Jim Rickards: They're Going To Lock Down The System

The obvious just grinned at me while I was reading these posts and remembering soooo many other interviews and discussions:  the underlying dynamic at play is the exercising of power over others.
It isn't about correct or incorrect monetary theories, or something intrinsic about fiat versus metals, or any guarantee about anybody that they will behave morally or legally, or about things ever being like they were in the '"markets'" again, or about debt.  It's about certain groups of humans having power over others and being out of their minds for more.  Money as we know it is the instrument, like large bones or better stone axes or cannons used to be.  It looks like a (freaky) monetary system, but it is domination.

I grieve that on this bounteous planet, and with these amazing instruments - ourselves - we still end up playing that one game so wholeheartedly.

In any dysfunctional relationship, the moves being made by the perp are the easiest to see and get all worked up about.  It's always interesting to ask myself, after I get over the outrage, "But what are MY steps in this dance?". 

I see that we have been complicit for several generations.  All 4 of my grandparents lived off the land for decades.  Then they, and the rest of us, walked away from being skilled at living on the Earth and took the easy, convenient path into complete dependency on a system controlled by those who want to consume our lives.  Now they have us.  Dependent.  Compliant or dead in most cases.  Or compliant AND dead, when they really do break things good.

Our survival-driven need for their money (i.e., access to food, shelter, fuel, medicine) powers the system that is enslaving us and mutilating our planet. 

My dependency is as much the fuel for this system as their lust for domination. 

I don't have any military training nor much knowledge of military history, but this situation seems to require tactical analysis.  Don't be distracted by politics, the mechanics of money, legal travesties.  They are not fundamental.  The question is, what power do they have over our survival, our lives?  How did we give it to them?  What power do we have over our survival, our lives?  Which struggles are only going to generate losses?  Where are our advantages?  Something like that. 

The lust for domination is a force that will not be mitigated by legality, morality, "normality".  It does everything and anything to enforce it's crazed will, until it is itself dominated or it runs out of fuel.  We can't expect intelligence or restraint from it.

Beneath all this is a persistent knowledge that humans can be other than that.  We can cooperate.  We can create.  We can heal.  We can celebrate.  We can be thankful, amazed and joyful in our Earthly moments.  How do we manage to migrate ourselves to that skill set en masse?  There I get stuck.

Well, that was unexpected.  Thanks for letting me get that sorted in my own brain anyway.

Cheers everyone.  Love the site, love your posts. 



I like your posts a lot Susan. I only recently noticed you were a woman and only now discovered your great scenic photo.  Forgive me but being short-sighted, I'd assumed it to be a fly on a pane of glass. Go figure!
Apart from Charles Hugh Smith there are some good people working on that. I just don't know how many incarnations it's going to take them to come up with an answer.  I'll leave it at that…

Well written, well thought.

This is where I feel stuck in the system. I have been raised within the system. I have been raised to believe in this system. Today, I don't trust it anymore but I am still a part of it. I am working hard to cut the chains and one (just one?) is stubbornly holding: money. Giving up on money is not easy task (If you see the posts on this site, a lot of them are about money - so, I am not alone in this mindset). I "need" money. to maintain the house, to pay municipal and school taxes, to use my car, to buy the food I don't procude, to buy books on Amazon, to buy tools from Canadian Tire or princess Auto or Harbor Freight, t pay for my Internet access, etc… Living outside the system is not easy, not because of being outside of it, but because frequently other won't let us do it.

A few roads from my place, one guy and his wife are living outside the system. They own nothing (or almost), they live on a land on which the landlord gave them permission to stay there, they grow their garden, and raise their chickens, they do small jobs right and left (they too need a bit of money), they live in a container (yep, right here in Canada, all year long)… and they have a truck load of problems with the city hall because of the neighbors. It seems that if you don't live as "everyone" you become a natural and obvious target. Every month at the city council public meeting there is heated discussion about them. Everyone want's them out. Because they don't look pretty, because their container is not pretty, because their old car looks like a WW2 wreck, because they don't pay taxes, because… because… you can align whatever you want once they are your target. This couple is smart. They know the law (Better than the civil servants at the city hall) and they manage to stop city's actions every single time. For how long?

This is only an example of how the system is vicious to self-feed.

Back to myself, I mentioned the "money" blocking. There are for sure other blocking items. I am not conscious of all of them. Will I exit the system one day? Most probably not. There are so many things, very convenient things, I use that makes me an active participant. At least I am conscious of that. Which makes me less gullible; more critic; more Teflon-coated; able to see (sometimes) where is the true enemy; act more wisely. Well, navigate in these troubled waters trying to "pay the smallest toll" (Again, money reference…).


This discussion between Milo and Stephan is too good to miss.
Of cause, yours truly left a trail of comments over on Youtube


So if this is true - that there will be bank a lockdown in the next year or so - does that also mean that bank customers will not have access to their safe-deposit boxes?

