Study: mRNA Vaccines Don't Reduce Deaths

The mRNA vaccines have been endlessly billed as “Safe & Effective.” But are they?

A lot depends on what one means by “safe” (which is always a relative term, as nothing is ever perfectly safe) and what the definition of “effective” is.

By effective, I think we can all agree that a vaccine designed to be mass adopted in the midst of a pandemic ought to reduce deaths from the pandemic disease. That means it ought to reduce overall mortality.

Hopefully, we can agree that’s the right metric, because if a vaccine reduces some deaths in this part of the equation, but induces a similar amount of deaths over in some other part of the health equation, then it’s not actually being “effective” in terms of reducing mortality.

A new Danish study (pre-printed in The Lancet) shows that mRNA vaccines offer no all-cause mortality benefits. Zero. Nada. So, let’s list what the vaccines don’t do: they don’t stop infection or transmission and they don’t reduce deaths. Using only RCT trial data from the pharma companies themselves, the pooled results from the mRNA vaccines show no discernible mortality benefit.

Alternatively, and quite happily, the adenovirus vector vaccines – that’s J&J and Astra-Zeneca – do show a VERY positive mortality benefit from Covid and, intriguingly, even from non-Covid deaths. How can this be? I don’t know, but it’s the sort of data that begs for more inquiry and understanding.

One does not need a PhD in public health policy to understand that the only appropriate response to this data would be to promote the adenovirus vaccines over the mRNA vaccines.

But the exact opposite happened and that’s quite a scientific, medical and public health mystery. Certainly, we could make allowances for that to happen in the first early months of the pandemic. But now? A full 16 months after the launch of the vaccines? It’s very difficult to explain what the CDC, NIH and FDA were up to with their collective tens of billions of dollars of budgetary funding.

These are legitimate questions and concerns to address and the only question I have is “will the Big Tech censors allow us to ask them, or will this be taken down too?”

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Incompetence Or Evil Intentions?

This presentation reinforces my conviction that what we are seeing in our “public health authorities” and politicians is NOT primarily incompetence at the top, but evil intent. Evil intent accounts for the evidence better than incompetence. Change my mind!


Dutch = Not Danish

just saying, Danes did great work on the paper, no need to credit the Dutch who did and stubbornly keep doing everything wrong in the Covid Pandemic.


Sorry - Danes.

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Unvaccinated People Risk To Vaccinated People Disinformation

There is a coordinated disinformation campaign in process.
Based on this Canadian Medical Association Journal paper.
The campaign is quite prolific.
There is another string on PP on this but thought I would bring it up here for visibility. I’m hoping Chris will consider some analysis and amplification of the truth on this forum.


The Obvious Is Not A Mystery

From the very beginning of this medical drama, it has been painfully obvious to those with the proper medical knowledge that it was unfolding before us in a manner totally outside the providence of probability, and managed by those, who seemed to operate without any concern for Rationality, or the dictates of Reason.
Things just did not make sense! The information being imparted was contradictory, advise was incompetent and without use, and the medical policies and government actions, totally out of sync with established procedures and experience.
“These people cannot be this ignorant!,” I would think. “They know better than that! A virus does not cause a person, walking down the street, or waiting for a bus, to simply lose consciousness and free-fall onto their faces…dead!”
You remember all those scary Chinese videos of people dropping, right? How we were all led to believe they were victims of the NEW VIRUS? How these videos were carefully inserted all across every media outlet, as shocked commentators fretted in tones of dread? All the stories about the WET MARKET…about how we had NEVER run into such a virus before…how this was a totally NEW virus, which must have come from some strange and exotic intermingling of bats, snakes, or some other disgusting and rare creature?
I mean, why go into it all again?
From the beginning, it has been obvious the entire thing was a SHOW, a performance, with a very poorly written script…and many bad actors!
You know…and I know…what is really going on, here. We do not need to fain doubt, although many of us think we still need to couch our thoughts carefully…just to keep from being deliberately targeted and crushed(This in itself is all the proof a Rational Mind needs, if the obvious isn’t enough).
I was a Chemical, Biological, Radiological Warfare trained agent of the U.S. Government, one of many hundreds of such, with the very highest Security Clearance in existence. So, for me…it has all been as transparent as glass, being also trained in the social techniques and propaganda methods used.
I firmly believe all of this is just the opening acts for a general depopulation effort, which has been interwoven with a social transformation effort, meant to finally bring the entire planet under management. Many acts are to follow. So, brace as best you may.


