Signs Of Distress

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“dread at the prospect that all these years of delaying and denying will amount to a larger and more painful correction when it comes.”
A reasonable dread to have. Falling off a cliff is far more difficult to deal with than a stair step decline. Don’t believe people will react well to the cliff scenario. The degree of unpreparedness by the masses combined with the amount of guns and ammo out there makes for an ugly situation.

Aloha! There is an underlying basis that I think Charles misses. Humans have choices. Every animal does. Some animals run on pure instinctual programming like a roomba. They hit a wall and then turn and run to another direction. Not a bad strategy unless there is a cliff behind you! Humans sadly evolved into humans rooted in human nature. It is human nature to seek safety. What the underlying fear is that there is no safety net. Talk to any senior citizen and they fear running out of money or seeing costs rise faster than their fixed income. They fear the day they have try cat food as an alternate form of sustenance. Talk to the youth and they can’t wait until the seniors die off so they can rule the world and they can be the ones with the nice house and fat bank account but they fear that day is not coming fast enough or not at all.
What is the one common denominator between young and old?
A safety net! In the 1900s that safety net was there because your family provided that net. Now with the aid of debt spending the government has been able to convince entire generations that government has the ultimate safety net! Government has made promises that many are now starting to see were falsely made and that will probably not be met.
Our entire society can be boiled down to human nature and the tendency towards power and greed and mainly control. If those 0.0135% who control the money can stay in power they will. It is human nature as there has never been a time when there wasn’t a 1% and a 99%! The key to that power has always been some form of “corruption” where the ruling party has an advantage.
Change that or go get a farm …