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Salvador, and anyone looking to pick up some bullion.

California Numismatic Investments (

Has metal in stock and will ship quite quickly. Plus you can avoid all of the silly premiums that I’ve been hearing about.

After waiting 3 months for an order to arrive from NWT, I placed an order with Sal at CNI. I had delivery in about a week.

CNI has a free shipping policy if your order is over $2000.00 I believe. They also have a lower minimum than NWT and some other sites. NWT requires a 5 Ozt on gold orders, CNI will allow orders for 2 Ozt of gold. So if you are not ready to buy $5000 worth, you can start a bit smaller.

I have no affiliation with CNI, but I have been happy with all orders placed with them. I’ve heard good reports from others that I have directed to them as well.


I’ve dealt with CNI and Blanchards at They both are very customer oriented and usually if one doesn’t list the price for 1 Oz Eagles, the other will. I would call and check prices with both before I ordered. Blanchards - 1-800-880-4653, CNI(California Numismatic Investments) - 1-800-225-7531.