Strategic Relocation

One of the most frequent questions we get from people working to become more resilient is: Is there a better place I should move to?

Answering this question isn’t simple.

First you need to to determine what selection criteria are important to your decision-making and prioritize them according to your specific personal requirements and goals. Then you need a region-by-region evaluation that enables you to identify potential “good fit” options.

This process can be overwhelming for most folks starting from scratch. Which is why turning to a time-tested guide to this process can be a tremendously valuable resource.

There aren’t that many out there. The best one we know of that’s still in print is Strategic Relocation by Joel Skousen.

This 350-page encyclopedic work specifies the key metrics to focus on in the relocation process and evaluates and scores the major regions of North America on each.

It’s a great resource encapsulating a massive amount of research and analysis, which is why we’re so pleased to announce that its author, Joel Skousen, has confirmed he’ll be a featured speaker at the Peak Prosperity annual seminar on May 1-3, 2020 in Sebastopol, CA.

As many of you know, my fellow Peak Prosperity co-founder, Chris Martenson, has just acquired a new retreat property. At the upcoming seminar, he and Joel will lead a highly-interactive discussion about the search process, what to look for at the regional/community/property level, and take copious Q&A from the audience.

Joel joins our strongest faculty line-up ever, which now includes, Bruce Buena de Mesquita (The Rules For Rulers), Peter Boghossian (How To Have Impossible Conversations), Mike Maloney, Charles Hugh Smith, Wolf Richter, Axel Merk, John Rubino, Richard Heinberg, Jeff Clark, the farmers from Singing Frogs Farm, the financial experts from New Harbor Financial and Joe Stumpf.

The programming for this year’s seminar just gets better and better with each passing week. It’s easily going to be our best ever.

And we still have a few more names to announce in the coming days…

So if you’re planning to come, register soon in order to lock in the Early Bird price discount. It’s a 38% savings(!) off of the general admission price, and it expires soon.

Chris and I can’t wait to see you there in May.

But first, lock in your seat! The Early Bird price discount expires in just 2 weeks!!


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It’s my opinion that one relocation criterion ought to be picking an area that is less likely to be in the path of least resistance to those vacating large urban settings. Since I am a Yankee by disposition, I want to be in New England; so, my choice is upper New England. Comfortably north of I-84. I expect the vast majority of people living in the Northeast who have to vacate cities like Boston, Baltimore, and New York City will be inclined to head west and south where the climate is warmer for those nights outside, and food is more easily grown - or scrounged from the wild.

Finally: I liked a “Crapper” post!

Please more embedded advertising on Peak Prosperity; not enough already.

Per Crapper -
Western schooling systems tell them from the age of four that “girls are best at everything and boys are just sh1t” along with other humiliations.
Nope, totally wrong, but most likely your experience.
b) Become sexist: Western promoted “Girrrrl power” will be terminated in gratuitous and violent gang rapes on a scale that will be shocking (see ‘a’ above). Conservatism and a submissive demeanor will become a girls best friend in relationships and social behavior.
Your misogny is obvious and offensive! In previous posts you refer to women as chattel. Your contempt is insulting.
thc0655 I am disappointed you liked his post!
Interesting it seems to be Grandma that points out the obvious and the rest of you all are passive and silent. Sad or maybe pathetic.