What a pity PP chose to sit upon my Karen Hudes' piece on The Global Monetary Reset.
Here is a critique of Hudes.

Actually, I read her as very sincere, so I don’t think she is knowingly lying. But often whistleblowers like Hudes start getting “help” from disinformation experts in government who feed whistleblowers like her false information to undermine their credibility. Here’s a brief review of her other claims (my response in brackets):

The world is full of wicked, wicked people,  Gunga Din. 

Hey, pyranablade. The fine print is always the most interesting. Where do you bank?:

"On April 20th, the Canadian Federal Government introduced legislation to implement a bank recapitalization or “bail-in” regime for domestic systemically important banks (D-SIBs). The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) has designated six Canadian institutions as D-SIBs: Bank of Montreal, Bank of Nova Scotia, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, National Bank of Canada, Royal Bank of Canada, and Toronto-Dominion Bank of Canada. The draft legislation provides a framework for the conversion of certain eligible shares and liabilities of the D-SIB into common equity of the bank (or any of its affiliates) in the event the D-SIB becomes non-viable. The purpose of the conversion is to recapitalize the bank and allow it to continue operating without the need for a government bail-out. The initiative is consistent with international efforts to address the potential risks to the global financial system of institutions that are perceived as being “too-big-to-fail.”
Only in Canada, you say; pity!

Thanks All for the thread, and Cornelius999 and blackeagle for your responses.
Not much to add here except I wasn't proposing we all quit money right now.  It's more about recognition of the dominance that dependence invites, and of our monetary system as a weapon of domination, and of how habituated we are to dependence than exactly what any of us do with money. 

Personally, I'm getting as much money as I decently can here in my tiny village and building my tiny homestead with it.  The more that gets done while money still works, the more independence will be built in to the picture when it stops.  It's an idea, anyway.

Yeah blackeagle - there's quite a bit of wanting "off the grid" and "screw the authorities" here too.  People have very creative living arrangements, cars with holes, Pit Bulls, standing stand-offs with local governments etc.  I kind of love and hate it.  Keeps the tourists away and land values lower, but it's not all that pro-active.  Just a scrappy mindset.  Your neighbors sound more focused.  I hope they get what they want 'cause it sounds like a consuming battle.

Independence steps from this year: 

I finally (5 years after moving here!) landed an amazing, decently paid, long term job 4 minutes away by bike.  This is a huge coup that will give me money and presence of mind to spend on actually living and prepping instead of hopping determinedly around after bad jobs.

I turned a huge crop of green tomatoes (weirdest growing season ever) into really tasty jars of piccalilli and mince.  They will never go to waste again.  Ditto a tree full of scabby apples.  Totally delicious apple butter.

I found out 2 women I know have guns/are getting guns.  They will teach me to shoot.

I worked with a team of people who gleaned unwanted fruit and turned it into a LOT of juice.  We will do it again, better, next season.

Gotta start somewhere! 



After FDR closed the banks and nationalized gold, safe deposit boxes were also unavailable for the duration. Once customers were offered access to their boxes again, they could only be opened in the presence of a federal revenue agent who made sure there wasn't any gold inside or anything else that needed to be taxed. Good luck with that!

Historically, the real origins of the state lie in conquest and economic exploitation. The sociologist Franz Oppenheimer pointed out that there are two basic ways to acquire the means to satisfy our human needs. These are work and robbery, one’s own labor and the forcible appropriation of the labor of others. He called work and free exchange the economic means of acquiring wealth, and the appropriation of the work of others the political means.
Personally, I invest in mason jars, root cellars and fruit trees.When the "revenuers" come for those, it's time to get nervous. I hope I'm not being repetitive.

Thanks Uncle Tommy and THC for your remarks about safe-deposit boxes. Maybe I'm a little better off using a locally-owned bank, but I'm hearing I should empty out the box pretty soon.
Maybe I should also close out my online brokerage account - sounds like that $ will be taken or frozen, or whatever. 


A lock-down was always the most likely outcome. Fear of hyperinflation and falling skies makes for great rhetoric but regardless of what happens to currency or gold prices the elite aren’t going to give up their wealth and control. They might be forced to take a sabbatical and bury their treasures but in the process of hoarding the world will be shut down if necessary.
You can buy gold but will anyone be allowed to use it if the currency fails. If you buy farmland instead what is to stop the government from taking it away in the form of taxes. The majority of voters in a post financial Armageddon will have zero sympathy for the well off consequently governments will be empowered to do whatever they want. The gluttonously wealthy will lose too but the system is always setup so they can afford it. Those with some but not much will simply be ruined and the impoverished majority will only cheer.



Is a good thing.  The truth is a pathless land. Once we adopt an "ism" we are done for.  The truth is perceived not reasoned.

The obvious just grinned at me while I was reading these posts
And it will continue to do so as time goes on, and when those insights "come", there is no going back.  That is the source of courage and love, questions without answers and an open heart.  You are already there.