decade and a half. So I gave up and accepted that were meant to eat meat. I did this in April of 2020 just in time to witness the beginning of the end of the world.
Were at peak fossil fuels and so getting a propane heater?
I’m honestly just numb and at a loss as to the delusions. I don’t know how to navigate.

We’ve probably all been there. I’m not your life coach and don’t know your circumstances, just some random guy on the Internet. When faced with a challenge, though, you have the basic choice to fight freeze, or flee. You seem stuck on freeze, which is almost never the right choice. If you’re worried about freezing to death, the first order of business is not freezing to death in the winter of 2021-22, and a propane heater is an entirely solid option for that purpose, so start there. Meat is more expensive, but having a supply to get you through the winter was an entirely solvable problem for thousands of your ancestors as well, so pick a strategy and go with it.

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Jim Hightower’s Radio Lowdown: Should Apple Profit By Blocking Our Consumer Rights?
At least since the invention of the wheel, people have fixed, tinkered with, and improved every device they’ve possessed. It’s been a human right. But after several thousand years, suddenly legal clauses are being tucked in purchase agreements saying that today’s owners of products MUST NOT even peek, much less poke inside the inner workings of our devices. Makers of anything with a computer chip in it (everything from your car to your toothbrush) have been especially vehement about this, rewriting human nature by outlawing our right to repair. Yes, they assert, you own the thing, but we own the intangible ideas that make it work, so if the product malfunctions, you must return it to us – and pay us a premium – to repair it. Plus, they prattle, you could hurt yourself trying to do-it-yourself, so trust us. Bovine Excrement, barks Steve Wozniak: Companies inhibit your rights so they can have “power, control, over everything.” Is he, some consumer radical? No, Wozniak is the co-founder of Apple, the multibillion-dollar global goliath that is the world’s biggest producer of consumer electronics. He’s appalled that Apple has now become a fierce opponent of self-repair. He says “We wouldn’t have had an Apple” except that early innovators like him grew up “in a very open technology world.” From the start, Wozniak point out, openness helped spread innovation and consumer demand. “So, why stop… the self-repair community,” he asks? Two big reasons: Besides letting corporations lock in monopoly profits from the repair industry, it also dissuades customers from bothering with repairs – just throw the thing away and buy a new one! If you wonder where such massive, deadly levels of pollution by bead, mercury, plastic, etc. come from, look to the gross throw-away ethic of big tech profiteers like Apple.

Waze apparently doesn't track you either
Waze is fully owned by Google/Alphabet, I wouldn't count too much on your privacy
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Sorry to learn of your vegan experience. I also have found that it’s not something to tinker with over the long-term outside of a vegan culture that includes it or a studied understanding of dietary biology. For me it was oxilates–ouuuuch! (no more chia pudding for me) and then the vegetable oil scam of the century.

Linoleic acid (LA) makes up the bulk — about 60% to 80% — of omega-6 and is the primary contributor to nearly all chronic diseases. While considered an essential fat, when consumed in excessive amounts, LA acts as a metabolic poison.
Beyond that, maybe rummaging around in here ( might be interesting if not funny. Have a better day sir.

Waze! you must be kidding. My visiting family member received a red light ticket from NYC via the car rental and since I was in the car with him, neither of us could figure out how or where. I suggested he look in his Waze history, yeah, they track you and we are now convinced that the location and time suggest a fraud is being perped. Maybe the tracking meme is a bit over blown. Additionally, within the next five years, (“in the year 2525)…if man does survive”, “they” won’t need your devises to find you. especially if you’ve been nano-vaxxed, LOL
And every living thing will be commodified, secularized, and profit extracted for the good of humanity. Anyone investing in Natural Resource Funds? (you are the enemy)

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Yeah, I know, which is why you use Magic Earth as the default, but Waze still has better maps as a backup. Apparently as long as you don’t log into Waze it doesn’t track you, though. Sometimes practicality means picking the least questionable alternative.

Yes, the baseband processor is another worry in terms of security. Security researchers have found a lot of bugs in the baseband processor.
But whether an exploit in the baseband processor can lead to an exploit in the application processor (which runs Android, iOS) depends on the architecture of smartphone design. If both the baseband and application processors share the same memory, then this will be a serious cybersecurity weakness. I expect the latest smartphones will be designed in such a way as to segregate both processors from each other so that an exploit in the baseband processor will not lead to a compromise in the application processor.

Hi group, wanted to share that I switched from iPhone to a deGoogled Google Pixel 4a and am running CalyxOS.
Switching was much easier than I expected. Updates are provided monthly and work very well. I am able to run almost all apps that I need. And I am free from big tech Wi-Fi tracking and so on. My phone is mine again, working for me, on what I want it to do. Pretty happy.

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Nice article, well thought out analysis of the Freedom Phone.
While on the topic, if you want to get real serious about privacy/anonymity then it’s going to take some serious work. The good news is there are some serious resources out there.
If you have an iPhone, check this out: If you do nothing else, at least run through Section IV and Section VIII. Anyone can do that!
If you want more, here’s the sort of thing you need to be comfortable doing:
If you’re not overly intimidated, then you should probably get this guy’s book. Here’s a taste of how deep he goes:

I was recently forced to get new phones for myself and family members due to the soon deactivation of United States 3G and 4G phones that do not use VoLTE (what AT&T calls “HD Voice”).
I love my old 3G phone. I paid only $13 for it, it’s got a physical keyboard for quick messaging, removable battery, about 4 days of battery life, it’s small, and since I always had an identical backup phone I would use it in the rain, the mud, mixing concrete, and generally bashing about.
They seem to have gotten rid of all non-smart phones with keyboards. Either you get a flip phone–which I’ve discovered can send short text messages but is exasperating with essays–or you get a smartphone with all its concomitant loss of privacy, battery life, and resilience. Well, there are a few things to be done about privacy.
I ended up getting a Motorola G7 plus and de-Googling it. This model is recent enough to still be available new and have VoLTE capability while being old enough that LineageOS has been developed for it. I put the /e/ custom ROM on it. Not an easy thing for me–about three hours of second-guessing the instructions that didn’t quite match my experience. But it works, and Google is gone.
I also ordered a Linux phone in the form of the Pinephone Pro. It will be shipped from Hong Kong at the end of the Chinese New Year. I figure I could always use another Linux computer every few years to keep up with evolving standards, but it sure isn’t something I’d want in my pocket while mixing concrete.

If you like your old phone and it has lost data connectivity due to the discontinuance of 3G continue to use it for phone calls and sms messages and use it with another phone on the wifi and a hotspot.

Cautionary Tale

Good thoughts - to keep one from frittering away money without thinking. What about an EMF-blocking wallet to prevent broadcasting your location?
I still use a flip phone. Hey, don’t laugh. When my employer tried to get me to download an app to track my COVID testing, I couldn’t. Now, somebody is suing the state for privacy violations and taking up storage space without permission. God knows what they did with the data collected from everyone checking in every day. (I jest.)

Unblocked Games 6x

An interesting story, I wonder why you come up with such a catchy joke as Unblocked Games 6x