I see a very interesting difference of opinion in these last few comments. As usual, crapper stirs the pot. lol
While we are wringing our hands and bit*ching in public about the demise of the (exponential growth based on consumption) Empire, the loss of the American middle class etc. the rest of the world outside the West is experiencing a profound increase in egalitarianism and living standards. Tens of millions of Chinese have already and are continuing to enter the middle class. Similar increase in middle class is occurring in other countries from Vietnam to Nepal…
After the collapse of Western civilization, factories will be producing desirable goods (presumably at lower level) in Asia. Some places there with decreasing population will even be desirable locations to live.
But the American White Liberal class (the main beneficiary of the American world wide confiscatory system) and its values will mostly disappear. This is why I agree with crappers comments. The Chinese have a term for the temporarily existing White Liberal: Baizuo. Here is a summary from zerohedge. (Black Pigeon Speaks also has a good video on this from about a year ago.)
My point is, from the viewpoint of humanity on the planet, things are not as bad as the Baizuo in America deem it to be. True, America and the West (and especially the Baizuo) will become impoverished. But this is to a large extent merely a result from the demise of the American Confiscatory Machine, that funnels resources from the rest of the world into America courtesy of the military and banker’s schemes mostly from the IMF and world bank. But the rest of the world (the majority actually) will not suffer the same fate because they are the ones presently losing their resources and oil etc to the American Confiscators and their multinationals which are/have removed obstacles to the pillaging of their resources based on regime changes, bribery and international agreements that remove local and national legal protections.
It is possible to have a non-exponential growth civilization after the demise of the American Confiscators. CM’s work in NH is a shining example of what direction to shift our hand wringing energies to. We in America have been blinded by the power of exponential growth and refuse to learn from outside America or even to understand things from their points of view. (Indians want US to use less oil but let them (the Indians) catch up and burn MORE fossil fuel is a small example. But there have been advanced civilizations in the past that did not rely on exponential energy growth and in fact were steady state. With advanced technology, we can do much better and have a comfortable lifestyle IF willing to change behavior and modify our daily activities to comport with energy availability (as one example of personal change needed).
… I disagree with Crapper, in that there are some places in an emergent Asia where a White (but not necessarily Liberal) American who is willing to work and to eschew guns and drugs, can have a good life during the expected collapse. But that is a very different and narrow subject.
I am optimistic.

Thanks AKGranny for your quick and on-target response to Crapper’s misogynist, offensive and typically self-aggrandizing post. (Where’s the “down vote” button when you need it?!) In disgust, I literally had to walk away from my laptop before responding. I am also surprised and disappointed to see PP members up-voting his post. :-/

As usual, crapper stirs the pot. lol
Ah, no NOT funny!

As a member for almost 10 years there have been times when women have complained of offensive posts and we were what I would now call, gaslighted. Oh you mis-understood, are too sensitive, your perception is wrong. Message we are wrong, the minority, deal with it. So Chris and Adam, how many read these posts? How many will read that Crapper is promoting the rape and degradation of women. Hey its okay in a post collapse society, just expect it, right? Guys after all have been the victim's. Chris and Adam to not speak out is to tolerate the message! And no one on the site gets to tell me or any other woman/women that our perception or offense is inappropriate or wrong. PS a shitload of us gals are armed and experienced too. Unlike societies of the past. AKGrannyWGrit

Fine to disagree with it, but why mischaracterize it ?
There was nothing in it anti-woman. It was just an apocalyptic viewpoint.

If you dont like the post, wouldnt it be better to address what you see as inaccuracies ? And not presume that you speak for all women here ?

Hey, folks. Busy day. Just seeing all this now.
Yep, Crapper’s posts on this thread are in obvious violation of this website’s Posting Guidelines and Rules, particularly our requirements for courteous interaction & constructive illumination and against “Inappropriateness”.
His posts on this thread have been removed, as have Crapper’s wider posting privileges. He’s now on moderator review. This is not the first kerfuffle he’s been in the middle of. If he can learn to express his position in a way that comports with our site rules, we’ll give him the chance to re-enter public discussion.
For anyone unclear on our guidelines, you can read them in full here. Though I’m posting the ‘meat’ of them below, as I think we can all benefit with a refresher:


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  1. Does my post constructively illuminate an issue or answer a specific question?
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Crapper: “Asia” is overly broad and seems to include totally different cultures, totally different histories and more than half of the planet population-wise…
About 25 million people lived sustainably for 200 years (1650-1850) while building a society that was healthier and more civilized than Europe (waste removal-never had the black death, recycling of virtually everything, sustainable energy) on one set of islands that I am aware of before they were “woke” by the West and began exponential expansion.
Geography, geography, geography… Remote island or otherwise remote locations had the best civilizations, in my opinion. Such can be found in places in Asia. No time to go into more.
AKAGranny: In my world, women are stronger than men. My neighborhood corner is known as the 3 sisters because the women here are very strong, they build boats, maintain them, take care of problems etc. and are very outspoken. They lead by example and their husbands often follow them, even into starting new lives sustainably. My young farmer friend began farming because his wife decided to start a Buddhist food restaurant, for example. The earliest history of Japan (recording by Chinese explorers) reported that women were the actual rulers there. Germany is ruled by a woman, many examples. I don’t see what is the big deal, in observing that a large proportion (it seems to me the majority) of people in the US are starting to live so close to getting by, that the old ways are reappearing. This is an observation and denying (what seem to be) facts does not advance the present internet chit chat crapping ball of communication.
In this regard I note that real communication does not come from resonance. Instead communication, and understanding come from non -resonant energy transfer. Sorry to offend, but this is how science, law and human progress works. Huddling, holding hands, singing kumbaya does not advance the ball. Dealing with contradictions, inconsistencies and most of all, disparate views and experiences from others is vitally important to progress, and in my opinion is the key to Western culture and its successes. CM and Adam can follow Facebook and others to promote certain Baizuo views or pro government views of whatever. It will be interesting to see if they take you up on your desire to censor views that don’t mesh with yours. Name calling and denial of forum is acceptable in many places and the internet is a big arena that allows those who don’t agree with you to go somewhere else. Maybe you want CM and Adam to censor/ban certain individuals. In that event , make me the first one.

