Market Meltdown Update: Is It Over Yet?

I’d be wary about expecting the markets to follow the same path as the Great Depression. The FED is far more interventionist and aggressive than they were back then.

When the gold/ silver miners are also hit by the lock downs we might expect the stock prices to further slide down. The tail wind because of the lower oil price wont help much if the activities stop.

I found this over at Zerohedge’s header but provide a direct link. Mirrors alot of what has been said here, but in a recapped concise format. Also, if you print the .pdf to a pdf printer like cutepdf, you wont need to subscribe to scribd.

As a serious contrarian I have to point out that CDC and WHO are known to be corrupt. So I normally try to get a sense of what they are selling, and then assume that the opposite is probably true.
Also, kudos to MQ, above (March 20), for directing our attention to antibodies.
CDC claims that some of their illness statistics come from antibody testing, but the presence of an antibody means you have already had an illness, processed it naturally, and are now immune for life.
Consequently, if a person was reasonably young and healthy, it might be a good idea to catch this virus (if you can find it) and then be done with it forever.
But I suspect the Covid-19 hysteria may simply be a cover-up for something else. Haven’t we all been warned that a great economic crash was inevitable?
Well, we certainly have our economic disaster, but now we can blame it on a silly virus instead of the people who actually call the shots.

Under what scenarios / conditions is a market closure possible ? (Outside of the circuit breaker rules)
Last time I recall is 9/11 was closed for 4 days.


I was just sent this video that was shot outside of Chicago. MANY vehicles headed eastbound. Probably East coast…

I want to put all of this in a tiny nutshell for you. It is possible most of the present day problems of our world can mainly be laid at the feet of one word ending in an “ism”: it is not Socialism - Communism - Capitalism . It is Consumerism.
And what is the goal of consumerism?
To answer this you have to look at how the brain works. It is hardwired to constantly SEEK, for this is one of its most important survival mechanisms. Through this “seeking” the brain “finds” what it “believes” to be better environments, tools, skills, nourishments, stories, beliefs, and other people to help the person survive, thrive and procreate.
Exactly 100 years ago in 1920, a brilliant man realized this and knew how to take advantage of our brain’s universal prime directives. His name is Edward Bernays and he dragged the world down a path to the Promised Land. However, many wise folks in the past century have warned time and time again that at its end there would only be a garbage dump filled with destruction. They were right.
You probably have never heard of him though he is considered one of the 100 most influential Americans of the 20th century and he is the “father of public relations”. He is also the nephew of the Doctor Freud. At the time he saw the real implications behind his uncle’s work and decided to take advantage of it. Edward realized how the brain could be seduced into manipulation - in other words he realized how easy it is to brainwash and make money off the “saps” of the world.
An example of Edward’s brilliance is a campaign to convince women how vital smoking cigarettes were to staying thin. He convinced them cigarettes were actually “torches of freedom” against male domination. We all know well the success of this crusade.
Fast-forward to the present and you will find a society where billions (maybe trillions) have been and are still being spent on what can control the mind. Almost every thought happening in your mind right now is a result of this insidious mind control. This has resulted in a consumer world which is: overpopulated, polluted, environmentally ready for collapse, and is losing forever precious beings of all sorts. And most importantly it is a world of people lost in an abyss of emptiness and misery.
So let us now revisit the real reason as to why this Covid-19 burst on the scene. I am going to share a thought which not a single person has mentioned. Nope, not a single article can I find. Maybe because the irony is too terrible or maybe because this is a truth we all have to grapple with everyday. Therefore, we have become blind and cannot “see this forest anymore for the trees”.
So ask yourself where did this Covid-19 come from? Science states: from bats. It seems the virus jumped from bats into the exotic wild life. Next, we are told how some folks like to eat these exotic animals. Why? Because some of these people believe it makes them healthy and it also shows off their wealth (yes- that old dog-consumerism).
As you know so well marketing is really just a small imitation of Mother Nature’s grand marketing abilities. In the highly competitive field of reproduction to advertise one’s wealth is a potent message to any fertile woman that the host’s genes are supreme above all others. This is the highest prime directive of the brain – to pass on life and the library of information to the next generation.
Therefore I submit below the ghastly irony of the Covid-19 pandemic and exactly what is the “forest”.
The irony which no one wishes to speak of is how the brains of these men grappled on to a falsehood in order to fulfill the prime directive of life-to reproduce, but in so doing this falsehood became the seeds of destruction of so many other lives.
And the “forest” is: Man must propagate. Man must proliferate and will use any means possible to fulfill this directive even if it hurts and destroys all around Him. The brain seeks any information whether it is true or false to succeed in this quest. Once the brain puts its seal of approval on an idea it is almost impossible edit or remove it from the database (This may be Mommy Nature’s way of keeping us in check). Consumerism has a hidden message which our brain latches on to with great fervor. The message is: If I consume this idea, product, service then I will survive better, I will thrive better, I will generate myself into the future much better than others. But this message maybe a lie or it may be the truth. It is very hard for a brainwashed mind to figure it out.
However, there might be a solution.And maybe…just maybe M. Nature is sending us a message right now:
Stop and pay attention.
Focus on the messages the brain is receiving.
Evaluate the real meanings and motivations behind the message.
Constantly question and edit the “truths” embedded in our brain.
Pay attention to what the news programs are really doing to your brain. Watch the hidden messages behind movies, songs and videos. Notice how advertisements push and prod you into certain behaviors. Every single one of us still has the power to turn off almost all of the messages. Why don’t you do it? Let’s all do it!
Until we all collectively do this and resist the MIND CONTROL forced on us by others we cannot ascend into a much more sublime societal expression where wisdom prevails and we live in a higher quality of harmony and joy.
This is my message and if you think you have a choice to believe or not to believe it then know it is probably too late. These words are now in your brain and you are infected with the truth.
Pass it on.

