Living On Borrowed Time

Really helps put things in perspective. Sending you my heart; for what it’s worth.


The cheapness and availability of what you posted – if it doesn’t work, how is it different from what I was going to do? If it does, then I can better fulfill my commissions.
So I will be trying it. Starting today.
Thank you yo the rest of you, too.

I’m truly sorry. This is something I’ve run across in case you’re interested in such things. Quite a compelling from my perspective. perhaps worth a try,

To be taken from the failings and challenges of our world that Adam had presented above to the eminent end of one 's life as presented in Michael’s post was mind-blowing.
If we all knew when we were going to die, or as I like to think, transform to the next stage of our existence, we would have a crucial piece of information to base our decisions on, and the best time to execute critical decisions. I imagine it would be a blessing in disguise. (no disrespect intended)
If time becomes critically short, as it looks for Michael, then making sure the kids and grand-kids are aware and somewhat prepared for the next 20 to 40 years would take on a new urgency.
The planning that the PP community is noted for, would take on a different perspective. I know we’re creating a “world worth inheriting”, but the bottom line that we’re shooting for is to live each day to the fullest.
Chris and Adam remind us of this continually by stressing 8 forms of capital. not “the one” that our society focuses on relentlessly. I’ll thank you guys again, since you deserve it and no one gets tired of hearing those two words.
I also wish to take the opportunity to thank Michael for years of adding to the conversation here. I respect how you are dealing with your illness, and I hope I’d be half as clear and present if ever faced with your situation.

You’ll be missed around here, as many have pointed out. Viya con dios, fellow member of our community, and may your passing lead you to interesting new adventures. It is heartening to see you focus on others, even at this hour.


There is an underlying spiritual situation that really requires me to accept my death warrant.
Your situation reminds me of my Mom. She too had cancer. I remember sitting down with her at the early stages, before things became more difficult, and I asked her this key question: "Mom, do you want to be here?" I thought this was a formality, so I could proceed to the next step of healing, etc. Well, turns out, it wasn't a formality. She was silent - she did not reply. I was speechless. She didn't want to be here any longer. I finally said, "well there really isn't much I can do then." She was gone three months later. In my healing classes the teacher always told us that some people don't want to be healed. I duly noted that detail, and thought this was some box I'd check to follow the protocol but I'd never run into. Except it happened with my own mom! Not a theoretical box at all. Oh, Mom accepted all the medical help and whatnot, to please the people around her that wanted her to stay, but her heart wasn't in it. From what I understand, people have a vote - a really effective vote - in how these sorts of things turn out, and her heart was voting against all of it. I knew this, and so I didn't force anything on her to try and keep her around. So given that you've checked the same box she did, I'm going to second the whole cannabis thing. We used Cheeba Chews for pain. They seemed to work great. She seemed to be in a mostly-aware, happy state right up until the end. The hospice nurse was amazed. All her other patients at that point were knocked out on morphine. Anyhow. Best of luck on your journey MR and - may you depart your body surrounded by your favorite people. As my Mom did.
I ran across this guy recently and you have nothing to lose by trying this guys protocol. Check out Joe Tippen’s story.
Wow! What a story. Seems quite believable. I'd for sure be giving it a shot, and maybe someday I will, who knows? Thanks for finding and posting. That's a keeper. Michael - I am very relieved to hear that you will be giving this a try. Seems well worth the effort.

Bernie has a lot of critics but he understands. His video “Fight for your Life” is available on amazon for about 10 dollars. This video has been watched in my household probably 10 times for someone who has been ill and it has been a consolation and inspiration. My heart goes out to you Mike and like others here I respect your decision/awareness. I wish you peace and am sorry for your news.

Your message numbed me Michael, I can only imagine the feelings of those closer to you.
Similar to Dave Fairtex, while reading your message I instantly transported back to the passing of my own mum many years ago…your attitude is inspiring and thought provoking.
Thank you Michael, you and your thoughts have made a difference to me many times and continue to do so. Thinking of you and wishing you calm.