Mots wrote: It will be interesting to see if they take you up on your desire to censor views that don’t mesh with yours.
We rarely step in to moderate the Comments here, as this community usually does a wonderful job protecting the integrity of the rare and valuable high-quality idea exchange that happens at I think this is only the second time in a year we've stepped in. To be clear: when we do, it is to correct the process of the idea exchange, not the ideas themselves (unless, of course, hate/illegality is the clear intent) Respectful debate with other intelligent minds that challenges our understanding is the best way to learn. In the case here with Crapper, he made a number of points that, while potentially controversial, would have been allowed if more respectfully presented. For example, to conjecture that the breakdown of law in a post-collapse society may result in a rise of violent crimes such as rape is a reasonable theory to posit. Crapper's problem is in his delivery, slinging incendiary statements with a crudeness that can easily be interpreted as an intent to insult or outrage. Remember folks:
We expect people to maintain the same level of civility in posting that a polite wedding guest would have at the reception table —before drinks are served.

and his illusions of grandeur and superiority as he likens himself to Jesus casting his “holy” “pearls” of “great insight and warning.” He counsels his presumably enthralled audience (Alas, if only they would listen!) to “embrace violence”, and women and girls to adopt “conservativism” and a “submissive demeanor…in relationships and social behavior” or suffer the fate gang rapes and/or murder.
Contrary to Crapper’s admittedly “depressing view of the future,” I will not be cowering passively on the side-lines “… with beer and popcorn for this, the Greatest Show on Earth.” Rest assured that I am strong, prepared, well-armed and standing with/for my “tribe” to thwart miscreants like Crapper and others intent on doing harm to me and/or my loved ones.

Regarding relocation, it’s difficult to move and adapt to a different culture or sub culture. I’ve made three big moves in my life and each time the amount of social isolation increases. In order to become part of a village you have to share experiences with them, so in my current location I’m not really considered a full local by the farming communities who have been here for generations, but because i stop to help people who have car break downs or flat tires, and because i help out in floods and fires I am accepted more than people who are just weekenders. My move was to an area i went to school in (just one town over) to a people who are the same racial subtype, in the same basic culture.
Regarding clappers opinions, and no I’m not going to read his posts or watch his movies, I’ve been on the end of a few mild police beatings without breaking the law, and a few fights for standing up against bullies as I come from a lower socioeconomic area. I hold the opinion that people both women and men are just as capable of horrible and noble things, and that to differentiate between women and men is to miss the point that all people can be cruel or kind, and you will never know as a rule based on gender which is which, only by judging each person on their actions will you see them as they are. I have met vile women who I would sell up and move away from, and I’ve met great women, just as I’ve met bad men and good men. The point I’m trying to make is that it’s safer in the long run to sit and watch what people do before you have anything to do with them, making judgements based on gender isn’t a good thing for your own survival.
Now if you wanted to make a comment that there are several prominent sub cultures that are promoting insane lifestyle choices and you should avoid them, then i would have to agree with that comment. Have I seen toxic women’s sub cultures, yep sure, I’m just not going to say a particular woman is bad or good until I’ve seen her actions, just like I do with a man.

Hey I’ve been meaning to ask this for a while, Adam do you have a relative by the name of Dagny who runs a railroad?

