Market Update: Triple Threat!

Adjustment is a 2 way street. Jus be yo sef

Klaatu said,

DJT campaigned against HRC as being part of the DS, while intending to appropriate its mechanisms to his own uses, and with his base already propagandized by Fox's miscreants, they have continued to exaggerate DS origins as being from the Left, which is nothing of the sort.
Indeed the Deep State is largely a bipartisan project. John McCain, aka no name, was one of it's high level operators. Poppy Bush for sure. Last year on a business trip I sat next to a white haired gentleman on a plane who turned out to be an ex-marine. We were experiencing some turbulence and he said his wife was texting him and was worried about him due to the weather.. he said that he had experienced much worse on planes as a marine. As we were waiting to depart the plane I asked him if he thought we could save the Republic and what he thought of Q? He said that the coup started in 1963, which surely is true. He thought that Q was a LARP and that the Deep State was too entrenched to remove. I remain more hopeful... I am not sure how anyone could think Donald Trump has appropriated any Deep State mechanisms for his own... indeed, I see an all out war between the remainder of the Deep State and Donald Trump and those loyal to him. Has Donald Trump taken over money flows from the heroin poppies in Afghanistan, or is he pulling out our troops? Seems he is pulling the troops out. I seem to recall that Laura Ingraham of Fox is one of the only journalists of any sort who has shined light on the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine.. is she a miscreant for doing so? Are you sure your lens is clear Klaatu? Are you sure you know what you are looking at? Do you think 9/11 was caused by guys with box cutters who went on to fly commercial airliners with precision into buildings after taking a few lessons?

The assassination order was in long before. Perhaps Solimoni was even on Obama’s disposition matrix which included Americans. The difference is the Iran general was in Iraq. We had the chance to get him without invading Iran.

Three, entities like the Fed who make up the Deep State, which has warred with President Trump over the past four years, may have incentive to let the market crash this summer. Trump has very visibly tied his administration’s performance to that of the stock market; if the Deep State desires to deny him a second term, this is the most lethal weapon they can fire at him.
This one I'm most skeptical on, but I like to keep an open mind. I would've liked to see Adam be more critical of this idea though and at least ask these questions: 1) Is there any historical precedent for the Fed manipulating the market to influence a presidential election? (if not, why not?) 2) If the establishment has the will and the power to deny Trump a 2nd term, then why did they allow him a 1st? 3) How could the Fed do this without it being obvious that the Fed played a major role?

Rupert Murdoch is Jared Kushner’s mentor.Ivanka Trump over saw a 300 million dollar trust for Wendy Murdoch’s daughters.Alex Blankfein was a groomsmen in the Kushner wedding.Powell has at least 30 million in Goldman and Blackrock.Mnucin helped the Kushner slumlord family secure an 800 million dollar loan with Fannie and Freddie.A few names who run the joint?Fink,Koch,Adelson,Wynn,Ross,Schwarzmen,Mercer,Mnucin,McMahon,Marcus,Langone.What’s left on the wish list?Payroll tax cuts and privatizing Fannie and Freddie.We are a suffering and broken nation…

I studied extensively about the 1972 election - the Fed definitely dropped rates around to get Nixon elected. The system was terrified of the Democratic candidate, McGovern, and so the Fed dropped rates, got an economic boom going just in time for the election, and Nixon won by a landslide.
Inflation started to jump higher right after the election.
If I remember correctly, that’s also why he closed the gold window. The Fed couldn’t drop rates and have the gold window open at a time when inflation was a real issue - otherwise all the gold would flee.
I don’t have the supporting data around anymore, but it is all there if you want to go and read about it. I think there were even audio recordings.

Well history is a funny thing. One can ascribe McGovern’s loss to a number of factors, the least of which is Fed policy. The most of which was his choice of Thomas Eagleton who it turned out had psychiatric issues. McGovern after saying he would keep him on the ticket then took his resignation.
Nixon closed the gold window in 1971. Charles DeGaulle took a look at what Amerika was printing on the Vietnam war and the “Great Society” of LBJ and decided gold was more valuable than paper smeared with green ink. He started cashing in his paper for gold and to stop the drain Nixon closed the window. He thus ended Bretton Woods 1.