Off The Cuff With Quoth The Raven (Chris Irons)

Love it.

Have had him in my podcast rotation for a long time. He’s very entertaining and thoughtful.


It’s always great to “have an ear bent” by Chris Irons!! Been a fan of QTR for years.


@cmartenson The book you are looking for is “The Ethics of Money Production” by Hulsmann.

Curious mind here, wondering why you and this guest would want to podcast from his poorly fluffed bedroom/living room pillow backdrop. Granted, I’m not a follower of this kind looking man, I am just trying to understand this setup based on the content delivered.

That was great fun to hear the bald-faced truth spoken so irreverently. His substack just went into my daily-look tab.

Interesting that Chris Irons has added Bitcoin in addition to his Gold holdings.

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because that’s where i live. a studio apartment. sorry for not fluffing the pillows. love, chris


His pillows are fluffed up far better than mine. :slight_smile: His mind is far from fluffy.



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Urrrgh!! feeling chagrined trying to keep up with all of the excellent interviews & information!!! throw in a few from other sources and doubly so!!! regardless - keep up the good work!!

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Long time coming to see two of my favorites banter together.

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Shoot…I thought it was a nice zoom or teams backdrop :slight_smile:


Does everyone remember the covid death tickers. Maybe we need one for inflation and purchasing power.

5 Likes is close, not exactly what you stated.

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I swear, it’s like I have to wear welding goggles to look at that debt clock page lately.

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I used to happily donate to St. Jude’s… until they went off-the-rails with the Covid vaccine and mandates.

This is still up on their site:

And this:


I thought it was very insightful how Chris Irons used the term “tunnel vision” to illustrate how the creeps think. I immediately thought of a very tragic car accident that happened about 10-15 years ago in Westchester County, New York. I see this as an excellent metaphor for what is happening on a societal scale. They have a goal and don’t care how they reach it. They are out of their minds. They’re going the complete wrong direction at full speed…and they see no problem with any of it…

A woman was drinking and smoking pot while driving a van. She wound up going the wrong way on a highway and just kept speeding down it, seemingly unaware of any problem. It was determined she was probably suffering from “tunnel vision” as a result of the combined alcohol and drugs. She killed herself and 7 other people. One child survived (her own), with some injuries. A documentary was made, “There’s Something Wrong with Aunt Diane.” Don’t watch this if you’re sensitive, but it is an interesting study in psychology and how childhood neglect can lead to tragic results.

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Welcome! Enjoyed listening to your thoughts.

A fun, astute diatribe of all discussed, but Hershey’s–oh no! Not a company my family supports anymore (kids are disappointed we can’t go to Hershey Park), but even more so – fake chocolate (apologies, I’m a chocolate snob)! If there’s an Aldi or Lidl nearby, they have decently-priced bar chocolate from Europe, Chris. Treat yourself to the quality and flavor difference!

Chris, your characterization of Kamala Harris: priceless. So real.
Enjoyed this first part of conversation with Chris Irons.