And rising almost by the minute

March 22 (GMT)

  • 5560 new cases and 651 new deaths in Italy: 15% decline in new cases and 18% decline in new deaths with respect to yesterday [source] [source]

Let’s wait to see how to trend panes out over the next five days.
From late Feb 2020

As Sax player notes above, the US new case total for the day is exploding higher 14,550 as I type. Also 98 deaths. This is reminiscent of the great Chinese definition change with the giant spike in cases and deaths that they had. Although it is interesting that this one today is larger than anything the Chinese ever acknowledged. The claim here will be that this is just catching up on the backlog of previously collected test kits. Strange how it gets pushed through on a Sunday…(sarcasm)

I believe that the CDC warned the US numbers would be artificially higher this week due to the increased testing but would settle down to a more correct slope on the chart after this weekend. We’ll have to see when Chris does his video how the chart looks.

Beautiful, sunny weekend. Ain’t anarchy great?!? It’s all fun and games until somebody ends up in a cone. I for see state lock down coming very soon.

OMG, this article is so replete with lies and misinformation, it is criminal!! Do not trust the banks, FDIC or the Federal Reserve to protect your funds!
Do NOT take a bunch of cash out of the bank because of coronavirus
The truth, from Lynette Zang:
“What the FDIC in NOT Telling You”
“The FDIC deposit insurance scheme was put in place during the “Great Depression” to inspire public confidence in the banking system. In the most current DIF (Deposit Insurance Fund) balance shows they have barely over 1 penny for every dollar of insured deposits. That’s OK as long as there are no bank runs, but during the 2008 crisis, they ran out of money. They stated that had one more bank failed, even a small one, that the public would have become aware that the FDIC was insolvent.”
“Remember the bail-in laws? As first tested in Cyprus, bail-in is the new global blueprint. Bank stress tests show both Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley are insolvent if their assets fall below 3.9% (your deposits are their assets) Do you really feel safe in the banking system?”
“Why Does This Matter to Me?”
“Because the global reflation trade created by the central banker’s old tools (interest rates and debt) appear to be used up and the size of the derivative market has exploded making the entire global financial system one big casino with bankers making these bets, which are secured by YOUR wealth. When it gets too expensive to keep things floating, credit will dry up. That’s what happened with the derivative market in 2008.”
The Hidden Threat of Derivatives, What the FDIC is NOT Telling You by Lynette Zang

Case numbers suddenly fell from the 14,500 level to 8,149 for the day. Deaths up to 112 though. Everything with large grains of salt…

Assuming it’s a bit late for physical pm aquisition, and given the here-and-now situation, what is the best way to hold: cash, “cash” in bank, or T-bills? Or something else? I’ve got a bit of all those, but I’m getting anxious…Thanks, Be well, Aloha, Steve

The dude thinks there is about a 50% chance of a recession, lol. He is obviously not in the Milky Way Galaxy. Perhaps he is from the Andromeda Galaxy, lol!