Preparing for Infrastructure Failures

PS, I do not download everyday but go in spurts. But at this point, being so close to “The Long Emergency”, I’d recommend making it a daily habit.

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Morpheus. Nice to see you again! Hope all is well with you and yours.

Woah! A blast from the past. BTW, I have not stopped educating myself nor preparing since 2008. I am blessed with having had this much time as I thought surely the dollar would go down in flames by no later than 2020.
I’m getting close, and the dollar demise is too, but there’s always something. Recently managed to get 10KW in used solar panels for 20 cents on the dollar (eBay people!) and microconverters, including 15% spares, now working on batteries (Right after 2009 I switched into power engineering by mgmt incentive, talk about good fortune).
But darn, 14 yrs of getting ready and there are still things to be acquired. Best friend is wide awake after 6 yrs of nagging he and his wife. They are millionaires many times over and have asked me to “team up with them” on their 46 acre property in N Ga so that’s the plan. Trailer, fuel all in place.
Oh, my woodworking/cabinetmaking/Luthier skills are up to snuff and getting there with my metal-working skills. Oh my goodness did that hurt the wallet though. Equipment, equipment, and training.
Managed after 8 yrs to be able to grow a GOOD garden in S. FLA (a death zone in a collapse). That’s like trying to grow hydroponics in the Dead Sea. But, the trials were worth it. If I can grow potatoes and heirlooms in the sub tropics then I can grow them anywhere.
It’s been a long time. How ya’ been?

Go to eBay for solar panels and get them from a re-distributor. I literally got mine for about 20 cents on the dollar, pre energy crisis though (last spring). Dunno what they are going for now. I do know that the micro-converters were 75 a pop in-box ,now selling there for $200 each. I had a BAD feeling with the plandemic going on (yes, all evidence suggests it was planned to force mass behavioral changes and also bring in the WEF Great Blue Screen of Death) so I pulled the trigger on that one, the last and most critical element. Energy = wealth. Never forget that if you’re new here.