Nebraska Embraces Sound Money, Australia Limits Internet Content Ban

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In a move reflecting a broader trend across the United States, Nebraska has joined the ranks of states adopting pro-sound money legislation, becoming the 12th state to eliminate capital gains taxes on the sale of gold and silver. This legislative shift, supported by various advocacy groups, aims to mitigate the impact of inflation attributed to Federal Reserve policies. Additionally, Nebraska’s new law takes a cautious stance on central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), excluding them from the state’s definition of currency. This decision underscores concerns over privacy and financial autonomy, positioning Nebraska alongside Utah, Wisconsin, and Kentucky in efforts to safeguard against the potential risks of CBDCs.

Across the Pacific, the Australian Federal Court has made a landmark ruling that limits the eSafety Commissioner’s authority to globally block internet content. This decision came after the Commissioner sought to extend a temporary injunction against Elon Musk’s social media platform X, aiming to remove footage of an alleged terror attack. The court’s refusal to uphold a global content ban has sparked debate over internet governance and free speech, with critics arguing against the overreach of national regulators. The controversy highlights ongoing tensions between the desire for online safety and the preservation of open discourse, prompting discussions on the balance between government intervention and individual rights in the digital age.

Meanwhile, the discourse surrounding the origins of COVID-19 and the safety of vaccines continues to evolve. Recent publications challenge the early consensus on the virus’s origins and the unequivocal safety of vaccines, suggesting that alternative theories and potential vaccine-related issues warrant further investigation. This shift in narrative reflects a growing willingness within the scientific community to re-examine previously dismissed or overlooked evidence. As debates over the virus’s origins and vaccine safety persist, the call for open scientific inquiry and dialogue underscores the complexity of navigating public health crises in an era of rapid information exchange and diverse viewpoints.


Nebraska Becomes 12th State to End Capital Gains Taxes on Gold and Silver Sales

Gold and silver are the only forms of currency mentioned in our Constitution and with that comes the people’s ability to use it as such without penalty from the government.

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Australian Federal Court Refuses to Extend eSafety Commissioner’s Injunction Against X, Elon Musk’s Social Media Platform

“The application for this injunction should have never been brought,” said Dr Reuben Kirkham, Co-Director of the Free Speech Union of Australia (FSU) in a statement today, questioning the validity of the Commissioner’s bid to enact a global content ban on X.
“The eSafety Commissioner is overreaching and behaving more like an activist than a responsible public servant.”

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The Tide is Turning: Challenging the Accepted Narratives on COVID Origin and Vaccine Injuries

The lab origin is no longer a conspiracy theory. The U.S. Energy Department and the FBI both now believe that the virus was more likely leaked from a lab than having developed naturally.

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