James Wesley Rawles: Practical Coronavirus Preparation

I too have been using an ozone device (my CPAP cleaner) and ordered a second. We “nuke” everything that comes in the house, and many things before they come in the house. Mail arrives, ozonator goes into the mailbox, etc.
Grateful for the tip about electronics below. I’ll adapt my usage to account for that.
First post on PP, glad I found you guys !
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I haven’t had a chance to listen to the podcast yet. Does Rawles address the relative risk of visiting a grocery store vs. curbside pickup vs. having groceries delivered? I realize that none of those options is attractive, but at some point (hopefully not for another few months), I am going to have to consider one of those.
We had one final run to Target a few days ago. We did curbside delivery (wore PPE), placed the Target bags into a box in the trunk, unpacked it (wore PPE), and sprayed the crap out of everything with bleach afterward. Not sure what that option will look like in a month or six weeks.

Great podcast! I picked up a O2 concentrator and hope I never have to use it.
I have been following JWR for about 20 years now…yes,since Y2K…and had the opportunity to ask him a question about ten or so years ago. The question was since the publishing of “Patriots” (in’98 or so?), what was the single most thing that had changed? Mr. Rawles’ reply was “the speed at which things change now” had greatly increased…talk about nailing it.

The article makes for some interesting reading, but let’s get some perspective here. If you’re a medical worker in the thick of an Ebola outbreak (or a soldier trying to keep the infected ‘sheeple’ orderly) the need for effective masks and gloves is undeniable.
Statistically a “normal” individual is more likely to survive this pandemic than not. One might also die in a car accident or get run over by a bus crossing the road but that doesn’t stop people driving or walking. Sure the odds of pain/death in a pandemic might be a little higher but it’s hardly cause for blind panic.
It would make more sense to discuss how diseases spread, the significance of a contagions half-life, the importance of keeping safe distance, the danger of door handles and railings (surfaces that other people touch) or even the effect of air-conditioning and population density.
Clearly people should wash their hands as if everything and everyone outside their house is covered in dog poo. If the mask and the gloves help people remember not to touch their face and keep their hands clean then great, whatever works to learn good habits as soon as possible. However, to suggest or imply that the sky has fallen and that we all need a full body condom to survive is irresponsible. Certainly it’s premature.
The same can be said of financial calamity. While the bottom may have fallen out of the markets, as long as the cabal of central bankers keep finding novel ways of printing money the train wreck economy is going to keep on grinding along. It might cost a government a trillion or two to shut down the economy for a year but the purposely interconnected, global funny-money network will do the usual central-bank-round-robin to ensure the suburban banks stay open.
In other words the currencies, devalued equally, will continue to have utility and the supply chains will remains operational for some time. Debt is after all just an electronic number and while the sheeple are irrevocably trapped by it (unwilling to give up their lust for cars, houses and big-screen TVs) confidence in the system (or the demand for its continuance) will remain.
We are only at the beginning of a decade long (or longer) slide into potential financial oblivion. It is definitely not time to panic yet. Businesses will fail, a minority of people will die, some small banks might even close but it’s not time to drink the cool-aid just yet.

The number represents the percentage of particles filtered out. So an N95 filters out 95% , N97 filters out 97%, and the N99 or N100 filters out 99% or 99.7 There are also all of these numerical designations available in P versions. The P means that it withstands some chemicals and oils that the N versions won’t.
So I went with a 3M respirator mask that uses replaceable P100 cartridges. (You can also use other designations.

I heard the recommendation of getting an oxygen concentrator. We often hear that hospitals use respirators for COVID patients. People need to realize that the two are very different machines with different purposes. There are some dangers you need to be aware of. A respirator helps a person breathe by exchanging the air in the persons’ lungs. An oxygen concentrator takes the oxygen in the room and concentrates it. The person breaths that concentrated oxygen through tubing and a face device that delivers it to the persons’ nostrils. You can cause brain damage by using either too low a concentration or two hight a concentration. I’m not a doctor so I can’t say what is the right level. Does the right level for a person remain the same or does it change depending upon the person’s condition?
I realize a medical professional can’t tell someone without examining them what the right level is and wouldn’t want the responsibility. However, I’d appreciate hearing others’ experiences. I’ll take responsibility for whatever decisions I make

Vitamin C Hochdosis bei Corona - Sars CoV 2 - Covid 19: Bürgertreff

The book cover reads:
IVC3 x 30,000 mg Ascorbate per day
-I do not read German, but in case you do I posted it. Intravenous Vitamin C 30,000 mg of Ascorbate is a reasonable starting dose.

Google has nothing but Mr Rawles mentions it several times as a disinfectant.

I’m not a medical professional either, but I count several among my friends. The way I understand it is; if you have compromised lungs, breathing air with a higher percentage of oxygen (which is the only gas in air that you really need) allows your damaged lungs to transfer enough oxygen to your blood to keep you going. In order to manage this process you need to know how much oxygen is in your blood. Enter the Pulse Oximeter, a simple and cheap device ($30 at Amazon) which tells you exactly the concentration of oxygen (SpO2) in your blood. Administer oxygen until the oximeter shows you have 92-98% oxygen. Maintain that level by adjusting the oxygen concentration from the concentrator.
Any medical professionals out there who disagree, please say so.

I have COPD and I have had to learn to manage not only the reduced function of oxygen transfer but more so my ability to expell carbon dioxide. The former I find easier to manage than the expulsion of co2. The MOST important thing is to stay calm.
I also find it is more difficult to deal with if the barometer drops below 1000

I believe that Mr Rawles is mentioning Povidone Iodine. It is a strong topical antiseptic for cleaning cuts//scrapes/burns prior to dressing.
It is typically around $8 - $15 for a 8 oz. bottle depending where you shop. Not sure if it is still available on the shelves at the stores.
LINK for Povidone at Meijer. (hope it works)

I’ve been looking and can’t find one without prescription??

I asked my doctor for a script and he gave me one.

do you have a reason for a script or do I not need one?

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