Suddenly Fear Of Social Unrest Is Everywhere

If Biden were to win, this will not go away in a heart beat
Biden’s running mate, the Democratic candidate for Vice President says so:

The mayhem unleashed on America's cities by Black Lives Matter, Antifa and other anarchists is laying the groundwork for a larger "revolution" to bring about "radical change" to the capitalist system, Marxist activist Angela Davis said.

"Sometimes we assume the most important work is the dramatic work — the street demonstrations. I like the term that [Marxist cultural critic] John Berger used: Demonstrations are 'rehearsals for revolution,' " Davis told filmmaker Ava DuVernay in a Vanity Fair interview.

The Black Lives Matter riots and “defund the police” movement represent the culmination of decades of radical left-wing activism, Davis said.

Davis is a tenured professor (retired) at the University of California, Santa Cruz.
Studying Kamala Harris and her book over the years, I've long asserted that this woman is dangerous, not only because of her ideas but especially because of her psychology. She loves and craves power, not so much for helping people but for furthering her personal political ambitions and particularly for punishing her enemies and those with ideologies differing from hers. As someone noted, she visibly lights up when discussing this topic and flashes what I call "the sociopath smile". Most noteworthy is her statement," ... and everyone beware ..." (the bold is mine). If that statement doesn't chill you to the bone, perhaps you have no ears to hear. We ALL fall into the EVERYONE category.

set yourself free America!. get rid of your guns!. educate yourself on classical economics and the power of hard money. bring on the Gold standard or the bitcoin standard! the pen is mightier than the sword!

The female immigrant citizen who speaks starting at around 6:45 speaks for me… she says, “If my life has to be given up for it, I will do it” speaking of preserving our Freedom against the Marxist onslaught. Powerful testimonials from callers to C-SPAN. Michigan just flipped in the polls.
This is not a political post… This is not about political points of view. This is about preserving the constitution vs. globalist deep state lies and subterfuge, and I am very, very glad that more are waking up.

Marxists?, marxists?, marxists? God what a bunch of blithering morons exist in this country, and post comments on this great website. First of all, most all of the people talking about “marxists” here don’t actually know what it means. It does NOT mean communists. Marxism refers to Karl Marx’s analysis of the problems with capitalism, not to what came about in the Soviet Union and other such countries. And what came about in those countries is best described as Vladimir Lenin did a year before he died. He described what had been achieved at that point in the Soviet Union as “State Capitalism”. And unfortunately despite whatever efforts Stalin made, it NEVER got beyond that. It was left as a horribly authoritarian, STATE controlled economy and country as a whole. Which was NOT what Marx and other “communists” were aiming for. And to somehow equate the protests going on now over the disgusting, seemingly never-ending racist treatment of blacks and other “people of color” by a certain percentage of whites (who I completely despise) as part of a “marxist” movement is truly stupid. Wake up all of you simplistic thinkers who cannot understand the history of ongoing, violent racism in this country, nor understand what “marxism” is, nor understand the various types of “socialism”, and especially do not understand the growing 21st century, bottom-up form of socialism consisting of the creation of democratic worker coops by people who see these as the way forward, and not involving any mandates or top down government authority to force their creation. Grow up, wake up. Fascism is what is growing in this country at the present time. The short video below by Prof. Richard Wolff explains this very simply. I would encourage all of the readers of Peak Prosperity to read and listen to what Prof. Richard Wolff has to say, and to learn about the BOTTOM UP approach to creating worker self directed enterprises, which is one of the very important solutions to the problems our country and all others around the world face.

Soros and his open society is not left wing.
Instead, he has done more damage to it than anyone on earth by hollowing it out from within, by applying post modern identity politics originated in the Frankfurter schule.
Although called cultural marxism, is has almost completely poisoned what used to be the left. Big banks, like Goldman Sachs are already supporting BLM. That ought to be enough to indicate that this movement is completely pseudo.

Yes, I too tire of hearing;
communism, Marxism and a socialism as if they’re synonyms.
What they are in contemporary USA, it seems to an outsider, is nothing but amorphous curse words.

American Contingency is about a national communication network providing real-time intel on any type of unruly activity. The website provides a lot of information. There is widespread intel providing local reports. The mission is for law abiding folks to maximize their ability for self-defense. No fee to join. They do accept donations. 100% spam free. Just join already.
Podcast from 2 weeks ago…

Wow is the political intensity heating up from all directions. Friends on the left are worried about Trump heading towards fascism - and they make a pretty good case for it. (I know there is at least some exaggeration in this link, but there’s truth in it too). Friends on the right say we’re heading for something just as sinister from the left (I won’t use Marxism or Communism to refer to it per above discussion) - and they make a pretty good case for it. I even have one friend who was always kind of new age woo woo fall for Q and suddenly turn into what seems like a Trump promoting robot.
So definitely neither left nor right seem to be viable solutions right now. At this point, the both seem to lead to pretty dark places. As Chris has said integrity vs. ideological rigidity is a far more important axis. Unfortunately, it seems we’re going to get one or the other in November.

