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Chris has been in high demand over the past few weeks, as media outlets try to make sense of the options available to the Federal Reserve at this point. More and more, the confidence in the asset price bubbles blown by the Fed's "endless easing" policy is coming under scrutiny by the average observer.

How much longer can it continue? What are the long-term societal costs of this central bank intervention?

And more important: What will trigger the return to higher interest rates? (and thereby, the puncturing of the bubbles blown by the Fed)  And what will the repercussions be?

Greg Hunter's USAWatchdog

David Pakman Show

X22 Report Spotlight

Richie Allen Show

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Been looking (dreaming) on Zillow at properites in the $250-$450 range and when you look at the price history charts I've run into a bunch that have 'uge price drops in the last year, if they sold.
Could just be me.

Hello Chris,
I'm a big fan of Greg's USA Watchdog, some of his guests he could almost have on on a weekly basis. I really enjoyed the interview you did with him and your exasperation and frustration with the Fed came across very well.

It's something I share - today's non-announcement by Brainard just shows how the "market" is so focused on "Will they, won't they" that all the underlying data is being completely ignored. Absolutely pathetic.


Top-line: Fund has $72.6 billion in it, up from -20.9 billion at the end of 2009.
The fund is 1.1% of total insured deposits in the US.  Dodd-Frank mandates the coverage be 1.35% by 2020.

Thanks… Yeah, I hadn't been keeping up with the amounts…so it's good to know they've made to the 1% mark.

We get to each decide if 1% is comforting or not

The fund evaporated between 2007 and 2009 going from over 1.2% of insured deposits to less than -0.3%

My concern is that this next crisis is going to be a LOT bigger than the last one…so I've adjusted my thinking accordingly.

But if Ken Rogoff, et all., get their way,. I won't be able to dodge the next crisis using cash.  I'll have to be more creative.


Hey Chris,
Greg Hunter is a Climate Change denier.  Are you aware of that?  And have you spoken to him about it? 

He might have some solid understanding of economics, but this simple piece of information kinda puts him into the untrust-worthy column. 

Your thoughts?

Yeah, I hadn't been keeping up with where FDIC was either - so I figured I'd dig it up just for fun.
I forget who made the analogy, but…a given city's firefighters are sized to deal with the occasional fire, not for the entire city going up in flames.  If you see fire everywhere, its probably not useful to call and wait for them to arrive.  I think the same thing applies to FDIC.

That's why the whole self-help mentality is such an important step to take.  We're programmed to believe everything will be taken care of.  It was a big mental adjustment to realize that the stuff that happened in the 30s could happen again…and to me!

It also helps that we got to see it happen in Cyprus first. Bob Dylan famously seems that "the times they are a changin'"

Check out the speeches from Delivering ALPHA today...Ray Dalio and Tim Geithner were a lot less than positive about the near, middle and far future. "Dangerous times" said Ray Dalio..."frightening" said Tim Geithner.  Everything we read on this site for years is now being voiced openly on mainstream...

It seems that sentiment is really and truly beginning to turn...   Chris's gut feeling seems to be right. 

Time for preppers to double down and step on the gas peddle methinks / wethinks...

I still bristle at the label "denier."

There are people who are labeled "deniers" who have spent far more time reviewing the climate science topic than the average "believer."  

Conversely, there are people labeled as climate scientists who have made mistakes.  Some of the mistakes can be considered honest. Others are difficult to pass off as mistakes or simply poor science.

Being a "denier" doesn't make one untrust-worthy by itself any more than being a "believer" makes one either knowledgeable or trustworthy.

For the record, I've pretty much come to the conclusion, based on personal observation, that the Earth is in a warming trend.  

It would be wonderful if the entire climate science community was honest, accurate and cautious in their statements and predictions.  That is no more reality than saying that all climate deniers are oil company stooges.  

Chris, how much do you research the folks you team up with for interviews? Ie are you aware of Richie Allen's association with
For US viewers, David Icke is an ex-Soccer player, ex-BBC TV sports presenter that had a very public mental health meltdown and started believing in shape shifting Lizards imposing as humans, yes really, he's a borderline loony.

In the UK he's generally regarded as a laughing stock

So with that background - do you have an opinion on there being Lizards in the UK Royal family?? (Seriously hilarious)

In the  same vein as the question about Greg Hunter's climate change views, I go with the questions being asked me…Greg Hunter and I always talk about the economy, and I get to reach his audience with my views.

Richie and I first talked maybe 5 years ago when he was at Talk Radio Europe…he was always pleasant, asked good questions, and always reported to me that my views were well received among his listeners.

I've only recently found out about the David Icke connection, did not know about it until after the show was recorded, and that does give me pause, because the benefit of reaching new people may be outweighed by the perception of association.  

So I probably won't be doing that one again, although Richie himself has never given me the slightest reason to not want to work with him based on the questions he asked or the way I was treated.

However, I cannot be held accountable for anything other than what I say during an interview, please.

I may well have spots on CNN in the future, or Fox, or at the UN…and you have my promise that I will continue to be who I am, bringing the PP message as faithfully as I can, and that my appearance does not constitute blanket approval of the the recording/distributing organization.

More directly to the point, I cannot be held hostage to the idea of only working with "approved" organization or outfits that share our views here…that is exactly opposite to my stated intention of bringing our message to as many people as possible, especially including those 'not already in the choir.'



Absolutely bonkers!

Completely understand, in fairness in your interview with him, Richie himself came across as a humble and curious guy.
Look forward to CNN & Fox interviews, your reasoning, scientific method and willingness to consider the validity of your views are what gives your message its strength.


The day I see Chris on CNN or any other mainstream media outlet and not being portrayed as a tin-foil hat loony guy (We know he's not loony, but he would likely be painted as such) is the day I run to the stores and start buying everything on my "prep wish list," because that would indicate to me that things have gotten so obviously bad that even the mainstream was catching up with what we've known for years. That, in turn, means the decline and collapse is well underway.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see these views being represented by Chris on the mainstream news…I just don't see it happening until the moment when the Goths are already at the gates.

Well worth a listen (and no connection to any Lizard believers)

Icke is more sensible than the FED Members.

Really?  To me the traits they share means they are all deluded confidence tricksters and liars. 

Both believe in things that are fundamentally unproven and probably deeply flawed.  One is harmless to me, the other is destroying the world and its future.

I fully support people's right to believe in whatever their experience tells them is right…after all history is littered with 'crackpots' that turned out to be right.

But I do draw the line at where a person or organization's beliefs are a danger to my well-being.