If Everything's Doing So Great, How Come I’m Not?

Are we willing to examine our model? 
Let's put the bead on the wire.

"Never fall in love with your hypothesis."

Our model is that there is someone in control of the situation and that they have fully internalised the Limits to Growth curves. To ameliorate the impact they have seized the printing press and are gaining control of Every instrument of production,  including your labour.

That you object to your impoverishment is a secondary consideration.  The Ideal of free market capitalism has been sacrificed for a modicum of control over the crash. To this end both Russia and China need to be humbled. Your approval is not required. 

Sounds very like Sydney. Our pollies are of the sell-out variety as well. [they all seem to be].

Out of the corner of "my" eye I catch an add for a new release of "Plants versus Zombies". 
We are the zombies. We don't have to be.

…prison break?