I echo robtompkins and pipyman: as another outside observer (in Oz), it seems to me that the labelling of political concepts in the US is very different to what I am used to. More US exceptionalism?
For instance, in this country parties of the right and hard right are the ones who favour authoritarian regimes, an unregulated corporatocracy, neoliberalism, destruction of the biosphere for profit, ignorance of science, no billionaire left behind, and so on. Parties of the left, best described as socialist but never communist or Marxist, once upon a time stood for workers’ rights and unions, environmental responsibility, a measure of redistributive taxation, housing for the poor, and the like. Like many other people, I grew up voting right but in my early 20s developed a conscience and voted left.
I recall on some of my trips many years ago to the US encountering people waffling on about “the evils of socialised medicine.” I don’t think any of them had the faintest idea what they were talking about, except to parrot some journalist or politician or lobbyist. It was the Labor (leftish) government of Whitlam that introduced Medicare into this country, and obviated many of the problems chronically besetting the US sickcare system. Amazingly, our Medicare still exists and has widespread popular support, even while the hard right works steadily to undermine and destroy it. Profits before people.
Sadly, parties of the left here have almost completely lost their way and now sound and act more and more like the wretched wastrel right. One party with two heads. Voting for any of them only encourages them. Sigh. Now, that is where we and the US surely must be in agreement!

OWS was non violent on the part of the protesters. The violence came from police.,%2C%20commercial%2C%20and%20government%20services%2C

He decries the capitalist system and espouses Marxian economics. One would assume from his declarations that he believes a Marxist system is to be preferred over a capitalist system. That being the case, why would he choose to live in a capitalist system as compared to a Marxist system? What would his choice be as to the most successful Marxist system we’ve seen on the planet? And if he demurs that there is no pure Marxist system operating on the planet, my question would be, why is that? If it is the ideal (in his mind), why has it apparently never succeeded?
I’m open to learning from any of the more knowledgeable posters on the practical application of Marxist theory who would care to expound on this issue.
P.S. I would appreciate if robtompkins would avoid ad hominems such as “bunch of blithering morons” and keep the discussion civil. I daresay some of those blithering morons may well possess IQs and levels of wisdom superior to yours (and so consider how you may be judging yourself).

His definition of the left and the right in Australia is decidedly different from yours and would take the opposite tack of your unabashedly “right is bad”, “left is good” biased description of the two. Of course, while you, from your post obviously favor the left, he favors just right of center. He was an orphan, an immigrant, served in Vietnam in the Australian Defence Force (including fighting in the Battle of Long Tan), worked in both the public and private sectors and is a successful self-made man, is very scientifically minded, is opposed to authoritarian rule, is opposed to the corporatocracy, is opposed to government support of the billionaire elite, both values and protects the environment, supports traditional values, and is an agnostic but respectful of those with religious beliefs. I value our friendship because he is a kind, caring, respectful, highly intelligent and aware man of honor and integrity who, in every way shape and form, has made the world a better place because of his presence here. My sense from him is that there is really very little difference between the left/right polarization in Australia as compared to the left/right polarization in the U.S. It would seem it’s all a matter of one’s perspective.

From the post article:

Several members of the group were still in police custody Thursday, the Washington Post reports. Scheurle disputed accusations that the activists were going to use the gas for anything illegal. “It’s two giant vehicle and generators,” she told the newspaper. “We don’t have guns, we don’t have weapons. We’re there to feed people. That’s it.”
One of the vehicles was a food truck. Many food trucks use a generator. They had generators. Gas cans filled with gas a required to fuel a generator. Sounds plausible to me. Of course we can't be absolutely sure what their intentions were, but it sure is a leap just to assume they were arsonists. My I suggest this is a case of confirmation bias where you made unfounded assumptions to align with your beliefs?  

The evidence of the last three miserable years credibly suggests that the foremost “willing disciple of communism,” in kitsinu’s words, is the useful idiot whose own motives and machinations—if you think he is clever enough to have a plan, which I doubt—are ripped from the pages of So Much Winning: An Aspiring Autocrat’s Guide to Destroying Democracy for Selfish Gain, V. Putin, 3rd ed. See chapter 8: “Divide and conquer to create totallie-tarry-o-tism.”

A while back, I indicated in a comment how I plan to vote, and folks jumped on me for being “political.” Today commenters rabidly denounced American citizens seeking reason and reform and competent leadership as Marxists. Way to keep your own powder dry there, fellas. Thanks to commenters who offered courteous pushback to these specious political claims.


They also had illegal incendiary devices in their possessions. Yes, fireworks. The police will get their chance to prove that the gasoline was intended for nefarious purposes. Simple if the gasoline was not in approved containers, such as glass bottles.
And if it turns out they were feeding the rioters during the riots, that is aiding and abetting. I want these monsters put away for decades, and I am far from alone.

And yes, it was well worth my time.

I think we can acknowledge that things are changing, and that the old definitions don’t need to apply. China is communist, but also capitalist. That doesn’t work, does it? Marx himself was funded by rich friends, so actually, it makes perfect sense.

One of your sentences included the phrase “…American citizens seeking reason and reform and competent leadership as Marxists.” I’m not sure what this means. Are you saying Marxists will provide reason, reform, and competent leadership? If so, can you please give me a historical example where this occurred? If not, could you please clarify? Thank you.