Special Report: Is It Time To Prepare For War?

Was interested to see this on zero hedge this morning…still thought it odd he was out of sight for so long…

Dr. Dave Janda had gotten pretty agitated … which got me pretty agitated.  Too much to get agitated about these days   : ) 

I am just going to throw this out there…I was wondering if various members of the community would want to comment on the theory that the Moscow Apartment Bombings were false flag events that effectively allowed Putin to ease into power.
Apparently, there is a good deal of evidence supporting this theory, reported by some members of the Russian press. 

1.  Another apartment building with FSB/Soviet style explosives that was not destroyed.

2.  The arrest of police/investigators trying to collect evidence regarding the apartment bombings

3.  Efforts within the Dumas to conduct an investigation were squashed.

Just putting it out there.



While not as clear as the problem of Bldg. 7's freefall, the cui bono element of the 1999 Moscow apartment bombings + the VERY lackluster investigation (also compare to the NIST report & 9/11 commission rep.) + Putin's other actions around the same time (a rapid rise to power which possibly involved nudging Yeltsin out a bit prematurely) certainly lead one to have some suspicion that this was an inside job on the part of Putin and his siloviki.

I haven't looked at it enough to feel super confident about this, but there is certainly cause for suspicion.

It is also my understanding that Putin probably had the Moscow apartment buildings blown up. (By design, "proof" may remain obscured.)  Exactly as you mentioned Jason, 1.  there was one unexploded device in an apartment and it was a Russian military device.  2.  The Duma actively voted to NOT re-investigate the bombing itself.  3.  And a lead investigator was framed and imprisoned after his car was searched at a check point–twice.  And on the second search, a backpack containing a weapon was "discovered" sitting on the back seat which had reportedly not been noticed on the first search. He was sent to prison for 2 years.
From the obituary of Alexander Litvinenko, KGB secret agent turned political dissident

... In 2002, Litvinenko co-authored Blowing up Russia: Terror from Within, in which he accused the Russian security services of responsibility in a series of deadly attacks on apartment buildings in Moscow. The attacks in September 1999, which killed 300 people, led to Putin declaring the second war on the rebellious Russian republic of Chechnya.

A  film on this topic was called the Assassination of Russia.

I have 3 specific thought on this development:

  1.  There seems to be a breaking down of the gentleman's agreement between intelligence agencies that they will not publicly discuss each others false flags.  PBS aired a program "Putin's Way" (January 15, 2015) that very publicly discusses the Moscow bombing as a false flag and RT has included interviews on western false-flag operations by retired CIA analyst and prolific writer, Robert David Steele, and discussions of Operation Gladio. (I'm not finding the links to the RT programs. sorry.)

  2.  False Flags continue to happen because they are effective.  A terrifying and grief evoking event happens and we look to our "authorities" to explain to us who we should fear and hate.  

The grief and the pain are real, but the explanations are lies.  It is a deception whose effectiveness  requires both a ruthless "authority" and a naive citizenry.

  1.  In Spiral Dynamics terms, this is the very dilemma that forces humans to evolve past the RED Meme (the developmental level that uses false flags).  Stable cooperative partnerships cannot exist without trust and a widespread dedication to "something larger" than narrow ego interests. 



There's a certain webpage I like to point beginner econo-philes to which does an excellent job of explaining the world today in very, very simple terms. It is written from a non-American's point of view, which is important because we here in the good 'ol USA tend to have a skewed vision of the real world. Anyhow, it is a good and simple read: http://falkvinge.net/2011/06/17/the-imminent-dollar-collaps-explained-to-an-8-year-old/ (I'd be interested to hear Chris' take on this)
The reason I bring this up, though, is because it appears that things are playing out just like this article predicted: http://www.zerohedge.com/print/503415. Countries are no longer interested in the USD as the world's reserve currency and the US' dominance over the rest of the world. They just don't know how to get out of it or what to do about it.

But what happens when the US is no longer able to enforce its will on others? When it is becoming too expensive and the US just doesn't have the money anymore to sustain its dominance. When other countries are getting tired of buying our debt. Eventually they will rebel. It is imminent.


The coming conflict won't be with Russia, it will be with China and Russia will join the USA in an anti-China alliance.  Its the law of strategy - Russia is not a rising or threatening power - its already a super power with a crippled economy and dieing people.  The enemy is China.  
Will the war with China be a shooting war? I doubt it.  I expect Cold War II and nearly every nation, in particular China's neighbors (with the exception of Pakistan) will come together to destroy China.  The alliances are already forming, the back room deals are ongoing etc.  Its more when then if.  That battle will determine who rules for the rest of the 21st century - the USA or China.  I expect the USA to ultimately be victorious. 

Russia and the Ukraine is a sideshow. 

What a great explanation for the situation the world finds itself in now, currency-wise.   Thanks for sharing.

Your link has just the sort of clarity that this 8 year old mind needs.

Wow…great responses…lol…

Have been kicking around for a while, a notion popularized by Dmitry Orlov .  A lot of the talk of pending hyperinflation relative in the US has been related to the Weimar Republic, Zimbabwe, and perhaps a smattering of South American countries.  I think there is a major flaw in most of these arguments, the main problem is a matter of scale.  The scale of the Weimar Mark or the Zimbabwe dollar compared to the current US dollar simply are universes apart.  I do agree with the principal of sound money, fair trade policy, sustainable development and all the rest of it.  One of these disasters is inevitable at some point, but in what  way "collapse" will unfold I think defies analysis at this point.
Most of these analyzes treat the US as one nation among many which is simply not the case.  The US is the seat of the global Anglo-American empire, we are the seat of world military, political and monetary control and power.  Printed dollars have a lot of places to get soaked up in the world. Our military is in just about every country on the planet, the scale of which really boggles the mind.  Printed dollars are the legions of Roman times, used to sack other countries with debt, military force is only used as a last resort.

