Robert Wiedemer: Awaiting the Aftershock

[quote=RJE]Absolutely Jan, and these times we live in are interesting.
My goodness, sometimes I think from conversations around here you would think that the United States is the home of the Prince of Darkness himself. Whoever and whatever that is. I just don't buy it. I cannot think of any War that was not a resource War. Ideology is seldom the reason. OIL is the reason for this season, I am sure of that.
This Pandora's Box you opened (unintentionally) tonight is one that is perhaps avoided because there's some serious tonnage of the Nuke kind out there and, well, oops. It should be brought up but I'll betcha a dollar the testosterone level gets really elevated pretty quick.
China, China, China, why is everyone so worried about China. I love China. I do know this, they have one Air Craft Carrier and we have 12 (my information is maybe dated but it's a big gap I know that). We have two on the docks. What China does is fine, but again, do they really want an END scenario? If so then start lighting up the War Room switch boards now. See, just silly are my thoughts. If not silly then I'll see you Folks on the other side, and peace will be a beautiful thing.
It is nearly 70 years that no nuclear device has been deployed aggressively, and my guess 70 more years.
Russia may very well want vengeance on the U.S. as they lost the cold war. However, looking at a World map now above my desk, I see they still have the same issues they have always had, Water. How to get into the open Sea! That's a big issue, China too. Now, if the Russians put some sleds on the bottom of them boats they could go anywhere they wanted. Maybe that's what they have been doing with their Oil and Natural Gas. It would be easier for China to attack Russia frankly and that is just the truth. To take on the United States is plane foolish.
I've heard stories of subs popping up here, there, and everywhere while the U.S. is in battle exercises, from Russian and China. Off our coasts even and shooting off dummy rockets! Ewwww scary. It happened in California not long ago. Well, I hear they came up undetected until you realize they were detected by coming up! How dumb is that? The best plan of attack is surprise, well they just surprised us, and thank you very much. Honestly, that is like saying Boo! Thus alarming us to tighten up, and the Boo is no more. Just, plain, STUPID, and so are those reporting this as the U.S. is incompetent. Maybe, just maybe, we are not this stupid, and we want you to think we are stupid. Honestly. We have military uniforms that can mimic the natural surroundings of what is behind us so that we look invisible to the naked eye as you peer straight ahead during the day light!
Respectfully Given
IReading the above, I'm reminded of this tune.
I'm also reminded that at the start of World War 2, the French had an impenetrable structure called the Maginot Line.  Also, at the time, the Allies had an army that greatly outnumbered the German Army. 
When the first modern (i.e. nuke) US carrier is sunk, it will be recognized as the dinosaur that it will have become.  Ever considered the old adage about fighting the next war with the weapons of the past?  Read Unrestricted Warfare for a bit of enlightenment in this area. 
Regarding sea access, do the northern, and western borders of Russia escape you and, oh by the way, where has that Arctic ice cap gone?
I could go on but time is limited.
P.S.  I like China as well and have been a student of it for many years.  I also like tigers.  Capcihe?
ao, we have solutions we just gots to Man up, and let all this crap reset. Every country in the World is guilty of this mess. Germany, Russia, China, all of them counterfeited our currency to rebuild after the War and took advantage of the United States tax payers and I say enough. Europe, introduced a flawed currency from its inception, and we pay. I say GROW UP PEOPLE, call a spade a spade, and be GROWN UP about this.

Lastly, the United States can more than handle her stuff, and I am RED, WHITE, and BLUE to the core. Mom, apple pie, and baseball. I am honest too, and hopeful, and that is that.

Merry Christmas ao

With Deepest Respect

I have no time to debate ideology, but the "REALITY" is what it is. Kaboom! Bring on the Rats. I am a results oriented persona, and prefer PEACE above all.

God, is this really our future?

The End.


ao: I just read how I used the word Stupid and I will refrain from that word again as anyone could read this as whoever don't agree with me is Stupid. This is not the case at all, as I respect everyone who voices their opinion. I was STUPID for using this word frankly. My Bad.

I am very sorry for your loss. I have said a prayer for you and you daughter, so that you will get through this difficult period in your and your daughters life.

Is John Perkins insane?   One weird dude.

Well, suddenly Peaksters start discussing the likely scenario of a large war.  Guess I have been gone for awhile.   When many large events make no sense a non-linear event will happen including possibly military war. 

I try not to think of such things, but the risk of military catastrophy is increasing.  Invation of Syria looks imminent, Iran looks like its not to far behind.  We have 737 military bases in over 130 countries and spend as much on the military as the rest of the world combined. We continue to posture and threaten every other country on earth while our own infrastructure, health and education system sink to third world status.
The rule of law is missing in our financial system and the disparity between the rich and the poor in the US are now comparible to the ratios in Cameroon and Uganda.  We have traded short term profits for long term economic stability by off shoring our manufacturing capacity and have a debt to GDP ratio of around 500% when you count unfunded long term liabilities.  Yet cuts to military spending are off the table and it is still suggested that we have antiquated military hardware?  Russia has repeatedly asked that we not add the missle "defense" shield in Europe at the cost millions because they have stated that they didn't want to pushed into another arms race with us, yet we continue to pursue this course of action.  They are smart enough to know they can't afford it, they have already learned the hard way.

Russia is trying to bankrupt us by engaging in another arms race?  To late, we are already bankrupt, and we have done that all by ourselves.

Turning to a more important subject.  If anybody is in the CT area, I have a bunch of everbearing raspberry canes that keep spreading that I can give away to anybody who want to come get them in the spring.