I don’t know if it’ll help, but Jestre pilloried that study.
I’ve been seeing it in every Canadian newspaper as well. Just - huh? Try not to be so obvious, guys.

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and Dr. Byram Brindle from Ontario also provides a powerful rebuttal: Fiction Disguised as Science to Promote Hatred


Lack Of Logic In Our Medical System

I think this is all planned and they want everyone on the planet to get it. And interesting that they threw J&J under the bus early on. I knew because of that it was the better one. If this wasn’t on purpose, I could see our doctors pushing this vaccine because our medical system has little grounding in logic.
I had a broken leg, tib fib fracture and they put a rod and screws in my leg. I was researching the knee pain I had from the rod and apparently it was a big issue. Some people were on crutches after having their broken leg fixed for life. A very prestigious orthopedic magazine had an article on the issue and the author said that they were fixing a broken leg, it didn’t matter that people had these other side effects because the purpose of the (really painful) surgical procedure was to fix the broken leg. Insane. Of course, I had to do all my own research and find a surgeon on the same page as me to take out the hardware. In some ways I guess it’s good I’ve had so many bad medical experiences and already had no faith or trust in the system.

This to me was NEVER about a medical emergency. It was an orchestrated attempt at more control over the citizenry. Why do I say that? Because this was the 2nd phase of the TSA. The first mock drill back in 2001 to make us feel safe by installing government workers to feel up airline passengers or body scan them. We allowed them by not opposing the tyranny. I have been of the belief that it could have been thwarted with a public protest by refusing to board a plane. The day the TSA was implemented was the day I quit flying.
As Catherine Austin Fitts likes to say, the reason the government always increases its level of authoritarian power is because they were never stopped.
So here we have data as well as commonsense telling us that these drugs posing as Covid vaccines are not safe or effective and yet we have government, medical officials and the media perpetrating a lie.
I have never recalled in my 63 yrs on this planet reading about young adults keeling over from cardiac arrest. Healthy professional athletes becoming injured or dying while playing their sport.
Back in the 80’s we had a Tylenol tampering scare and Tylenol capsules being pulled from store shelves with less than 100 deaths. Here we have insurance actuaries claiming vaccine deaths are much higher than 100 and yet we are told to vax up and get boosted.
I feel at times we are living out the movie, The Truman Show.

A Danish Scientist Worth Listening To

I want to share this interview with a Swedish doctor and this Danish vaccin researcher, Christine Stabell Benn. It is in English.

Innate Immune Suppression

Maybe the real picture of damage will only be able to be viewed long term. Here is an article for you to dissect, Chris. Not sure if you’ve seen this:

Virology Under The Microscope

It is very clear all of virology is a scam, which is why they changed what a virus is 70 years ago. Science had already blown open the whole thing. However the idea of injecting poison into the masses as part of the continuing eugenics agenda is the real objective here. More vaccines equal shorter life and more disease. This is clearly a depopulation, genocide agenda going on accelerated with a fast poisoning of the masses to ensure death comes sooner rather than later. How do you make finite resources last a lot longer? Simply just make the biggest draw on those resources disappear fairly quickly. This is being called sustainable development, but is actually a lust for power collapse now playing out over a longer period of time.

Increasing Uk All Cause Mortality Rates

Steve Kirsch released a good substack article that discusses high all cause deaths for vaccinated people in the UK.
The UK data is here.
I downloaded the data from the site and extracted the chart below. Interesting data showing rapidly increasing all cause deaths over time for the vaccinated population after 6 months.