Mandates Have Nothing to Do with Public Health

We are homeschooling our two young daughters. This works for our family because I earn enough at this point running my own business to fuel our household, and I am blessed to have a partner that is enthusiastically caring for our kids, homeschooling and managing the household. I recognize that this lifestyle isn’t practical for everyone. We chose to homeschool prior to Covaids and have embraced the normality it provides our little ones. No masking required at home, no experimental medicine mandates, no indefinite number of boosters for our kids. Our local homeschool community has grown at least 4 fold in the last year. We are able to socialize with this crew as well as other “real” school friends. I recognize this doesn’t address your concerns of finding a school in NYC. However, I believe that in the near future you will be chasing your tail trying to stay within the school system (seemingly both public and private) while protecting your children’s health.

The url below is a video of a speech given by Dr. Peter McCullough. In it he says (at around 1:14:45) that “under no circumstances should someone who has had covid-19 get the vaccine,” since that person is much more likely to have adverse vaccine effects. This according to an article in the British Medical Journal. Here’s the link to his speech.
Dr. McCullough also says that his own phone number is “all over the internet” and so complete strangers call him all the time. Maybe you should call him and ask if he knows of any New York doctors who can provide a medical exemption for your child.
Finally, do consider home-schooling. Find others who are home-schooling–preferably who have been home-schooling since before the pandemic–and ask questions: How hard is it? What’s your day like? What are the advantages/disadvantages? What are the legal requirements for my area? Do I have to teach everything?
In my family, homeschooling, particularly with the support of a small-but-active home-school support group, has been a great boon to my kids education, to our relationships, and to my own personal growth. Just a thought to revisit, maybe.
I am sorry this is happening to you and your kids. It’s a shock. Maybe not quite as shocking as finding that you can’t trust your pediatrician to have your best interests at heart. I’m praying for you.


Concerneddadnyc, I’m curious if you have talked to other parents? What are their reactions? Any of them not in agreement with school? Do they have cooperative pediatricians you can use? If there are several concerned parents, could you coordinate a homeschooling group? Another concern, I think, are the risks of your little one around so many people who have taken the shots. Im sure this school isn’t intentionally trying to hurt kids. They just want to stay in the narrative, but do you really want to keep your child in a place that knows so little and would hurt her? You and parents are in my prayers.

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I forgot to mention that, even if you do NOT intend to teach your child at home, homeschoolers are great resources for what your other options might be, since many of them are involved in ‘hybrid’ solutions–co-ops, twice a week schools, tutorial services. It is likely that you could find a good fit for your family.


Lockdowns for the unvaccinated


Researchers have discovered an antibody that is not only just effective against Covid, but against all types of coronaviruses that could have future outbreaks among humans. So will this be any safer? would be lovely to have something against common colds.

Interesting find. Thanks.
You do know that there is someting against the common cold right? It is called vitamin D3, vitamin C, Zinc and Quercetin, not the childish doses of 10ug of D3 and 2 grams of vitamin C btw. During the summer, you get around 30.000iu per day of vitamin D because of the sun. When having a cold, just apply the “hammer”: 30.000iu vitamin D3 for 3 days, and ~ 5 to 10 grams of vitamin C distributed over the day for one or two days.
Wrt the the “cure” against corona virusses: Nature is not linear. This implies that our “linear” logic is faulty at best, and dangerous at worst. The trade-off for having a common cold now and again, is protection against other virusses. Consider it as a “pop quiz” for our immune system…

Child Vax Injury- Wheelchair bound

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Just curious Earthiest, those chances expressed as a percentage - what time period do they cover? Do you have a 0.4% chance of catching Covid-19 TODAY? In the next year? In your lifetime? Same for hospitalized.

I work in Quality Assurance (automotive/aerospace) and this is a big flashing red light! Something clearly happened in the production process of those lots. Or, conceivably, during transportation, storage, or preparation. (Have you read the preparation instructions? They’re pretty involved and it’s inevitable that mistakes will be made.) This demands to be investigated, and they need to test unused vaccine from those lots.
So now we know that severe reactions are a lot less random than we thought. I think we’ve all heard anecdotally of vaccine clinics where every third person gets dizzy and has to lie down, while other clinics go all day with no issues at all.
The weird part, of course, is the claim that these lots disproportionally found their way to “Republican” states. If true, we should also see higher rates of AEs in those states. Can that be ascertained from the VAERS data?
I’m guessing we’ll also find that these lots came from just one or two manufacturing plants, and those plants were in red states, and that would explain the geographic distribution (assuming vaccine supply is at least somewhat regional). In a culture that dislikes regulation, it’s plausible that quality control would be worse.

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Seriously did you just say that? There is a big difference between quality control/ process control and government overreach. BTW there are many of us on here that also work in process/quality control for automotive, aerospace and other industries. It sounds like you are blaming the people living in “red states” for Vax induced sickness. Victim blame much?

No I’m just trying to find the simplest explanation for this red state “bombshell” without going to the Eeek Hypothesis (that some agent sent the bad batches specifically to these states).


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