JP Morgan Sell-Off and an Imminent Warning from Snowden

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In a notable move within the financial sector, Jamie Dimon, the Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase, has begun offloading a significant portion of his stock in the bank, a decision that has sparked discussions among investors. Dimon, who had previously disclosed plans to sell 1 million shares in 2024, sold 821,778 shares in February for over $150 million, capitalizing on the stock’s near all-time high value. This sell-off comes amid Dimon’s vocal opposition to proposed capital rules by federal regulators, which suggest a 25% increase in the bank’s required capital, hinting at concerns over its current capitalization. Dimon’s stance has drawn criticism from figures such as Senator Elizabeth Warren, who has highlighted the risks of inadequate capital levels, reminiscent of the 2008 financial crisis, and called for stronger regulatory leadership at the Federal Reserve.

Tensions escalate in the Middle East as Israel’s War Cabinet contemplates a retaliatory strike against Iran, with preparations by the Israeli Air Force suggesting an imminent attack. This development has led to the cancellation of several flights to the region and prompted discussions among global powers. The G7 is considering countermeasures against Iran, while China and Russia maintain their stance of non-interference. The United States, alongside European allies, has urged Israel to exercise restraint to prevent a full-scale conflict, despite Iran’s readiness for retaliation. This precarious situation has cast a shadow of uncertainty over global markets, reflecting the international community’s concern over potential escalations.

On the civil liberties front, Monica Smit, a vocal critic of Australia’s COVID-19 policies, has announced her intention to sue the Victoria police for what she claims were unjust arrests during her protests against lockdowns and vaccine mandates. Smit’s legal challenge aims to spotlight the issue of police overreach and the importance of safeguarding democratic principles in Australia. Her case has garnered support from those who feel disenfranchised by the government’s stringent COVID-19 measures, underscoring a broader debate on the balance between public health and individual freedoms.

In the realm of privacy and surveillance, whistleblower Edward Snowden has revealed plans by the United States National Security Agency (NSA) to expand its surveillance capabilities through a new bill, Section 702. This legislation could compel a wide array of businesses to assist in NSA surveillance efforts, raising concerns over privacy rights and constitutional protections. Despite bipartisan opposition, the bill has advanced through the House of Representatives, with a Senate vote pending. This development has sparked a debate on the extent of government surveillance and the need for safeguards to protect citizens’ privacy in the digital age.


Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, Sells Stock Amidst Regulatory Concerns

Dimon didn’t wait long into 2024 to start dumping stock.

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Middle East on Edge as Israel Prepares for Retaliatory Attack on Iran

Israeli Air Force says it has completed ‘preparation’ and that an attack is ‘imminent’

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U.S. citizens: Demand Congress investigate soaring excess death rates

U.S. citizens: Demand Congress investigate soaring excess death rates

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NSA Surveillance Powers Set to Expand with New Bill, Warns Edward Snowden

“This bill represents one of the most dramatic and terrifying expansions of government surveillance authority in history.”

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Article about Israel preparing for retaliatory attack states that flights in the region have been cancelled. Scott Ritter was on Jimmy Dore last night and said that you’d know when Israel planned to attack because flights would be grounded first. Hmmmmm.

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GO Monica.
This will be interesting in the courts. Vic Police on the ropes again.

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