“Name calling and denial of forum is acceptable in many places and the internet is a big arena that allows those who don’t agree with you to go somewhere else. Maybe you want CM and Adam to censor/ban certain individuals.”
You are dam right!
Mots you missed the point, I think Adam did too.
The message was -
Starting at about 4 boys are a victim of girls.
“ Become sexist: Western promoted “Girrrrl power” will be terminated in gratuitous and violent gang rapes on a scale that will be shocking (see ‘a’ above). Conservatism and a submissive demeanor will become a girls best friend in relationships and social behavior.”
Sooo the message - poor guys they are the victims and women will get what they deserve.
Crapper has made misogynistic statements before! No Adam Crappers problem is not his DELIVERY its his MESSAGE
It scares the daylights out of me (and it should you too) that someone can come on your website promote rape and degradation and you call it a problem with delivery! How many people read his post, had a seed planted and then at some point in time that seed will grow and the thought “yeah I am the victim here and she gets what she deserves”! You try and plant seeds of thought all the time hoping to reach people about the three E’s. Whether you see it or not and whether you acknowledge it or not Crapper’s message was promoting RAPE. It was NOT a delivery problem!!! And, I think its gaslighting to say otherwise.

Crapper?? Is he still a thing here? Sheesh. I think they call it “hoovering” or something - when someone swings around trying to milk some more “supply” from an old source just one more time.
So here’s a question:
Is it an ad-hom attack to long-distance diagnose someone of having a particular disorder? Oh it probably is. But what if it also happens to be true - what if they really are manifesting all the signs and symptoms?
I mean, its a really good object lesson, so you can recognize this particular personality type. “He’s not an ‘ass hat’ he’s suffering from a mental disorder, which manifests in the following way.” I didn’t learn about sociopathy or narcissism in any real way until about 5-6 years ago. And I grew up with a narc in my family! (Diagnosed years later by other family members). It would have been extremely helpful for me to learn about this sort of thing earlier…my goodness…
Do I digress? Maybe a little. :slight_smile:

Hi Dave,
I know (and really tried) not to take the bait and engage this special personality, but I felt strongly that The Crapper’s comments warranted a response. At least the exchanges did not deteriorate further as to hijack the thread to the detriment of productive conversation and the PP community.
Of course, respectful disagreements and lively debate are fine, to be expected at times and can encourage personal growth and understanding. IMO, Crapper’s comments were very disrespectful at the very least. Thankfully, Adam stepped in early as Moderator to temporarily limit/suspend Crapper’s posting privileges and remove his most recent “inappropriate” (e.g., offensive, insulting, incendiary…) comments.
I’m not a mental health professional but, like you, I have also lived with a narcissistic personality in the past so have some experience in that regard. (Lucky us!) It is questionable as to whether and how well such individuals respond to “treatment”. In this case, I guess we’ll know soon enough when The Crapper’s posting privileges are reinstated.
While I stand by my comments, I apologize to the PP community if I contributed unnecessarily to this most recent crappy kerfuffle.

Adam, you again are the man. I agree completely with what you are doing.
On a related topic of fascism, Chris Hedges defines fascism as the merger of state and corporate power. But fascism also is expressed when person steps on another (or gets them fired from their job, or kicks them off a website) as an alternative to argument. We called that McCarthyism…
The world is very complex, evolving rapidly, and can use some serious confrontation with opposing ideas. Here is an example close to me: In my case, people keep saying that Japan is very male dominated, yet I notice that the women control the money. With few exceptions, the man works very hard, gives all his money to his wife and gets a small allowance in return. Yet the white liberals in America proclaim that Japan is backwards-male dominated (because the international corporate jobs are held mostly by men who’s money is controlled by women). Why the valuation of a formal job with an international corp. as being superior to other activities?
Things are very complicated and not resolved by banishing those who disagree with you. Communication is not resonance. The resonance “golly you say what I think as well! I feel so close to you! I resonate with you brother!” is merely a medium of transfer. The communication itself is new information that by definition does not resonate. Money analogously is not wealth but a means or medium to transfer wealth. Resonance (politeness, I resonate with you and want to hear you! etc.) is merely a conduit/medium that provides for communication, which itself requires disparate, new information that does not resonate. Crapper provides discordant information and has many good points, in my opinion that do not resonate. The fact that he writes like an as**ole does not change the meaning of the information.
A most memorable experience from my childhood was when my Polish uncle got married and during the reception at an establishment owned by an Italian, the Italian got up and uttered some very nasty Pollock jokes after which my uncle uttered some very nasty wop jokes. This went on back and forth. I was at first upset but finally realized that these were both Americans that perhaps were demonstrating their merger into American life. We need a little more humor and less fascism.
This crapper thing is a valuable exercise in handling differences at a small level. Things are going to get a lot worse. what will you do then? burn down crappers house? make him wear an armband?