Russia's Caribbean War Drills & AI Job Interviewer Launched

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Russia has deployed warships and aircraft to the Caribbean Sea for military drills this summer, according to U.S. officials. The Biden administration does not currently view the move as concerning but sees it as a response to U.S. support for Ukraine. The drills, involving a few Russian ships and support vessels, will likely include port calls in Cuba and Venezuela and are part of Russia’s routine naval activity. Moscow has conducted similar deployments yearly from 2013 to 2020. The exercises are seen as Russia’s attempt to demonstrate its global power projection capabilities despite its aging fleet and the costs incurred. This development comes amid strained U.S.-Russia relations over Ukraine’s use of American-supplied weapons on Russian territory. The U.S. recently allowed Ukraine to use some of these weapons to defend its Kharkiv region, although long-range missiles like ATACMS remain prohibited on Russian soil. Other NATO allies, including France, Poland, and the U.K., have also supported Ukraine’s use of their provided equipment. In response, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that Russia could supply long-range missiles to adversaries of the West, suggesting an asymmetric response to the situation.

In the realm of technology, the emergence of the “world’s first AI interviewer,” developed by LA-based company Micro1, is making waves. This AI, resembling a Pixar-like cartoon character, is used to pre-screen job applicants globally, including in Canada. The AI conducts technical interviews and coding exercises, grading candidates and adding their profiles to a database for employers to review. While the AI can interview thousands of candidates simultaneously, experts express concerns about potential biases and inaccuracies inherent in AI systems. These biases could cause qualified candidates to be overlooked, similar to issues seen in human recruiters. Despite these concerns, Micro1’s founder, Ali Ansari, believes that AI can eventually reduce bias more effectively than human recruiters. The AI tool is currently used by over 50 companies, screening around 30,000 candidates monthly, with plans to expand its capabilities to handle the entire recruitment process.

In Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, the top Hamas leader, has been revealed through leaked messages obtained by the Wall Street Journal to consider Palestinian civilian deaths as “necessary sacrifices” for continuing the group’s conflict against Israel. Sinwar, who played a key role in the October 7th attack, expressed satisfaction in delaying cease-fire talks while Israel faces international criticism over the rising Palestinian death toll. Despite this, Palestinian support for Hamas remains significant, with a poll indicating that only 5% of Palestinians view the October 7th incident as a war crime, and many have not seen videos of Hamas actions. Sinwar communicated to Ismail Haniyeh that the deaths of Palestinians, including his own sons, would motivate the nation to rise. Although shocked by some of the acts committed on October 7th, Sinwar remains determined to prolong the conflict. He has rejected negotiations aimed at a settlement with Israel, insisting that as long as fighters remain, the war should continue. Sinwar believes that increasing the Palestinian death toll will erode international support for Israel, and he is willing to sacrifice his life and many more civilians to achieve this goal. His rise within Hamas began after his detention by the IDF in 1988 and subsequent release in a 2011 prisoner exchange, leading to his appointment as the highest-ranking Gaza official in 2017.


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“This is about Russia showing that it’s still capable of some level of global power projection,” they said.

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