The Illusion Is Failing

@Chris Martenson I’m one of these folks. I’ll be traveling a lot less in the future, no matter what happens with the SARS-2 virues. I’ll be content to stay local and conduct my business via Zoom calls as much as can possibly be done. I won’t miss the pat-downs, delays, crowded seats, and cancelled flights.
Supporting Zoom is supporting the CCP! It's like buying a Huawei phone or router. It's about the least secure videoconferencing app. Info about this is everywhere. There's likely a reason Zoom was pushed everywhere over all others, beyond usability/simplicity. There are good centralized alternatives and already pretty good decentralized alternatives (e.g. Jitsi).
Similarly, social media has now been revealed to be run by petulant sociopaths whose goal is for you to see exactly what content they want you to see, because that fits their profit incentive. But they do so under the guise of “protecting” us from uninteresting or inappropriate material.
The profit incentive is major but far from the only one. These people are "educated" Marxists. Some are just arrogant billionaires who spend only a small amount of time absorbing the MSM narrative (if they don't own the mythmakers themselves like Bezos owns WaPo), never looking at anything else. The two incentives combine to make little big wannabe tyrants able to brazenly engage in election interference using censorship, while continuing to project their BS narrative of Russian interference.
@2retired The whole expectation of climate constancy is a fallacy initiated by the Al Gore and IPCC crowd. Actual open data sets (Tim Ball's) show considerable variations. The lower graph used to be in texts until it was sanitized. My own tree ring data samples support Tim Ball's data line, not to mention the historical record.
And Michael Mann was thoroughly discredited, exposed as a liar willing to fudge statistics data in order to promote a political agenda, in the leak/hack scandal known as ClimateGate. Nobody should ever believe him again.

seek professional help for your delusional psychosis. the earth’s magnetic field most certainly DOES affect the flow of solar radiation to the earth’s surface. why you would write such nonsense, & yet NOT expect to get called down for such delusional psychobabble… tells me you’ll have a hard time spelling science, let alone understand it. cliff clavin. but try to ingest the information herein: go to :

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I thought I’d post this. It sounds pretty scary, I wonder if it is true. It seems to be generally following the predictions.