I was diagnosed with 3b (out of 4 stages) Hodgkins Lymphoma. I had a bulky tumor the size of half my chest cavity. A friend gave me Bernie Siegel’s first book Love, Medicine and Miracles and it opened my eyes. He was a brave man to write that book because it was kind of the beginning of the mind body connections movement. I doesn’t surprise me at all to hear he is controversial. Everyone outside the Overton Window is.
Michael all the best to you.

I saw this today and thought it a helpful visual for reminding us, as individuals, which life threats to prioritize keeping our eyes on:

via Gfycat

I’m kinda wondering where the “terrorism” deaths are in that chart.
(Actually, I’m not wondering at all. America is fantastic at spending money on threats that don’t make it onto charts like this)
But I digress. I like Adam’s chart a lot.

Dave, terrorism is between dogs and snakes in this chart. We do spend much money on dogs (chain link fences and leashes etc.), but not much on snakes. I think that the discretionary spending is on entertainment whereas the forced spending (on fascism) is based on fear. Maybe the Psychology Scientists can solve this behavioral problem.

Actually, ‘terrorism’ is in the chart…right between ‘dogs’ and ‘snakes’
But its magnitude proves your point. Ever-present media scaremongering and (hundreds of?) $billions spent each year to ‘protect’ us from the fear of something quite rare:

…that makes ‘Terrorism’ a mighty unlikely cause of death. Despite which, we are forced to submit to demeaning and unconstitutional searches every time we travel by air. Between the actual cost of the TSA and the gigantic waste of otherwise productive time caused by the TSA ritual humiliation procedure, ‘protecting’ us from terrorists is costing our nation an enormous amount.
If the TSA could point to any success at all in preventing terrorist attacks it might be justifiable, but so far they have not. Worst of all, TSA screening appears to be ineffective. DHS agents posing as terrorists, were able to smuggle 95% of simulated explosives and other weapons aboard aircraft.
Personally, I believe the TSA inspections are more about conditioning the public to routine government invasion of privacy than they are about protecting us from anything.

Interestingly, my one major phobia is sharks – the lowest likelihood risk in the data series.
Shark attack is the only regularly recurring nightmare I have.
It should comfort me that it’s literally so low-probability I shouldn’t waste a neuron thinking about it. But that’s not how the human brain (at least, this human’s) is wired.
I can’t help it. The fear is primal; hence I think about it way more than is logical.
Which is a big reason I enjoy the field of behavioral economics. We humans make hugely irrational decisions regarding money largely because, evolutionarily, we are wired for the fight-or-flight threats to life our ancestors faced in the jungle.
We’re generally quite poor at estimating probability and risk in the more complex modern age. Hence the illogical reason why I expend way more brain power worrying about sharks than a heart attack.
He (or she) who can master his (or her) amygdala has a huge advantage in life. I’m trying my best…

Nobody is terrified of bicycles and parents often gift these deadly devices to their children!! From the cdc.

Deaths and Injuries
In 2015 in the United States, over 1,000 bicyclists died and there were almost 467,000 bicycle-related injuries.3
Picture: An American family unknowingly flirting with death.

One commenter: “Where is Mad Max. I think we are missing a section.”

Is Zoltan's Market Doomsday Imminent?

In the aftermath of Zoltan Pozsar's stunning "doomsday" report about an upcoming crisis in the repo market, which we discussed extensively yesterday, and which predicted that the Fed may "lose control of overnight rates" leading to a vicious dislocation in repos coupled with a paralysis in the FX swap market, many traders who (pretend to) understand the implications of what the former Fed strategist said, have quietly hunkered down and are looking carefully for sings that Pozsar is correct, a worst case scenario that could then lead to a spike in Treasury yields, a forced deleveraging of hedge funds, and a plunge in equities. In short: a stock market apocalypse.
Can't say I understand this aspect of banking. But it sounds like it could be dramatic. To those of us limping along waiting for the grey swan, these kinds of things can catch the attention.