Mandates Have Nothing to Do with Public Health

That was heartbreaking to watch. What is worse though is that he will not be alone. Those of us who stand up for the kids are thought of as cranks - the Labour Party was even discussing bringing in legislation to stop people gathering outside of schools where vaccines were being administered. Yep, you heard that right - the opposition party in the UK wants to prevent children being warned of this malice.
This story just broke today, nothing released about cause of death or whether vaccines had been administered. But I have my suspicions.


Anna has been a warrior over the last 18 months. Well worth watching in my opinion.

I really appreciate the “chapter markers” on the video progress bar. Thanks, Aloha, Steve


Hi everyone, I just watched Senator Johnson’s great Expert Panel Hearing on Covid19 vaccines - it addresses both vaccine side effects and mandates from both the scientists’ and affected people’s point of view. Lots of courageous people speaking out at great personal risk:
Note: the hearing starts at minute 30 of the video


Thinking people are right to be concerned.
Who has ever seen a push to vax like the mania we are living? With a biological agent that confers inadequate immunity? And which leading scientists say will cause mutations more lethal than the original virus? And that is going to move toward unending boosters of the same inadequate concoction? And that has resulted in more adverse events including death than all vaccines ever deployed combined?
If one doesn’t smell a rat here—a gigantic, red-eyed, behemoth of a rat—then that person lacks olfactory sense entirely.
Nothing like this has ever happened. And we can be certain that nothing good for us is intended to come of it.


(That’s a joke. Gettit?)

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Canada is a lost country, the media continues to produce propaganda, this story from a Dr Juurlink, who states, “ 'If there was something that was going to manifest in a delayed fashion it would be manifesting now, and it’s not”
“These are some of the most remarkably safe and effective drugs in medicine today,” said Juurlink, head of the division of clinical pharmacology and toxicology at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto


Juurlink had proclaimed the vaccines holy sacraments before they were even available. On twitter he condescendingly said frightened antivaxxers would be the first in line for these particular vaccines. Obviously he was and is wrong.

Here are some of the comments posted below that article:
Ann Bissett-Strahl19 MIN AGO

"it would have manifested by now" Sure and tobacco causes cancer to appear within 3-4 months. These vaccines cause severe reductions in natural killer cells responsible for getting rid of potential cancer cells, but it could be years before the cancer is diagnosed.

Wayne Carter45 MIN AGO

Geeze, 60,000 documented deaths from the vax and this i d i o t says they're safe? That's not to mention the 30,000 permanent disabilities in the US alone. These aren't my numbers; they're from VAERS, EudraVigilance and

Harley Whitlock49 MIN AGO

Evidently these "experts" are quite happy to absolutely ignore the VAERS [CDC - USA] statistics, as well as those of EUDRAVIGILANCE [European vaccine injury reporting system]. Thousands of vaccine deaths and hundreds of thousands of vaccine injuries have been reported.

Additionally, these "experts" ignore warnings from MDs across the globe, who have been reporting neurological and autoimmune disorders, associated with these 'experimental vaccines.'

And these "experts" ignore/deny/dismiss the myriads of studies showing that Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine [in combination with other drugs and nutrients] safely, effectively and inexpensively treat COVID-19.

Daniel Bédard50 MIN AGO

Just an opinion without any factual proof.

I would like Dr. Juurlink to comment that study:

That study seems to show the spike proteins induced by the vaccines block the ability of the cell to repair damaged DNA.

This is a very important process that multicellulars organisms need as example to avoid developing cancer.

The study is very specialized, so I don't think a complotist could write something as this.

So pls Dr. Juurlink, I am not a specialist, so help me understand that study is no concerns about futur adverse effects.

Frank Charles55 MIN AGO

Condescending nonsense. I don't get my information from Facebook or any other social media. You don't need to be a PHD to analyze data and formulate informed conclusions. All that's needed is some effort to look at all the data and some critical thinking skills; something that seems to be sorely lacking lately.

At least the human spirit can still find humor in this. People are amazing creatures.
Keep the faith.

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Three out of three for that article. Thanks for posting the link. This bit especially made me laugh…

It’s telling that Dr. Kotton has been reimbursed for $1.84 for education - in two payments.
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This is an excellent interview with a very experienced UK lawyer who talks about the legal challenges taking place both in the UK and globally against the vaccine campaigns, mandates etc. She and other senior lawyers from around the world are adamant that there is a huge body of common and international law that unequivocally shows these actions to be unlawful crimes against humanity and actions are starting to pile up before the courts now. She goes as far as to say that not one single person in the UK has been able to give informed consent due to the military grade psychological pressure that has been brought to bear on them to instil fear. She is very confident that the perpetrators will be brought to justice - we just need to “hold the line.”
I hope against hope that she is right. It can’t come soon enough here in New Zealand.


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Thank you for the link @aberdeendunedin!
Wow. What an interview.
“Hold the line” does not describe this well. This lady is hitting hard.
Fantastic! Godspeed!

Ford to mandate COVID vaccination for most salaried employees by December 8


I dont buy Ford products because I want to get from point A to point B without a breakdown…but if I needed another reason, this is it.

A longer read, but well worthwhile. An excerpt from the ending:

... At some point—I cannot say when, because there were years that went by like dark water—I went to Chicago and visited the site of the old Orthogenic School where Bruno Bettelheim once ruled. A psychiatry fellow I’d contacted showed me around, talking gravely about the bizarrely ignorant methods that had once dominated his field. He showed me the rooms where the children lived, far from their parents, and the courtyard where in Bettelheim’s era there had been a statue in the shape of a mother that he’d encouraged his young male students to urinate on.
I don’t know what I thought I’d find there. Maybe I was looking for the answer to how terribly and repeatedly we as people can get our responses to nature so wrong. The courtyard was empty, brilliantly sunny. The brick buildings were old and graceful, like hallowed monuments to science. I had to remind myself there were decades of abuse, psychological terror, and forced separation from parents within the walls of this place. And for all those years, staff watched and participated without a single one of them speaking out.

It’s difficult to believe the CDC is stonewalling against revealing such valuable information in favor of natural immunity at this late stage and with so much evidence.


You aptly observed that,
“It’s difficult to believe the CDC is stonewalling against revealing such valuable information in favor of natural immunity at this late stage and with so much evidence.“
It is difficult in the sense that having to accept the import of some grim, foreboding, and consequential event is uncomfortable.
To face the stark reality that we are betrayed by the institutions we thought were protecting us is difficult.
Enduring the effects of that betrayal will be more difficult still.
Defining the scale of the betrayal will be difficult and downright painful.
We are being hunted.