The Great Reset is Causing a Great Recession

In November of 2020, I covered the Great Reset for my subscribers. I am always trying to understand what is happening in the world and why. Such “framing” is essential if you want to avoid being another Rat in a Cage.

Yes, the shocks still happen, but at least we know where they are coming from, and we can avoid accidentally blaming innocent parties for our discomfort and fear. That’s a huge positive as it saves emotional and physical energy and money.

Better yet, we can anticipate events and take actions to assure we and our families and loved ones are taken care of in the event of certain bad outcomes.

Let me be blunt; the Davos/WEF/Great Reset crowd is chock full of ignorant fools. They are “true believers” in their ideology and yet far too few of them have any practical experience to fully appreciate the gears they have set in motion.

To them, you just administrate and bully to get the outcomes you wish. To us, out here in the real world, we understand that the economy and energy systems upon which we all depend are actually quite fragile complex systems. You perturb them at your own peril.

Starve a major economy for energy (as is happening in Europe right now) and you cannot control what happens next. Instead, because it is a complex system, all you can do is sit back and watch for what emerges.

That’s the nature of complex systems – they are inherently unpredictable. You cannot plan for certain outcomes, you can only apply pressure and then watch for what emerges.

Well, I won’t be at all surprised if what “emerges” from all these WEF shocks is complete chaos. Economic and financial meltdowns, asset destruction, currency gyrations unseen for generations – you name it!

At the end of it all, however, this prediction is easy to make; the aftermath of an energy-starved economy is that living standards go down. Well, for the masses. Not so much for the wealthy elite who are the same ones now running their Great Reset experiments on us all.

I have decided to make this formerly behind-the-paywall episode partially public because it might be helpful to do so. Further, it shows the level of thinking and the timeliness of the analysis that I provide for my subscribers.

If knowing such things in advance is useful to you, then you should definitely subscribe!

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The Us, The Uk, The Eu, Nato, Davos, The G7 Nations, Etc. Who Is In Charge Here?

Here’s what really chafes my undies.
The Davos crowd says how we shouldn’t be concerned about borders (see the United States, see the EU, see the UK, see NATO), but they are more than willing (even eager), to have World War 3 all to protect the sovereignty and thus the borders of the Ukraine. WTF! The hypocrisy is just so blatant.
How stupid do they think we really are?
We’re not supposed to worry about borders – just the ever-encroaching armies placed along those borders and be more than willing to go to war to protect something (democracy) that doesn’t exist.


Planet Davos

You will go to Mars and the aliens will take over the Earth.

Apple Podcasts

I usually listen to Part 1 via Apple Podcasts and watch Part 2 in the evenings. However, new content stopped showing up in Apple a couple weeks ago. I tried unsubscribing and re-subscribing but that didn’t work.
Anyone else having this problem? PP team, did you stop loading to Apple Podcasts for some reason?
Thanks in advance,

Ive noticed the same in PocketCasts which has a PP channel.

The Great Reset Is Causing A Great Recession

nice content

Edward Dowd - Good Guy To Interview

Chris, you might be interested in getting Edward Dowd on the program. Ex-Blackrock guy who makes a great data-centered argument exposing excess deaths, vaccine fraud, and economic bust. He currently lives in Mauai. Very articulate guy. Twitter: @dowdedward

Great Awakening V.s Great Reset

“Techno-fantasy turns to Techno-fascism real fast”.
This must be the message to the youth as they will be targeted the hardest by the Metaverse. The Great Reset will fail, the question is; When?