Introducing Peak Prosperity

Perhaps I'm missing something obvious, but how do we send PMs to other members?

I did it through the Inbox link at the very top of the page

Thanks Algie, that seems to have worked.

I'm not usually a critic, but I do not like the name change. Peak prosperity, to me sounds like, "How to get rich as the world burns." 

Note that at the end of the first intro video the narrator talks about the prepare tab and says
"we'll click on this [the prepare tab] and it'll take us to the next video." The tab is clicked on in the video, but it doesn't take you to the next video, but rather goes right back to the beginning of the same video you have just finished watching.
You can click on the second video in the lineup yourself and get there successfully.
Also, the first line you type in this window is "doubled" at least in preview.  (I only typed ABC123 once at the beginning.)
I'm on a Mac 10.6.8 and using Firefox 13.