Peak Personalities: James Kunstler

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At first I was pumped.
Then I skipped to the middle of the video to check the quality and you guys in are the freaking studio together!
Not sleeping till I see this

High data transfer leading to cascades of ideas, unfortunately the working memory is not up to the task.
“The problem with democracies,” said Adolph," is that nobody is held accountable".
And “Any fool can make something 100% worse, but it takes a genius to make things 5% better”, said Dr. Jordan Peterson.
“Universities should be refuges for cantankerous combatitive geniuses. They have been invaded by midwits” said Dr.Dutton. (the Jolly Heretic, YouTube.) Midwits are wonderful people. So Agreeable, ideal material for Groupthink.
Further study, “The Dharma Manifesto”, for the shape of the future.

I’ve always loved that tagline from Jim. It describes so many aspects of current American life and is comforting (that I’m not going crazy to feel that way) and also so depressing (that our country has devolved to such a state of dysfunction).
Looking forward to watching.

I much prefer MP3 files for download when exercising or driving. Running a video is a huge data hog and is overkill for a conversation. Any chance MP3 format can be made available?

+1 for mp3. I watched this one (and it was great to see you guys together in the same room) but generally, I’m out there walking the dog and listening.

I’m just a few minutes in and I find myself really wanting to see both you and Jim in the same frame at least every so often. Would you have to tweak the camera set up and control to make that happen?

It must be clear to anyone that, for instance, a great electrical plant using waterpower might well be erected in the following unexceptional manner: The Government introduces a bill in the legislative council for exploiting the waterpower of Bavaria, Saxony, etc., by satisfying all economic requirements. The local Diet, or other body, decides on construction, empowers the finance minister or the State Bank to issue a series of banknotes, marked specially to show that they are fully covered by the new works under contemplation. These notes are supported by the combined credit of the State or the Reich. No one can show any objection on the score of inflation. Construction takes place on the additional credit granted by the council representing the nation, and the notes become legal tender like the rest. When the work is completed, nitrates or electricity are supplied to customers against this money, and in a few years the issue can be recalled and destroyed. Result: The State, the nation has instituted a new work.
Feder. "The Program of the Party of Adolph Hitler". Now you know why we bombed women and children into a bloodsoaked rubble.

Loved every minute. +1 to an mp3 option. I’d love to listen to these while walking my dog.

I vote for future in-studio interviews that involve balding dudes, that they should sport the Honey Badger hat. Bonus points if the bill is curled down on the sides, slightly tipped back on the head, and a covered with some saw dust sprinkles.
Except for Howard, he should sport a rainbow colored sombrero.

I agree.
Balding or no balding, everyone should wear a honey badger hat on these videos. Maybe the guest goes home with his very own complementary honey badget hat, to be worn as a badge of honor.
and for meetings like polyface. Where can I get my honey badger hat?
the fact that the hats are black, and that alt (fillintheblank) utubers wear hats is good
this is like American colonists proudly calling themselves yankee doodle dandies
can someone make a black honey badger hat out of tin foil? We should not let ourselves get pushed around.
By the way, I can show you how to easily make an aluminum foil hat black by anodizing using a DC voltage. If there is interest and if anyone volunteers such tinfoil hat I will make a demonstration.

He lost me at his defense of cops and his totally racist take on the black experience in Amerikkka.

Wonderful interview, been following Kunstler for a decade. His “Long Emergency” and “World Made by Hand” book series is fascinating, complex and wonderfully good hearted. It could be and was intended to be, a model for new living with low energy and decentralization.
I have to chuckle at Chris’ steering James away from his ideas on police and blacks! So there are some things we can’t talk about here? You have to read James on that, his 2x/week essays on archives.

line them on the inside against EMF radiation.

Few other countries make such a mess:
Use of “election” machines
Unable to count the votes with both parties agreeing
No need to verify your identity before voting.
Bring hole generations in debt through drastically increasing education and medicine costs.
Fully take over and censor of the media and big internet companies
Destroying the dollar through quantitative easing.
Taking away possibility of citizens to defend themselves.
Knowingly withholding curing Covid medicine.

Catherine Fitts has pointed out that BLM/Antifa riots are part of a real estate acquisition plan. The riots have occurred in Opportunity Zones adjacent to Fed banks, primarily benefitting black communities.
Mapping Minneapolis Minnesota Riot Damage, Opportunity Zones, and Fed Banks
I believe Defund the Police is to make a push for Robocop. Humans have to make imperfect split second decisions. Even the most imperfect robot will be able to best us, eventually.
Boston Dynamics “Atlas” Robot - Doing Parkour
US police fly drone into murder suspect’s house during arrest

Lol “Kaputt” for sure is the most useful German word :slight_smile:

Death is a part of life just as birth is, just not as much fun.
And so it is with collapse, just a natural phenomenon. When any species steps out of balance, ma nature steps in and corrects the issue. It’s just nature and we as a species are not exempt or separated.
Funny how we look back upon the founders of various cultures and revere them, but those final members of lost cultures seem to be forgotten in time. Except for Nero, who just might have had the right idea. With the last thrashings of our culture happening all around us it is hard not to get caught up in the angst. It is all very natural this that we are in. It has happened many times before, why not have a song in our hearts?
Adapt and change, if we are good at that, perhaps it is us who carry the genes forward?
Comforting no?

I have seen the Catherine Fitts hypothesis but no one seems to talk about.
I had not considered the Robocop concept. This removes all liability, “oops, defective robocop or it was hacked it has been deactivated/reprogramed.” This will allow TIIC to take out just about anyone.

"Comforting no?
I do find this comforting. And yet finding a balance between living my life and being “checked out” of the culture and nation that reared me still causes a lot of psychological dissonance in me.
My mind races ahead a few years to a time when we can plainly see that vaccine saved many old people from Covid but ruined more lives overall because of the insistence on a jab in every arm. I can see this being “fact checked” right out of the public consciousness just the way Ivermectin was. Just the way Vitamin D was 10 years ago. Just the way the Rwandan genocide was when I was still in school.
I can teach my child about Vitamin D, but its only a matter of time before he is confronted by “respectable people” asking him where he heard that bullshit? There will be an unspoken context in the question letting him know that good schools, good jobs and good spouses don’t come to those who take a lot of wrong turns.
Perhaps many of us are fated to exist in little one-person monasteries in our own minds. I can do it and have a level of happiness overall, but I don’t think most can. This may be the reason that most people with continue going to the football game even if it does involve a backpack search, a health passport check and a lecture about privilege before the pre-game kneal and the military recruitment speech delivered from center field.