Money, Bad Policies, Inflation & You

Perhaps we have been here before.

It must be clear to anyone that, for instance, a great electrical plant using waterpower might well be erected in the following unexceptional manner: The Government introduces a bill in the legislative council for exploiting the waterpower of Bavaria, Saxony, etc., by satisfying all economic requirements. The local Diet, or other body, decides on construction, empowers the finance minister or the State Bank to issue a series of banknotes, marked specially to show that they are fully covered by the new works under contemplation. These notes are supported by the combined credit of the State or the Reich. No one can show any objection on the score of inflation. Construction takes place on the additional credit granted by the council representing the nation, and the notes become legal tender like the rest. When the work is completed, nitrates or electricity are supplied to customers against this money, and in a few years the issue can be recalled and destroyed. Result: The State, the nation has instituted a new work, which secures to them a great new source of revenue, and the nation is the richer by it. Feder, Gottfried. The Program of the Party of Hitler: The National Socialist German Workers' Party and Its General Conceptions . Ostara Publishing. Kindle Edition.
Note well. No money was borrowed from any Bankster. None. So, Saxons, who won the war? The Banksters won the war. And they have been in charge of the Mighty Wurlitzer ever since. Nope: The Bankster do not need to charge any interest at all. Not one shiny Brass Razoo. The Boss called this Belief that we need an interest rate The Bankster's Thrall.


I’m seeing that robot from Lost in Space waving about it’s arms, flashing lights, repeating “warning, warning, warning.” How is the country going to deal with this? I’ve been getting ready, prepping, stacking, diversifying my income, learned how to grow food, planted dozens of fruit trees, but I am not ready for crazy inflation or shortages. And I have known this is coming.
How are the normies going to cope? Who will they blame? The illusions are so strong, when this sucker pops all hell could break loose. What will the Feds do? Create the whipping boys, for sure. Some enemy(s) will take the heat and attentions will be diverted.
The suffering will be enourmous and we can count on our authorities to make things worse.
BTW, those headlines in the UK? The US has the same problem. Time magazine has had special editions for the US and something entirely different for the rest of the world.
As usual, fantastic job, Chris.


Thanks for posting, have been following this series. Reminds me of how 60 Minutes started out in the 70’s. Also reminds me of “Marvin Zindler, Eye Witness News” - a guy that went to bat for the local little guys in Houston, TX.
Veritas is bringing back real journalism and does a good job of going undercover.


Chris, this is in the title of this episode but you do not talk about it. Can you do so please?

Chris, this is in the title of this episode but you do not talk about it. Can you do so please?
Of course. I was a bit cryptic. The direct answer is to not be too overly exposed to tertiary wealth and to have as much primary and secondary wealth as you can manage. At a very small scale a "means of production" might be an operating alcohol still. at a larger scale you might own a beef ranch with a thousand head. For the small investor who wants to remain mobile getting your cash out of currency and into portable wealth such as Bitcoin (for now...I have my concerns over that over the long haul principally due to its current reliance on electricity for mining and a functioning network), or gold. If you own a home you should be considering how to insulate it more securely to cut down on heating bills this winter. Perhaps close off rooms that can be kept cold and turn off the heat to them. Everyone needs to have a plan for what happens if there's a breakdown in food distribution. That could happen for a myriad of reasons ranging from a trucker's strike (think of fuel costs that exceed trucker pay, for example) to an actual structural shortage due to any of the equipment involved running out of parts or ... well lots of possible reasons. So storing food makes sense for the winter, and then having a good garden plan for next Spring also makes sense. In places facing brownouts or blackouts, then having batteries and a means of charging them with solar is critical. One would always want LED lights at night and a charged phone, at a minimum. Mostly "being prepared" means getting psychologically ready to simply get by on less. It won't be the end of the world, but it will be difficult for those who haven't seen it coming and haven't given themselves a gracious period of adjustment beforehand.

It so happens that I was listening to Ingo Swann’s book “Penetration” last night and he addressed intellectual Phaselock as an aspect of “telepathy”.
He made the observation that, of all Taboos, “Telepathy” tops the list of controlled ideas.
And I see that Intellectual Phaselock wherever I look.

  • Mention the results of the SAFIRE experiment; phaselock, can't go there.
  • The Inhabited moon; Phaselock, can't go there.
  • The need too implement Dr. Gerard K O'Neil's Business plan to take the population of the Earth and it's polluting industries off-world; Phaselock, can't go there.
  • Implement the successful economic policies of the Third Reich; phaselock, can't go there.
  • Question Abrahamism; phaselock, can't go there.
  • Study the evidence that Dr. David Jacobs presents for the Alien Infiltration; Phaselock.
  • Question St. Einstein's Bent Nothingness conjecture; Phaselock, can't go there.
  • Question St. Fauchi; phaselock, can't go there
  • Question the "Laws" of physics; phaselock, can't go there.
I am absolutely certain that I am also held in thrall by phaselocks that I am completely unaware of. What generates these phaselocks exercises my mind.

Is there a word for phrase for that interval between, say, when you fly out of a motorcycle crash perfectly OK, but before you hit the ground, where everything seems to be in slow-motion? Is there a word for the interval between when a hurricane has passed and you’re just fine, but the lights are out and life is going to be rough and smelly for the next few weeks? Between when you drop a champaign glass and it hits the floor? Is there a word for the time between when your central bank prints a bunch of money, but your monthly costs haven’t quite ramped up?
It seems that the phrase for at least that last one is “right now.”

California Loves Gasoline but it doesn’t like Oil.
I see a potential problem emerging.
The pipe that ruptured to cause the oil spill, 16 inches in diameter, was dragged 105 feet by a boat anchor.
It is suspected that that boat anchor was attached to one of the many container ships that are in a Traffic Jam outside Long Beach etc. ports.


Eye of the storm?


Terrific video as usual.
Given the rising prices are you still of the view that deflation is coming before a really massive inflationary wave? Or are going straight to inflation?
From my reading, prior episodes of hyperinflation are preceded by periods of price instability, like a driven oscillator, with each cycle of boom/bust reaching higher highs and lower lows. In physics, such a pattern often leads to the oscillator itself breaking - so in analogy for the monetary system, the hyperinflation is the monetary system after it breaks. It’s the prior boom/bust amplifying cycles that cause the break.
This would suggest deflation in short periods could still be ahead but getting the timing right to take advantage of these is likely very hard to manage.


Hi Chris,
I understand the need to raise money to run the website and earn a living doing it.
However, would you consider making the recent video “Vaccine Benefits & Injuries” public?
I and many others can not afford a subscription, and this information is extremely important and is unavailable elsewhere in a form the layman can easily understand.
Thanks - I appreciate what you do, greatly.


Great video Chris!

I think the term for the motorcycle predicament or a Judo throw would be called “Time of Flight”
It does feel like that moment is now.

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That is an amazing declaration. Of course we already assumed that. Bill Gates kids are not vaccinated. I am sure fauci didnt take a real vaccine. They are all taking the ivermectin. Including joe. AND none got the vaccine.
The vaccine is for us. The ivermectin is for them.


Especially democrats or any that have supported “no treatment for you” or vaccine mandates.
It could really throw a wrench in the “no treatments for you” machine, but there could certainly be legal implications and other risks to those who do it.

How could he know that? Impossible. I call BS.

No not impossible. He says ‘a colleague’. That colleague is going to be protective of his job. Pierre doesn’t have a habit of lying, unlike TPTB.