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Nato Is In Deep Sh*t In Ukraine And Putin Knows It

Regarding Bitcoin

Chris, I’m with you on the reason you haven’t invested heavily in BitCoin. The government won’t tolerate competition with their CBDCs. BitCoin may be distributed, but with Quantum Computing capability, it won’t be secure. True, functional quantum at scale is a ways off, but the government is investing heavily in advancing this technology.

Off Topic…

but wanted to bring up the theory of invenomation (sic?) again. I know Chris did not give it much thought. After I watched the film, I googled snake venom, under a scholar search and there are studies, after studies after studies done using different venoms as treatment.
Personally, when I first heard the theory and then researched, I thought it rang with the truth. I’ve studied AMA/Allopathic history in this country, and allopathic medicine has pedaled poisons as medicine for centuries.
Dr. Ealy and Naomi Wolfe just gave a whole lot of credence to Dr. Ardis’ snake venom theory:

How Mike Ruppert & Chris Martenson Changed My Life

I’ve been wanting to tell this story and I hope Chris will read it.
Over 10 yrs ago, when Fukushima blew, Chris and Ruppert both came out with the same prediction, on about the same day. They said the impending economic failure of Japan would affect the whole world and we were on the verge of a very serious situation. I don’t know who said it first, but it was worded almost exactly the same, so I felt one of them copied the other (which is fine with me). The prediction turned out to be wrong, but it changed my life…
I immediately planted a garden, not knowing what the hell I was doing. I figured I would learn as I went. My success was mediocre. My son was a teenager at the time and this introduced him to gardening. He is now an exceptional gardener and grows food every season. I went on to take the Cornell U Master Gardener Course and read everything I could about gardening and prepping. I participated in community gardens and a prepper club. I also started a blog, dealing with a variety of issues, including preparedness. I’ve had many other adventures as a result (such as sliding down a hill on my tush when I lost my grip on a tree at the Delaware Water Gap), too many to list. My goal is to be instrumental in helping people create off-grid communities, and creating one myself.
I almost have tears in my eyes as I write this. Thank you, Chris, is all I can say.


No More Emails

Why am I not getting email notices anymore? And the new website doesn’t seem to be working. Some tech problems there?

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regarding the disappearance of insects, i can relate very much. Whenever my parents took the family on a long drive the front grill and windshields always became pretty well covered with dead bugs. Now I hardly ever see them anywhere…

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It means that public schools were effective!

With Quantum Computing and expiring severance packages for 1000’s of data experts across tech & banking, nothing “Digital” will be secure…
Crypto cold wallets and longer private keys will continue to be “more” secure than traditional passwords with MFA but they’re also too complex for most people to use.

Just come to Texas. We have plenty of bugs. When I first moved here 11 years ago I thought this was where the movie Jumanji was filmed because we had mosquitoes the size of hummingbirds. I later learned that they were crane flies? There are plenty of fire ants and roaches too. What I’d like to see more of are bees.


Nuclear Plant Leaks 400,000 Gallons In Mn

One of our nuclear plants leaked 400k gallons of Tritium polluted water back in November. They didn’t bother to tell us until March. Apparently a much smaller leak has happened recently and they’re shutting down for repair. I’m all for nuclear, but we have to get serious about updating these aging facilities.

Bury it. Sorry sir, I can’t remember where I put it.

The Economics Of “green” Energy

An excellent article from an electric car insider. As most of us with years in the energy business who look at the big picture of supply chains will tell you, green power as it is played to day is a ponzi scheme (my words). Everything in this article is absolutely accurate, and chilling if you think recycling will save us from running out of high tech metals.
utterly illogical that by more mining, deforestation, using more groundwater, and most importantly by burning through finite resources we will ‘tackle’ climate change, let alone stopping the sixth mass extinction.”

We have to get serious about reporting safety hazards, not covering up.
A leak not reported for months and almost certainly spread not monitored properly.
We’ve seen that railroad tracks and cars carrying hazardous materials are not maintained properly. And after a disaster, it took weeks to start monitoring for hazardous materials, which they found even after that time.
In Oregon, after a wind turbine collapsed, the regulators finally investigated and found a series of safety hazards that that had not been reported.

You forgot scorpions and wood roaches the size of a small mouse.
And more nasty insects are migrating north as the climate warms.
Not to worry Chris. No honey bees now - the nasty africanized bees have already moved NW around the coast and are heading towards the MO/MS rivers.
They are also moving along the southern coast and up the east seaboard. It won’t be long until you have bees again. Along with fire ants, mosquito carried diseases and lots more ticks with Lymes.

Man’s Search For Meaning

Thank you for both for reminding us that you’re as human as the rest of us!
I’m currently reading Holocaust survivor, Viktor Frankl’s, Man’s Search for Meaning, less about the tortures he and his fellow campmates endured, and more about their state of mind as they went about their daily tasks, yet still while enjoying a lovely sunset, appreciating 5 min. of peace and quiet away from campmates, etc. all while contemplating what was going on.
Below is an excerpt of the forward by Harold Kushner:

"Terrible as it was his experience in Auschwitz reinforced what was already one of his key ideas: Life is not primarily a quest for pleasure, as Freud believed, or a quest for power, as Alfred Adler taught, but a quest for meaning. The greatest task for any person is to find meaning in his or her life. Frankl saw three possible sources for meaning: in work (doing something significant), in love (caring for another person), and in courage during difficult times. Suffering in and of itself is meaningless; we give our suffering meaning by the way in which we respond to it. At one point Frankl writes a person "may remain brave, dignified and unselfish, or in the bitter fight for self-preservation he may forget his human dignity and become no more than an animal.' He concedes that only a few prisoners of the Nazis were able to do the former, 'but even one such example is sufficient proof that man's inner strength may raise him above his outward fate.' "
Frankl said he made a promise to himself early on to use humor, not dwell on the past, and to answer a question honestly and exactly (not offering up extra information). Words to live by! Thank you for continuing to bring us hope and humor, Chris and Evie. :)

I guess Chris missed this. That’s ok. I wanna go to Honey Badger Farm!!!


The show is very interesting, letter boxed their conversation gives us more interesting information