Much was made of Russia as a global supper power back in the day, but much of that was simply propaganda of the day to mask military and economic domination and exploitation, much as the war on terror is used today. Any nation that is not in the global petordollar system or tries to get out is always demonized in a way that exaggerates the scale of the threat in such a way that an unkowning public is fearfully willingly contribute their hard earned tax dollars to the cause with little complaint.  And to call it the Anglo-American empire really only points to it's original source, it has no national affiliations, religion and nationalism are just some of the many tools used to maintain an exploitive system.

Like fractals, the pattern of exploitation as everywhere, whether it be in governance structures, monetary systems, farming practices, human settlement patterns and even personal human relationships. As broadly as we try and focus our rational minds, the tipping point can come from an unexamined place that we thought unrelated to the system we are currently examining in our fractured way of looking at the world.

Regardless of all that, consciousness still drives the bus.  Trends are not driven top down, but always come from the bottom up (not the fake market trends, like equity or gold prices).  Political, social, and environmental movements all came in from the fringes toward the center before they were integrated into common culture.  It is still the practice of control through absorption. Much like the story of the little price and the king.  

You shall have your sunset. I shall command it. But, according to my science of government, I shall wait until conditions are favorable
Are things unraveling at an accelerating pace, certainly, but looking only at collapse is a two dimension view of a multidimensional world. The scale of this mess will both help us and hurt us. As the collective planetary mind develops, the cohesiveness and timing of the response to global crisis will accelerate. What the system continues to try and control and absorb will eventually transform it. That process is ongoing at all levels even today. Those that are in supposed power are still desperate to find out when "conditions are favorable".  Oh, they are favorable, but not in a way the king imagines.

King World News had an interesting interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts a couple days ago on the current geopolitical situation in the Middle East, the Ukraine, etc…  I'm not sure how/if this fits in with the larger world-view that some of us hypothesize/hold; Dr. Robert's world view may not be totally aligned with that.  But I think that a lot of the information he presents (irregardless of the conceptual framework you place it in), if true, provides some interesting insight. http://kingworldnews.com/dr-paul-craig-roberts-3-28-15/

Easter is for PEACE.  What is America for?

Dear Kenneth,  


The controversy the Bush administration 

attracted for its detention policies, the 

Obama administration has gathered for 

its use of extrajudicial drone killings. 

Filmmaker and veteran Oliver Stone 

describes a post-9/11 world in which 

the powerful obsess over war, and deny 

privilege to the powerless. 



Video (59 minutes): 

You have greatly overestimated the results of a contrived exercise scenario.  I appreciate the enthusiasm and hyperbole though.  Your conclusion that "ships are no longer useful in the modern world" is incorrect.

The part about skimmers being no match for submarines is correct.  Those of us who actually have experience in the submarine force know this. 
We also know that the best hostile submarine crew is no match for an average US attack submarine crew.

No there are not.  Okay, sorta.  Quantity does not convey quality.  There are only a handful of 'good' platforms out there.  There is only one country capable of power projecting AND sustaining blue water submarine operations.  It's good to play for the home team.

I'll go out on a limb and guess that countermeasures and tactics against this evolved technology has not been static since WWII.  A fantastic weapons system on a handful of platforms is a threat that can be operated around.

You may have stated your beliefs, but you are dead wrong.  I'd hardly consider 30 minutes "lightning speed".  Both countries have enough of a survivable leg of their respective nuclear arsenals to negate any advantage by launching a first strike.  Classic strategic nuclear war is not winnable.  Onesey twosey exchanges here and there are, but you get on a slippery slope quickly.

Don't worry about the flock of geese.  They don't have the accompanying thermal blooms that characterize booster ignition as ICBMs and SLBMs are launched into exoatmospheric flight.  Not to mention that there is NO species of geese capable of flying at speeds in excess of 5 km/sec - so we would never have confirmed dual sensor phenomenology.

Yeah…about that, ummmm. No.  There is no such thing as phased array passive sonar.  Phased array radar systems (like AEGIS) are interrogative transmitters.  Sonar is receptive.  Passive sonar does not do any kind of transmission that could even remotely be considered phased.  Unless, by "phased array" you meant omnidirectional beamforming and signal processing.  But you didn't.  Phased array passive sonars frankly don't exist. 
Surface bow wave detection is not a viable open ocean, wide area search methodology due to extreme latency and a dependence on a very narrow set of oceanographic and environmental conditions.  In theory it confirms that a submarine was in the area, but is useless at providing localization data.  Mag/grav anomaly detection is late in the detect to kill chain and is entirely dependent on solid cueing information.  One simply does not fly around the ocean in a P-3 or P-8 with a MAD boom extended hoping to blindly stumble upon a submarine.  The Big Ocean theory works very well.  The Blind Pig and an Acorn theory does not.

As I've stated before - the best system to find a submarine is another submarine.  And even that requires some degree of cueing.  Gone are the halcyon days of the Cold War when you could walk from the Outer Banks of North Carolina to Bermuda on the missile decks of Soviet YANKEE class boomers…

Some of you might remember this:  YANKEE SSBN K-219.  Note the big hole in the missile deck aft of the sail.  That's what happens when you combine shoddy Soviet engineering and maintenance practices with liquid rocket fuel and seawater.  She sank not long after this was taken.


Another view:

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