Peak in the Media: Chris Joins the Unity Project's New Podcast: What's UP?

Laura Sextro, CEO of The Unity Project, talks to Chris on the new podcast “What’s UP?”

On Friday’s episode, they jump right into the manufactured hysteria of Monkeypox and its super spreader European rave origin, as well as discuss new data on Covid and vaccine reaction based on blood type, the World Health Organization’s power grab, and much more.

The Unity Project is a group of concerned families, business leaders, and other professionals that recently joined together in a unified movement against forced Covid-19 child vaccines, via unification efforts, resourcing, and the need to amplify the best strategies of the most effective groups already doing tremendous work in this space. We recognized the urgent need to unite into a powerful force of concerned citizens that is well-resourced, well-coordinated with streamlined communication and propelled by strong execution across the state. Their humble intention is to also serve as a catalyst that significantly amplifies the best strategies being driven by the most experienced and effective groups in the space. The effort has been met with overwhelming enthusiasm, as everyone knows there’s tremendous power in large numbers acting together.

Peak Prosperity is a supporter of the Unity Project and its mission. Dr. Martenson serves as a member of its Strategic Advisory Council.

Enjoy the show.

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What’s Up?

No good, that’s for sure. What a very frank and open discussion. Thanks. This should be very informative to many who are not Peak Tribal members…yet.


Good Conversation

What an enjoyable opportunity to listen into the conversation between Chris and Laura Sextro, CEO of the Unity Project. I love the easy and interesting back and forth between them.
Thanks for sharing, Chris (and Laura!), and well done!

It’s Not Incompetence

Chris, you continue to portray the actions of our public health officials and politicians as incompetence. It’s not. It’s deliberate with the ongoing goal of putting money and power in the pockets of themselves and the people who put them there. They don’t care about you or me, we are pawns in their plans to extract as much from the system as possible so when it all falls apart they are left with the spoils. We will be broke and broken (or dead).

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Time To Stop Buying?

I think we don’t need a trucker’s convoy. We need a buyer’s strike.
Chris, what would happen if your Unity people called for a week of no medical usage. I know we all just grab the next non-urgent appointment because things are backed up for 6 months. Suppose folks in CA stopped going to any non-mom & pop stores or restaurants for a week AND cancelled medical appointments with the statement that the facility no longer looks after patient interests. No on-line orders for a week.

Crony Capitalism and Corrupt Government has done two things.
1- It’s brought out the psychopaths, who quickly rise to the top everywhere, particularly finance. They do it on purpose, although their endgame is always bizarre and not based on realistic scenarios of the long-term results of their folly.
2- It’s elevated the glib, sociopathic henchmen to positions of administrative power everywhere. These are the incompetent folks who never did a day’s work, but are great at sucking up to their bosses and working the corrupt system to their advantage.
It’s hard to tell the difference between those who consider themselves the masterminds and the paid front-men who the public dotes upon. The “current big thing” continually distracts mains street from the real risks.
The rats crowded into our mega-city cages are totally pulled into the mass psychosis. On both the right and the left.